Nulogy Named One of 2018's Best Workplaces for Women

Nulogy, the global leader of cloud solutions for value-added contract packagers and brand owners, announced today being placed on the 2018 list of Best Workplaces for Women.

Nulogy received this honour after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®.

The list of the 50 Best Workplaces for Women is based on direct feedback from employees of the hundreds of organizations that were surveyed by Great Place to Work®.

To be considered for the list, the following criteria had to be met:
  • Minimum 90% positive response to the statement "I am treated fairly regardless of my gender"
  • GPTW determined the BEST based on the overall Trust Index score of eligible organizations and their programs and practices that support and advance women.

The friendship between Nulogy's four founders created the fertile ground from which the company's inclusive and diverse culture has grown.

Currently, Nulogy boasts an executive leadership team that is 30% female–which is double the national average. The 2017 Benchmark Report Where's the Dial Now? examines the state of women in Canada's tech community and shows, "Women comprise only 13% of the average tech company's executive team". Similarly, Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization advocating for women in computer science reports, "just 5 percent of leadership positions in the technology industry are held by women."

Nulogy's culture actively promotes gender parity and equitable practices including some of the most supportive, family friendly benefits in the industry.

Benefits Nulogy provides to all employees include:
  • Equal gender pay, conducted through a compensation analysis
  • Nursing room for mothers returning to work
  • Parental leave Top Up 100% for 13 weeks
  • Health Benefits coverage which support fertility treatments
  • "Women in Nulogy" committee to encourage career development
  • Paid Apprenticeship Program to support more women in technical roles

"Nulogy is proud to promote a culture that creates a strong sense of belonging, encouraging diversity of thought and a supportive environment for people to be their authentic selves," says Nulogy VP of People Operations Maria Cartagena. "We are grateful for this award and continue to strive to make our company a diverse, inclusive and exceptional Canadian workplace for women."

Nulogy will be celebrating this award by attending the 4th Annual International Women's Day Talks by Dev.TO next Monday in Toronto.


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