Vimeo acquires Livestream and launches new streaming platform

Vimeo is acquiring live video streaming platform Livestream and launching its own live streaming service, Vimeo Live 

Vimeo has taken two big leaps forward into live video. This morning we launched Vimeo Live, a new set of membership plans that provides professional live streaming capabilities through our platform. In addition, to deepen our commitment to event creators, we have agreed to acquire Livestream, the leading live solution which has driven innovation in streaming technology and products for the past decade. Together, we’ll be able to offer you the most complete video workflow on the planet — for both live and hosted videos — no matter what your needs are, and what kind of stories you tell.

Vimeo’s mission is to empower you to tell exceptional stories, and connect with audiences and communities. And over the years, live streaming has emerged as an important medium for creators to connect in real-time with audiences and invite them into authentic experiences. In fact, live streaming was the #1 feature request from you this year.

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