Entrepreneurs to discuss how to embrace Internet

Zhiliangzhi Siheyuan hosts the press conference for the Internet + Zhiliangzhi (Wuzhen) Conference.

The Internet is gradually crossing technical restriction, from the age of big data and the era of cloud computing to the quantum computing age. The Internet brings great convenience to people's life. However, at the same time, our real life has been kidnapping by the virtual network. The rapid development of the Internet has also brought many puzzles and worries to the future of mankind. How can we make the Internet and our lives better and more secure?

A number of Chinese entrepreneurs will gather in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, on April 20 to discuss how to develop traditional industries by leveraging the power of the Internet.
Echoing the national strategy of Internet Plus, about 3,000 senior company executives will attend the Zhiliangzhi Study Session, where they will share experience and exchange ideas about how to use Internet technologies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and boost sustainable growth in various industries - including healthcare, catering and food, education, manufacturing, community service and agriculture.
The event will be organized by Zhiliangzhi Siheyuan, an education and research institute.
At a press conference on Thursday, Hu Jiqiang, chairman of Conba Group, said that Internet medical service and consultancy could be the next big thing, as traditional medical and healthcare companies need to embrace this trend. Conba is a pharmaceutical and healthcare company based in Zhejiang province.
Bai Lixin, founder of Zhiliangzhi Siheyuan, said on Thursday that how to promote the traditional Chinese culture in the Internet era will also be a major topic to be discussed at the April event.

SOURCE Zhiliangzhi Siheyuan

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