Keep Windows Registry Clear Cheaply With A System Mechanic Coupon

What Is Windows Registry

The registry inside your Windows files is a massive repository that stores all the programs, helper programs like DLLs, all the menu shortcuts from your listing, and the pointers of applications installed on the PC so that when you click on the icons, they automatically pop up. These functions make the registry to be not only a very crucial part of the PC but also a sensitive part of a windows computer.

The registry is a complicated data storage because programs access it thousands of time every second. Also when a new hardware or software is installed new entries are automatically created. It is, therefore, necessary to regularly clean your registry to ensure that the PC usually operates smoothly and it is not overwhelmed by all these activities.

Why Is It Important To Clear the Registry Yourself

When applications create new entries in the PC, they never clean all the entries they created. Also, it happens that when programs are installed or updated they leave unnecessary or unimportant pointers into the PC's registry bloating it and hence a slow system. Viruses take this opportunity to attack the registry making the whole computer unstable and vulnerable.

A clean registry would mean a stable, virus free, and a faster computer and since this is what everybody would wish for in a PC, then it is only logical that the registry should be regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure that the windows run smoothly to achieve the necessary speed.

In the past this was very hectic and dangerous process since it involved opening the Editor in the registry, finding the corrupt and invalid entries, and if mistake deletes a single entry, it leads to the computer's windows crashing making rebooting it impossible. However, when done correctly, the results are fantastic. The traditional way involves these simple steps: Click on Start > Hit Run > Type in regedit > Hit Enter > Find the corrupt and invalid entries and just remove them.

System Mechanic Takes Computer Optimization To A Whole New Level

This software is a development of Iolo technologies and enables a PC user to conveniently and safely delete broken entries in the registry and clear up files that are only temporary without probing into the maintenance tools owned by windows. This is very important if you want to keep your computer running as new, free from clutter and lags, contrary to what usually happens. But, let’s delve into what this software does to your Operational System.

1. Repairs Problems: The system fixes over 30,000 different problems which it finds using its quick updates live from the iolo labs.

2. Cleans out Junk: It deletes more than 50 types of the junk files it finds hidden freeing up disc space that is valuable for other functions like documents, photos, movies, and music.

3. Boosts Speed: It automatically improves the speed of the RAM, CPU and the hard drive.

4. Unleashes Internet speed: It optimizes the settings on the windows settings resulting in faster downloads, less buffering, quick page loads, quality videos, and smooth gaming.

5. Protects and secures the PC’s Privacy:
It automatically cleans the sensitive browsing records and blocks system alterations that could compromise on the stability and speed of the computer.


1. PC Care
  • Enhanced active car
  • Modernized interface
  • Enhanced LiveBoost
2. Cleaning
  • Enhanced PC cleanup
  • Enhanced privacy cleaner
  • Enhanced Registry tuner
  • CRUDD remover
3. Speed
  • Enhanced NetBooster
  • Memory mechanic
  • Enhanced startup optimizer
  • Enhanced program accelerator
4. Security
  • Privacy shield
  • Incinerator
  • Security optimizer
These are some of the available versions of system mechanic software:
  • System mechanical professional
  • System mechanical Pro
  • System mechanical
  • System mechanical 16.5
  • iolo System mechanical Professional
  • iolo System mechanic support

Cost And Available system mechanic promo codes

The Iolo system mechanic is available for windows at $49.95 although you can find a few iolo coupons at and save up to 50%. The list of discount coupons the company issues is endless since they keep coming up every week, so it is up to the users to find a system mechanic coupon that suits them best and according to which products they are buying. At the check-out page you will see a coupon box. Type in the code “ELEVEN” or “aff50iolo” or “SM20” and you will get 20%-50%discount.

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