How synthetic urine can impact your life

Synthetic urine, as the name suggests, is the popular and “politically correct” name for fake urine or pee. Retailers are springing up every day, selling to different clients.

It is important to note that it resembles human urine. Manufacturers use the common ingredients found in natural urine. Such chemicals include creatinine, nitrates, and uric acid.

The experts also ensure that they maintain the pH levels of urine and its colour so that no one can detect if it is fake or not.

Should you purchase this product?

Well, according to research, synthetic urine is legal in many states. That means it is safe to use. While at that, it is crucial that you buy from the right retailer.

Laboratory experts, who offer the drug tests nowadays, understand the trick; therefore, they have the technology that can detect whether some aspects in the fake urine are from the human body.

If you need to know how this product could be useful to you, then here are some uses.

1. Pass the dreaded drug test

Some employees will require that you take a drug test before they hire you. That is harsh, but if you need the job, then you require quick fix fake urine.

Typically, drug tests help to discover regular marijuana, opiates, and cocaine users. Athletes also require synthetic urine to allow them to get time on the field. Otherwise, the governing body of the sport might ban them from playing again.

2. Entertainment and illustration reasons

Some people are cheeky. Entertainers often want to use something real to avoid the constant criticism that comes from the audience.

Therefore, if a scene in a movie or film requires one to pee, then you do not have to force urine out of your body. You can use fake pee to play that particular part.

By the way, people who want to show the effectiveness of a cleaning agent will use this product. For instance, when you are marketing diapers and toilet cleaning detergents, you may have to turn to this type of urine as an alternative.

3. Keep off rodents off your garden

Rodents are afraid of people. They often visit our homes when we are off-site. Often gardeners will turn to these fake urines.

When rodents can smell that urine, it will often chase them away. Hence, you will keep them from harming your crops. It also reduces the amount of money you would use to purchase other rodent repellents.

4. Medical purposes

The benefit of using synthetic urine is that it is clean. Therefore, when scientists want to come up with a new urine test for diseases, they usually go for the fake types.

Additionally, at school, medical students will learn about urine and its constituents using the synthetic one.


While making a purchase, it is also vital that you know how to use it and its longevity. Follow the instructions to the latter as a simple missed step could bring you into trouble.

For instance, consider the best fit temperature because that could be the one thing that would lead someone into knowing that you are using fake pee.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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