Uber just added a feature to protect you from creepy drivers

Uber now allows riders who want extra privacy to input an intersection instead of an address as a drop-off or pickup location

Riders love being able to push a button and get a ride quickly. But not everyone loves sharing their address with someone they just met in order to get that ride. In fact, many riders have told us over time they prefer not to share any personal information when they Uber. Their feedback: it would help them feel safer and better protect their privacy if the address could remain private.

But how do we get people from A to B without sharing what A or B might be?

Enter cross streets, a product update that allows riders to enter in their cross streets as a pick-up or drop-off destination. We’re expanding this option to every city across the US so that riders who don’t want to share an address- or may not know their exact location- can choose not to.

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