Practical Uses for the USB Drive

Over the past few years, computers have adapted almost beyond recognition to meet the demands of modern consumers. In the past, desktop computers had both floppy disk and CD-ROM drives, but the most recent machines have done away with the disk drive in favour of USB slots instead, allowing users to plug devices in when they need them.

There are the obvious uses for these drives, like to plug in a portable USB drive like the ones you can buy from so that you can continue your work on any machine meaning no more late nights at the office or in the University library – you can work on a desktop or laptop at your leisure – and there are also plenty of novelty uses, like plugging in gadgets aimed at office desks to brighten up the day, such as USB foot warmers that are heated using the power from your computer!

There is no doubt that some USB devices are particularly useful, making life simpler for people trying to work on documents or projects and putting a smile on the face of stressed out office workers with looming deadlines; but there are plenty of other devices that make you wonder why manufacturers persist with USB drives in their machines because all they’re good for is plugging in a desktop chess game.

Well I’m in the corner that thinks they’re incredibly useful and practical, helping and entertaining us whenever we need them to, and I’ve got five examples for why:

Phone Charger

All smartphone owners are aware, particularly those with iPhones, that the battery life is particularly poor. You wake up in the morning with 100% battery, and in the time it’s taken you to check Facebook, drive to work and sit down in the office you’ve already eaten a fair chunk of your battery…how?? With no chance of it making it until the end of the day, especially with your usual lunch hour’s worth of Internet browsing and status updating, you need to charge your phone and the USB port lets you do this easily.


A lot of the modern computers come with a wireless keyboard and mouse that often makes things much simpler for the user, but other machines come with the option to plug a mouse in via the USB port. It’s all about user experience with computers, especially with the different manufacturers fighting it out for superiority in the market, so providing users with a number of options – including a wired mouse – will tailor to that option of personal choice.

Desk Fan

Offices can be very stuffy and therefore get very hot, especially with a lot of computers around. Unless you’re lucky enough to sit near a window, your desk can be very uncomfortable but a USB desk fan can resolve that. Just plug it in and you don’t have to worry about making the people who share your desk cold, you can cool yourself down until you’re at a comfortable temperature to produce your best work.


Office lighting can occasionally be very dim, making it difficult to read the notes you made in your recent meeting, and even to see the keyboard at your fingertips. Having the ability to plug in your own lamp can make life much simpler, stopping you from straining your eyes to see what you’re doing.

Photo Frame

Many of us have digital photo frames in our homes, but not many of us take this into the workplace to cheer us up. Being able to look down from your screen and see your holiday snaps or a picture from a special occasion can give you the morale boost you need to produce your best work and inspire those around you.
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