AUKEY Releases Innovative New Wireless Charging Tech

AUKEY Releases Innovative New Wireless Charging Tech

Charging specialist AUKEY has released two more wireless charging products, the Graphite Pro 15W wireless charging pad and the Sprint Wireless 10000 wireless power bank. These products are the latest in an ever-expanding portfolio of wireless tech that offers fast charging, giving users speed as well as freedom.

This futuristic-looking pad was a winner at the 2020 iF Design Awards, and contains some interesting design innovations as well as high performance. The pad is capable of charging compatible devices (including the LG V50 and G8) at up to an incredible 15W.

Due to the high power output, this product had some extra cooling requirements compared to regular wireless chargers, and these were solved using a combination of a fan, aviation-grade aluminum, and an innovative venting system positioned between the silicone surface and the metal body of the product. This provides all the cooling required without sacrificing aesthetics.

The surface uses a mix of matte and glossy silicone for the optimal anti-slip effect, and both the fan and the ambient light can be manually switched off for nighttime use.

Sprint Wireless 10000

One of the big advantages of power banks is they are so highly portable, but this portability is somewhat diluted by having to bring a cable with you all the time. With wireless power banks, this issue has a solution and you really can be free of wires while on the go.

AUKEY's new Sprint Wireless 10000 power bank supports up to 10W wireless charging and provides a hefty 10000mAh capacity. If 10W isn't fast enough, you can still use traditional wired charging to get 18W fast charging via both Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery. It's even possible to charge wirelessly and with a cable at the same time. The build is robust, and the surface uses textured anti-slip silicone to help keep your device in place while it charges wirelessly.

Both the Graphite Pro 15W wireless charging pad and the Sprint Wireless 10000 wireless power bank are currently available on Amazon.


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