Inspired By Art: LG SIGNATURE's Advanced Technologies Lead The Way

LG SIGNATURE ( is launching a new digital campaign highlighting the extraordinary technologies at the core of its premium lifestyle products. With the slogan 'Art inspires technology. Technology completes art,' the campaign focuses on the cutting-edge advancements that enable LG SIGNATURE to create stylish, functional appliances. From the industry-leading OLED displays used in its TVs to the Centum System™ and Inverter Direct Drive motor of its washing machines, and the InstaView Door-in-Door™ and Inverter Linear Compressor incorporated in its refrigerators, LG SIGNATURE is enhancing consumers' lives and setting new standards for technological excellence.

Extremely thin and elegant, the LG SIGNATURE TV series excels in delivering truly immersive viewing experiences. LG's OLED is a self-emissive display technology that works without a backlight to produce true blacks, infinite contrast and unbelievably lifelike images. With exact, individual pixel control, the company's OLED provides depth, detail and clarity that sets the LG SIGNATURE range apart from its competitors.

In addition to infinite black expression and vivid, natural colors, LG OLED technology ensures stunning detail, even in the darkest scenes, and a wide viewing angle that allows everyone in the room to experience the same stellar picture quality. OLED also offers a faster response time, increasing users' enjoyment of watching action-packed movies and sports events, and when gaming. By minimizing blue light exposure, it helps to boost viewer comfort and reduce eye strain. LG's OLED panels are extremely thin, enabling LG SIGNATURE to design TVs with incredibly slender forms that bring instant sophistication to any interior.

LG SIGNATURE's washing machine remains perfectly stable even during the most powerful spin cycle. Equipped with LG's proprietary Centum System™, an advanced suspension system that improves durability and energy efficiency, the washer provides gentle and effective clothing care. With a vibration sensor that optimizes spin-speed and a vibration insulator that helps to contain movement generated by the drum, the Centum System™ cuts shaking and noise to a bare minimum. Furthermore, the Dual Ball Balancer keeps loads well-balanced while a clever damping system also contributes to the overall stability of the washing machine.

Complementing the Centum System™ is LG's Inverter Direct Drive motor, one of the greatest technological achievements in home appliance history first introduced in 1998. Because the motor is directly connected with the drum – without belts or pulleys – the LG SIGNATURE washer is quieter, vibrates less and is able to produce powerful streams of water for better washing results. It also underpins the washer's ability to offer six different motions: stepping, filtration, scrubbing, tumbling, rolling and swinging. Most importantly, the Inverter Direct Drive motor facilitates delicate care for a wide variety of fabrics, thereby extending the life of clothing and bedding.

LG SIGNATURE refrigerator instantly adds a premium value to kitchen, boasting near-silent performance and precise temperature control. The foundation of the fridge is LG's renowned Inverter Linear Compressor, which, unlike a conventional compressor, uses a straight piston drive. An inspired design, the compressor is subject to less internal friction, enabling it to convert linear motion into cooling power more efficiently while also minimizing temperature fluctuations. The Inverter Linear Compressor helps keep food fresher for longer, with the added benefits of quiet operation and reduced energy consumption.

Another innovative feature, InstaView Door-in-Door™ prevents cold air loss and delivers maximum convenience at the same time. With two quick knocks, users can turn the refrigerator's sleek mirrored-glass panel transparent, allowing them to see inside the Door-in-Door™ compartment without opening the door and letting cold air escape. And the significantly reduced number of door opening keeps the food at a perfect temperature consistently and elevates energy efficiency. A new paradigm in refrigerator design, LG's revolutionary feature is redefining user convenience and capturing consumers' attention worldwide.

"Representing the best of art and technology, LG SIGNATURE combines our industry-leading technological advancements with the very essence of good design," said Bruce Chang, Vice President of LG SIGNATURE Product Development. "LG SIGNATURE is the fulfillment of a desire to enrich people's lives with appliances that seamlessly integrate exclusive form with superior function. We will continue to provide innovative, premium products that meet consumers' needs and solidify our strong position in the global home appliance market."


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