Best Cars For Winter Driving

When driving during the winter, a motorist should try to have a great car with all the safety features. Otherwise, he or she may end up in serious trouble. However, most people opt to try to save money and do not think about drivability in the winter. This, in many areas, can lead to serious problems, including death. With this in mind, here are the three best cars for winter driving.

While this is an expensive automobile, it is certainly a perfect vehicle for rain, wind, snow, sleet and anything else Mother Nature offers us. One reason that people like this car is that it has all wheel drive. With this, one will not have to slam on brakes or worry about other problems when running into ice patches or big piles of snow. Furthermore, this car has a superior braking system and comes with stock tires that will blow a person's mind away. While this is true, it is also a practical car for a motorist who also wants decent gas mileage and enough power to navigate the snowy and crowded streets. Simply put, when looking for the ultimate vehicle, one should up for this model Audi.

2010 Buick LaCrosse CXL AWD: 

This is a less expensive AWD car that most motorists will appreciate. With a great suspension and plenty of power, a person can navigate the snowy streets of a major city. What makes this stand out from others is its name; people love Buick as it has been around a while and offers reliability and security at a low price. Finally, with Buick, one will enjoy lower CTP insurance rates than most other vehicle owners. Without a doubt, when looking for the full solution without spending too much money, one should consider the Buick LaCrosse. The amazing thing about this car is that people will enjoy it all year as it is a great car to go on a road trip, drive around town or simply commute to and from work.

2010 Ford Taurus SEL AWD: 

This is another reliable, yet inexpensive solution. In fact, a consumer with a modest income can get this well-known car model for under 30,000 dollars. This is perfect for a parent who wants to protect his or her children but simply cannot afford the higher-end models. Not only will drivers like the adequate space, great handling and plenty of room, they will also enjoy the decent gas mileage and amenities such as heated outboard mirrors and keyless entry. While not important to people living in warm climates, it is a life-saver for a motorist who wants to use his or her car in the dead of winter in cold regions.

When looking for a great winter car, one does not have to spend too much money. In fact, a buyer can get a decent price and still enjoy a vehicle that works for every season. Remember, when looking at all the costs, one will find the best deal for their situation.

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