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Anyone who drives a car on a public roadway has a responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves, their passengers and anyone else on the road. In order to properly fulfill this responsibility, there are certain rules and tips that all drivers should follow. Here are a few helpful driving behaviors that can help save lives inside and outside of your automobile.

Ensure That Everyone in the Car Wears Their Seatbelt 

Automobile fatalities took a nosedive after the early 1970s, when consumer safety advocates fought tooth and nail to force automakers to include seat belts in every car and force Congress to pass restrictive laws governing seat belt use. The personal air bag and the seat belt are still the most effective safety tools in modern automobiles, and it is imperative that every driver or passenger wear his or her safety belt. Some people frame the seat belt issue as a personal liberty issue, but passengers who do not wear their belts risk becoming a fast-moving missile and injuring other passengers inside and outside of the car during a crash.

Regularly Refresh Yourself on the Rules of the Road 

Most drivers study extremely hard for their driving test, and then never look at a road rules handbook for the rest of their lives. Every driver could certainly use a reminder about some of the more obscure regulations on the nation's roadways, and reviewing this information could easily save lives -- or, at the very least, save money and time in receiving fewer moving violations and citations. It certainly couldn't hurt to occasionally review the merging order for a traffic circle!

Know Personal Injury Lawyers in the Area 

If an accident does occur, it is important to be prepared to fight for your rights, both financial and medical. Personal injury lawyers excel in confronting insurance companies, medical organizations and drivers at fault to ensure that your accident does not force you to pay obscene medical bills, forfeit wages, or accumulate points on your license. Attorneys specializing in automobile accidents have the resources and expertise to reach fair settlements with large companies and avoid costly and lengthy trials.

Be Assertive, But Not Aggressive 

Most car accidents are actually caused by inappropriate passivity on the part of the erring driver. It is a common myth that aggressive drivers are the source of most accidents -- however, an accident is just as likely to occur because of a hesitant merger, or a swift yellow light braking decision. A good driver drives confidently, meaning that they make a decision and stick to it. Drivers are trained to react to the decisions of other drivers, but they cannot react to indecision. Even if you make a poor driving choice, committing to that choice is the easiest way to save lives. Counterintuitive, right? The sword cuts both ways though -- aggressive drivers are also frequently involved in accidents that are their fault. Being a courteous, but firm, driver is the safest way to operate a motor vehicle.
These are just a few driving safety tips that should positively impact your driving record. Brushing up on rules and regulations, following important safety laws, and adhering to correct roadway conduct can help you save lives on the road -- including your own.

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Christopher Steven is an avid blogger from Tulsa, Oklahoma who is passionate about encouraging safety in the Tulsa community while working with the Gorospe & Smith Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer Firm.

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