PlayDapp, Infoseed collaborate on Digital Virtual Address 'Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT' Official launch of service

PlayDapp (CEO Brian Choi), which provides a marketplace for individuals based on blockchain technology, announced that it will officially open the service of 'Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT', a joint project with Infoseed (CEO John Kwon), a precision address platform developer.

PlayDapp, Infoseed collaborate on Digital Virtual Address 'Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT' Official launch of service

'Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT' is Infoseed's precision address technology. The service combines PlayDapp's NFT technology to divide Earth's surface into a precise grid and then provide provable and searchable ownership for each divided grid. It is possible to register and trade the 'GEO' part of the address by creating a user domain NFT

Just as ownership of real estate is proven only when 'registration' is made through 'address' in real estate transactions, 'Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT' uses 'Geo.Domain' with NFT technology to prove ownership of digital terrestrial grid locations. It is a concept of registering.

In addition, just like searching for a location and sharing a location through an address, users can search for and share the location of a grid they own through 'Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT', and it is mapped 1:1 with the location of the real world. It is connected to various devices such as navigation. Just as we often create and trade Internet domains, 'Geo.Domain NFT' can be used to prove and trade ownership of locations and addresses.

Sang Chung, Head of PlayDapp's business said, "Metabus.Geo.Domain NFT is the only address that connects virtual and reality, and has a competitive edge that is differentiated from the existing virtual real estate business models centered on tiles and landmarks thanks to its close links to real life locations."

John Kwon, CEO of Infoseed, said, "The address is not just a location indication, but an infrastructure service that affects society and the economy as a whole, and at the same time, it is a means of authenticating the ownership of assets. Domain NFT' is a project that connects the value of addresses in the real world to the virtual world, and we will expand our services in the future to solve the problems of global location display, location communication, and address exposure."

The Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT service can be used by anyone through the PlayDapp Marketplace, and to commemorate its official launch a 20% discount is applied until March 10th. For more information, visit the official service page of 'Metaverse Geodomain NFT' (

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