OjO Partners With App Developer ISBX to Launch Electric Scooter Rideshare Program in Austin

ISBX, a leading app development and software services agency, has partnered with OjO Electric LLC, a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company, to launch the first-ever sit-down electric scooter rideshare in Austin, Texas.

In May of 2018, OjO, then a manufacturer of premium electric scooters for the retail market, approached ISBX to build out the software technology to create a functional rideshare ecosystem, consisting of a mobile application for iOS and Android, as well as a comprehensive, web-based dashboard, services layer and backend system. ISBX worked closely with CalAmp and PWS to retrofit and integrate the necessary GPS tracking and cellular technologies to convert the existing OjO inventory to a rideshare electric mobility solution.

"We're proud of the work we've accomplished. In under a year, we've helped to take OjO from a premium electric mobility brand to one of the nation's most forward-thinking electric scooter rideshare programs," said Arthur Iinuma, a board advisor to OjO and president of ISBX.

This is not ISBX's first foray into the space. The company provides development resources for Wag!, the nation's leading dog-walking and tracking service, and Pikkup, a pickup truck on-demand service, both Los Angeles-based companies. The team leveraged its vast experience in asset-tracking and on-demand booking services to help deliver a solution for OjO.

"ISBX has been an insightful strategic partner and advisor for us," said Max Smith, CEO of OjO. "We anticipate a long-term and productive partnership as we accelerate our scooter technology to drive improvements in safety and change rideshare for good. We believe the ISBX technology advantage can help spearhead our city deployments and expansion in the market."

Through collaboration with OjO's product development team, ISBX is designing and developing a comprehensive data model and backend solution to provide real-time reporting on scooter location, availability, usage, performance and status. This is made available using the Mobility Data Specification, a data standard and API specification created by the City of Los Angeles for Mobility as a Service Providers and adopted for use by the City of Austin.

ISBX is also an equity partner in OjO Electric, a testament to its commitment as a development partner for the company and in line with its support towards a powered, green solution for "last mile" transit.

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