Ways Going Paperless Improves Workplace Efficiency

Most businesses today have already shifted to using digital documentation as well as inputting all of their old paper documents into a digital form. This makes business run more smoothly for many reasons, and paper filing will soon be a relic where people will wonder how we could ever do business that way. As a side note, going paperless is helping our environment significantly. The amount of paper that is used per year in the United States would equal approximately 178 million trees! Such a large number just exemplifies how wasteful human beings are when it comes to using paper for documentation and company workflow. Living in this age of technology has enabled us to utilize far more efficient methods.

Easily Transferable

We have come a long way from using the traditional mail carrier to get information sent from one place to another. Not only does this take time out of a worker’s day, but it you also carry the costs involved in getting the mail from point A to point B. Soon after the world wide web was invented, we had email.  This allowed us to send a document anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, practically instantaneously (especially with today's internet speeds). Using digital documentation will allow you to send your files to multiple parties immediately versus mailing a physical document through snail mail. You can use a read receipt to make sure that they received it, and they can also reply to you immediately. The benefit here is obvious, of how much quicker your work can be done using email versus a mail carrier.

Easily Edited Documents

Although you do not want to rely completely on spell check programs when writing, they can be extremely helpful.  It takes a while to proofread a document, and you’ll still miss many errors. Spelling and grammar checkers highlight most errors, making the editing process faster. It is still highly advisable to proofread your work, because these programs are far from perfect. Nevertheless, they work much more efficiently and will not miss a single word when it comes to spelling. Keeping documentation in a digital form allows for you to write it, send it to another person, have them review it, and send it back for you to make corrections. This is a far more efficient workflow than printing something on a piece of paper and having it edited just to be inputted back into a computer.

More Efficient Archiving

There is now no more need for large rooms filled with file cabinets. The amount of physical space that you need to archive decades worth of vital documents has been scaled down to the size of a desktop PC. You can go to one place and access a virtually infinite number of documents via your hard drive storage, the world wide web, and more recently through the use of cloud services. Cloud storage also carries with it the advantage of being disaster proof. Destruction or damage of an office by fire no longer results in lost paperwork. They are safe and secure, where the only people that can access them will have the password to do so.

Expedite Document Approval by E-signing

Documents can now be electronically signed to expedite formalities involved in contracts or other official documents. This is extremely helpful to keep businesses running smoothly. Whether you are selling a product, negotiating contracts, or conducting day to day business, e-signing has made the process extremely more efficient in regards to time and money.

Added Security in Electronic Filing

If a person has the right tools, they could easily break open a locked file cabinet or storage room. All of this hard physical equipment is costly and unnecessary. Passwords are all you need today to block access to certain files and folders. The longer the password, the more complex and hard to break in it is, it is that simple.

The reasons mentioned above may seem obvious to us in the times we currently are living. It was not that long ago when this sort of technology was innovative and a thing of the future. Every year more complex and new ways of sharing information are coming about. In order to keep up, going paperless in your business is a must.




Author Bio:
The writer of this article, Nick Quinlan, is a tech blogger who advocates for technology as as means of simplifying our lives and generally improving the quality of the world around us. For businesses looking to go paperless, he recommends making use of FileCenter, provided by Lucion. You can learn more about Nick on Google+.

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