Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Metroboard first took shape way back in 2003 after owner and inventor Ilan Sabar, an avid skateboarder and Stanford-educated mechanical engineer who honed his craft at Hewlett Packard, spotted a clunky, homemade electric skateboard lumbering down the street. His interest piqued, Sabar took to his Portland, Oregon garage and the Metroboard electric skateboard was born.

Sabar set out to research the electric skateboards of the time and was dismayed to learn that each weighed nearly 50 lbs, had wired controllers, and were exceedingly expensive.

He knew he could do better, and that burning passion is what has fueled Sabar to continue innovating and pioneering the Metroboard electric skateboard into the most advanced, most powerful, and longest range electric skateboard on the market today.

In short, because Metroboard outperforms the competition in virtually every way possible.
Metroboard has the most powerful motors, the longest range, the best track record, and caring customer service for when you have that burning question about your new or future board.
Metroboard is the only electric skateboard that gives you limitless riding for your non-stop life.
The side-by-side comparison below shows exactly how Metroboard stacks up against the competition, and instead of a big sales pitch explaining why Metroboard is light years ahead of every single other electric skateboard manufacturer out there, we’ll just let the numbers do the talking.
We do our best to update the table below to reflect the latest information from our competitors. If you see any inaccuracies below, please let us know so we can update accordingly.
-Ilan Sabar, Metroboard Founder


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