Impulsify Brings Touchless Kiosk Experience to Self-Service Grab-and-Go Markets

Impulsify announces the arrival of their completely contactless grab-and-go kiosk for lobby retail transactions. Their ShopPoP kiosk now provides a QR code to give users the option of going "Touchless" when purchasing items at their increasingly popular self-service pay stations used by the hospitality and multifamily industries.

Impulsify Brings Touchless Kiosk Experience to Self-Service Grab-and-Go Markets

ShopPoP is a standalone countertop pay station that allows users to scan and pay for food and beverage items without assistance from a front desk associate or cashier. It grew in popularity throughout Covid when lobby markets became the sole source of food and beverage for many hotels.

Deployments further skyrocketed as the labor crisis began. Janine Williams, CEO of Impulsify says. "Hotel front desk teams are at a breaking point trying to play cashier and desk associate simultaneously." With the removal of breakfast and the demand for more packaged food, came the dramatic increase in retail transaction volume that placed an even greater burden on teams already stretched thin.

Impulsify Brings Touchless Kiosk Experience to Self-Service Grab-and-Go Markets

ShopPoP offered immediate relief, but cross-contamination concerns of touching a screen used by others in a public space grew as Covid cases grew. Impulsify's development team, in partnership with Kioware (, added a scannable QR code to the touchscreen kiosk that converts the guest's phone screen into a track pad eliminating the need to physically touch the kiosk to scroll and tap. There is no app download necessary, so the solution is immediately available to those who prefer it.

Ingenico's PCI-certified unattended credit card terminal ShopPoP relies on for credit card payments already allowed for a contactless experience in the credit card portion of the transaction when NFC (tap) payment options are enabled.

"Self-service is expected in nearly every aspect of our lives at this point. But it really became the definition of essential in this chapter. We want to ensure that the brands who use our technology are able to offer the safest possible F&B retail experience to their guests. We want to be above and beyond for both our customers and theirs," states Williams.

When asked what the upgraded feature functionality would cost their users, Williams replied, "Zero dollars. It's the right thing to do; it's the responsible thing to do."

The new feature will be launched at HFTP's HITEC 2021 in Dallas, TX Sept 27-30. HITEC is the world's largest hospitality technology show, "bringing the brightest minds and hottest technologies to one place." Impulsify originally launched their ShopPoP solution at HITEC 2017. The executive team will attend to share the timely new functionality with the hospitality industry after a long period of no in-person events.

SOURCE Impulsify Inc
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