eBay Announces Image Search Feature Coming to iOS App This Fall

eBay debuts AI-powered Image Search tool, which scans photos to find items online, and Find it on eBay, which uses photos from the web, coming to mobile in fall

Ebay: Have you ever seen someone wearing something you wanted to buy but you didn’t know where to get it? Or maybe you saw something you liked while reading your favorite blog or flipping through Pinterest but you didn't know where you could buy it, let alone how to describe it in words? There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but who really wants to write that much when you are trying to find something quickly.

Today, eBay announced Find It On eBay and Image Search, two features that will make the entire internet shoppable. These new features bring you a step closer to getting that item you really want, whether it’s brand new or nearly new—it’ll be totally you.

Find It On eBay is a new feature in our eBay app and mobile platform that lets you share images from any social platform or web browser. All you have to do is “share” the image with eBay and our mobile app will find listings of the item in that image or others like it.

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