SPECTRA X: An All-New Electric Skateboard With Easy-Swappable Battery Announces Presale Launch

Walnut Technology Limited (WALNUTT) announces the presale of its third-generation product SPECTRA X, an all-new electric skateboard with easy-swappable battery, through its official website walnutt.com on June 27 at 9 AM PST. SPECTRA X aims to provide riders a perfect balance of portability and range for a more enjoyable last-mile commute.

To find the perfect balance of portability and range for last-mile transportation, WALNUTT provides a solution, SPECTRA X, an electric skateboard with easy-swappable batteries to give riders an "unlimited" range. Without the need forcomplicated instructions or extra tools, riders can swap SPECTRA X's batteries in 1 second with one hand. Equipped with SAMSUNG 18650 high-quality battery, each battery pack can extend the range to an extra 8-10 km*. No more waiting for battery charge, riders can get extra batteries based on their needs for a daily commute. The swappable battery also solves e-skaters' problem on air traveling: The air-friendly battery pack allows riders to travel with SPECTRA X with more convenience.

Apart from dealing with the problems of range and travel issues, swappable batteries also make SPECTRA X more eco-friendly. "Batteries have a certain life expectancy. With unswappable battery, users need to dispose of the whole board if there are issues with its battery. However, with swappable batteries, the life expectancy of an e-skateboard can be extended with new batteries. Users only need to get a new battery instead of getting a new board. Fewer wastes are produced in this way," said Chief Designer & Project Manager Jianghao Luo, "To make the batteries 'easy' to swap, normally the battery component will be exposed, or attached to the board. We combine functionality with aesthetics, giving SPECTRA X a unibody look, to make the whole design sleek and elegant."

SPECTRA X inherits the 3 control methods from the previous generations: 3D posture control, remote and WALNUTT Go App control. "In WALNUTT, we believe skateboarding should be free with no hands tied," said Henri Pang, the founder & CEO of WALNUTT. "The 3 control methods offer our users maximum freedom on every ride." The hands-free e-skateboarding experience is more enjoyable with SPECTRA X's upgraded 3D posture control. Sensors are lighter and more sensitive: The 2-millisecond fast reactive posture control sensors precisely tuned for 3 different speed modes. The new posture control also free riders from specific standing posture: No specific feet placement requires, riders can step on SPECTRA X anyway they want.

SPECTRA X will be launched on June 27 at 9 AM PST through WALNUTT official website walnutt.com for $499. The dual hub motor model can reach a top speed of 30km/h*, and go up to a 25% incline* with max. load of 100kg. Riders can enjoy an 8-10 km* ride with a full battery charge. SPECTRA X's IP66 water-resistant body allows it to adapt to more road conditions. Equipped on SPECTRA X Premium are IoT system empowered functions such as 24 hours Sentry Mode, anti-lost, P2P sharing, real-time location tracking, remote diagnose, etc. Synchronized with meter level GPS, SPECTER X Premium let riders stay connected and ride with confidence.

In January 2019, SPECTRA X, firstly unveiled at CES 2019, gained major media exposure from Engadget, CNET, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, The Economic Times and USA Today. In February 2019, SPECTRA X gained the Reddot Design Awards with its futuristic and elegant design.

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