Vacos Launches Its First 1080p Full HD WiFi Indoor IP Camera, Leveling up Customers' All-Around Indoor Protection

Vacos today completes its all-around smart security protection by launching its first indoor camera – Vacos Indoor Cam, a 1080p Full HD WiFi indoor IP camera that is accessible for everyone who wants a smart camera for indoor security.

Vacos Launches Its First 1080p Full HD WiFi Indoor IP Camera, Leveling up Customers' All-Around Indoor Protection

"After the launch of Vacos Cam IR, a battery powered outdoor security camera that is designed for outdoor protection, we continue our innovation in smart home by developing a brand-new indoor camera that is accessible for every Vacoser!", said Jerry, Vacos' product manager, "Today, we complete our outdoor and indoor smart security with the launch of Vacos Indoor Cam!"

Vacos Indoor Cam: A Whole New Level of Indoor Protection

Utilizing the industry-leading image sensor and all-glass lens, this WiFi indoor camera delivers ultra-clear 1080p Full HD clarity and 26 ft night vision in complete darkness. Users are able to view live stream anywhere with FREE Vacos Smart App.

Unlike other security cameras only support motion detection, Vacos Indoor Cam takes smart detection to the next level by offering both motion and sound detection. So, customers will receive real-time app push notifications when there is any movement and/or sound.

Every Function Designed for Customers' Privacy

Users are free to turn on or off the camera simply with one tap on Vacos Smart App. When the privacy shield is enabled, recording, motion and audio detection is disabled. The schedule privacy shield also gives users the power to decide when their cameras are monitoring a room and recording videos/audio and when it is not. Vacos also adds the geofencing to this smart tiny camera. When customers are home, the camera will be off automatically. The Vacos Indoor Cam's unique automated privacy shield is a reassuring feature designed to ease privacy concerns around having a security camera indoors.

Vacos Indoor Cam provides both local and cloud storage ways. Customers can record the videos locally by inserting an up to 128 GB TF card, without paying monthly cloud fees. Users can also save the motion-triggered videos to Vacos Cloud (7-day free trial) without missing an important second. Vacos Cloud is secured by Vacos private protocols and encryptions without being hacked by vicious guys.

Versatile Vacos Smart App enables users to view remote live stream, play back recorded videos, talk to visitors in real time and get instant app pushes – one app for all remote control. This intuitive app is protected by AES-256 protocol, HTTPS and 2-step verification, ensuring the data transmission is extremely hackproof.

Vacos Indoor Cam, from hardware to software, from outside to inside, is secure from the top to bottom.

A Smart Chic Designed for Smart Home Integration

This stylish smart gadget can integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling customers to get the live stream in a 100% hands-free voice control way. That is the first step of Vacos expanding its smart home security ecosystem. In the future, Vacos will enable this camera to work with other smart ecosystems to build a truly smart and connected home for customers.

Vacos Indoor Cam Smart Feature Overview
  • 1080p Full HD & 26 ft Night Vision
  • Smart Motion and Sound Detection
  • Automated Privacy Shield
  • Flexible Local & Cloud Storage
  • High-Quality Two-Way Audio
  • Work with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • DIY Wireless Plug & Play
  • Instant App Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Remote Control

Vacos aims to make the most seamless and high-quality smart security products available for customers globally. This affordable Vacos Indoor Cam enables users to protect their indoor rooms at a small budget. Customers can place this camera on the shelf or the table, mount it to the wall for 24/7 non-stop indoor monitoring.

Pricing and Availability

Vacos Indoor Cam is now available for pre-order on Vacos Official Online Store at $28.5 (5% off on original pricing $29.99), with free shipping in most countries and areas.

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SOURCE Vacos Innovation Ltd.
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