Furniture Talks: Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture for a Limited Space Business Area

Offices or business firms with limited space usually make use of dividers to provide cubicles as a work area for a particular department or employee. This is a pretty normal scenario for common establishments whose business deals with paperwork such as advertising, secretarial or even BPO’s. Most of the time, these offices only allow authorized personnel or clients to get into their area and that’s the reason why a very limited space filled with office cubicles that could cater few people is not much of a problem. Contrary to this scenario is the dilemma of small time business players who wish to maximize their ample space to accommodate huge groups or crowds. A perfect example for this situation is having either a bar, convenient store, coffee shop or restaurant with a very limited area yet it is still well visited and loved by the public. This article is here to rescue your desperate need to make use of what you have without spending much. All you have to do is to sell some of the space consuming furniture in your business area and replace them with space saving items. Here is a list of space saving furniture which will aid towards your goal to provide not just a wonderful ambiance for your costumers but a more convenient and accommodating pieces as well.

Tables and chairs – Choosing the right set up and sizes of a small cafeteria, coffee shop or bar should be your priority. Keep in mind that improper choice of each piece may take too much of the area’s space and this only lessen your chance of accommodating more patrons. As much as possible, you have to choose tables that could accommodate four sitters. These chairs have to be movable so you could join at least two or three tables together when you need to accommodate a group having more than four members. For bars, try using high rise slim chairs and cocktail tables to create a very sexy yet space saving ambience.

Chaise lounges – This piece of furniture you may say eats up a lot of space in the area but if you wish to create a perfect little VIP room for your customers a chaise lounge placed in the middle of your VIP hall will work. Compared to a typical sofa or easy chair which you normally see in VIP rooms of bars or restaurants, chaise lounges possess a more classy design and putting it in the middle instead of placing it against the wall give you more space to be utilized for a wine shelf or magazine rack.

Hanging Glass Racks – Crystal clear goblets that hang on top of the bar tender’s counter makes it easy for the bar tender to easily grab a goblet when serving customers with wine mixes or just water. Such furniture is a very common item for bars but if you wish to have a unique touch for your mini cafeteria or restaurant try to put hanging glass rack not just to add beauty to your venue but also to avoid having too much racks or cabinets for your glasses in the area.

Cupboards – Of course if you have small dining area for your customers it also goes to show that you also have a very limited kitchen area. For some business owners they invest a lot just to have a very spacious kitchen that could contain all cooking items from furniture to kitchen equipment and utensils. This is a bright idea if you have enough budget for your business. However if this project  is yet to bloom in a couple of months or years, it would be great if you invest on putting built-in cabinets and cupboards for storage purposes in your kitchen. These furniture pieces give you a better work space since they will be infixed on your wall or be hung near your ceiling.

As a conclusion, in as much as most small time business firms need to have office cubicles to save space as well as rentals especially when you lease the area, the proper choice of space saving furniture that suits your business need is also a must to accommodate and attract more customers and enable you to profit well.

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