BCycle Introduces New Flexible Docking Technology

BCycle Introduces New Flexible Docking Technology

BCycle has launched a new generation of dock-based bike share with the 3.0 docks. The 3.0 docks combine the flexibility and streamlined infrastructure that cities and riders want with the order and predictability that have made BCycle's bike share programs successful for more than a decade. Unique to the bike share industry, this technology allows programs to grow more quickly and at a lower cost by eliminating the need for a kiosk. Its modular design also allows for smaller stations in more locations.

"Our goal at BCycle is to get more people on bikes," said Morgan Ramaker, Executive Director of BCycle, LLC. "To do that, we need to make it easy for bike share programs to grow quickly and flexibly, whether that's expanding into new neighborhoods, or creating greater density in downtown areas. We have developed a best-of-both-worlds solution that offers the flexibility that bike share riders expect, without sacrificing the reliability that we know docks provide."

BCycle's new docks feature:

Modular, kiosk-less, easy-to-install design for countless station configuration options
Durable aluminum construction
Power savings through new technology
Theft deterrents
Easy rider access via mobile app or RFID card

"BCycle's new docks open so many doors for us," said Helen Bradley, General Manager of Madison BCycle. "With lower costs and more flexibility, we can put docks in places we couldn't previously—areas where space was limited, and a traditional kiosk wouldn't fit—but where our riders want to be."

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