The evolution of online casinos

Only a few years ago, online casinos didn’t exist and casino gaming was limited to those who had the access to real casinos or those who joined underground poker games and the like. Today, though everything has changed and millions of people around the world can play online now whenever they feel like it, wherever they are.

Image by  Xjs-Khaos 

Even in the short time that online casinos have been in existence, they’ve changed a great deal. In the early days, if you wanted to play casino games online, you’d need to download the casino software onto your pc or laptop first. This was enough to put many potential players off as they didn’t trust downloads from the internet. Others didn’t want to fill up their hard drive with superfluous files just to play casino games.
But with the development of flash casino, online casinos have become much more accessible to many more users. Now you can play through an internet browser without the need to download any software, there’s a lot less sense of commitment to signing up to an online casino. In the first examples of flash casino there was a considerable loss of graphics quality and gaming experience compared with the downloadable software, so uptake wasn’t immediate. Now, though, for the recreational gamer at least, the difference in gaming experience is negligible and so people who might never have contemplated going to a land-based casino or downloading casino software onto their computer can now play online casino games whenever they want.
It’s the ease with which you can login to play online casino games whenever you want which is probably the most appealing factor for people who don’t take their gaming too seriously. If you’re a casual gamer, you’re far more likely to play online games through flash casino than on a download version.
Now, there’s been a further development in online casino gaming – it’s now available on your mobile. Most casino sites now offer at least some of their games in mobile app format, so players can play their favourite game wherever they might be; on the way to and from work, while waiting for an appointment or tucked up in bed at night!
It’s not yet possible to play all games on mobiles, but gradually more and more of the most popular games on online casinos are available to play on smartphones and tablets. It’s safe to assume this will only increase the number of online casino players, especially as sites make it so easy to sign up and join. There’s also the credit bonus most sites offer where your initial deposit will be matched or doubled, giving you plenty of playing power at your disposal!
The combination of easy to use technology and free credit to play with means that even more new players will sign up to casino games, whether on their mobiles or in flash or download casino.
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