Qroom: A new way to enjoy music

Qroom is a music platform founded by four Argentines (Rodrigo Gutierrez, Emiliano Suarez, Agustín Ciccioli, and Julián Ciccioli), based on the API of YouTube.

Created at the beggining of 2016, qroom is in charge of ordering all the music of YouTube in the simplest and easiest way, allowing the users to have a better experience of listening music.

The UX/UI design was made by another argentinian, Xavier Nadal. He gave the visual identity to the site.

Since its launch, quickly appeared in the top 10 of ProductHunt, giving it a huge visibility, and awaken the interest of many sectors of the press, and people, because only at 15 days of its launch the site overcome the 100 thousands visits.

We believe that qroom has two differences with the rest of the music platforms:
1.More music than any other platform. From popular artist to emerging musicians, covers, remixes, and much more. We want to index all the music of YouTube.
2.We use the video like a new form to listen to music generating more bonding with our users, because nowadays, music is not only listened; it´s also seen.

Besides, qroom uses the biggest music library (YouTube), which is the platform that most people uses to listen music (about 800 million).

Now, qroom is only a web player, but In the middle of 2017, it will be avaliable as a desktop app, Apple TV, iOS, and Android.

We want to let people know that is a new way to listen music: better, and more simple. That’s our main goal.

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