Top 5 iPhone Apps For Fat Loss

If you want a little bit of help losing weight but don't want to hire a personal trainer, then your iPhone may be able to help. There are a lot of different apps that you can use on your phone to help you out. These are easy to download, affordable and can make a big difference with the weight that you lose.

1. Diet Assistant - Weight Loss

This has some great ratings from users and is free to download. It gives you motivation when you need it the most and gives you personalized diet plans. You can even tailor this to your body specifically, which is nice if you have dietary restrictions for health reasons. It tracks your weight loss, has a BMI calculator and gives you useful tips as well!

2. MyFitnessPal

If you haven't downloaded MyFitnessPall then you're missing out! It tracks your calories throughout the day by you entering them in, either on your own or through the scanner. Then you can track your weight loss, input exercise calories that you burn and even share with your friends. The database for this app is huge, so they have thousands of foods and exercises that you can get calorie information for!

3. Diet Point Weight Loss

There are over 50 different diet plans on this app that you can choose from. These can help you lose weight in a manner that works best for you, which can mean sticking with it for longer. You can use it to make a grocery list with healthy foods and cook in the kitchen as well. It's also got a BMI and BMR calculator so you can determine how many calories you need to eat and how many you need to burn in order to lose weight. There's also a community you can chat with to get some guidance on your diet.

4. Noom Weight Loss Coach

If you like to exercise, then this app is going to be useful because it uses a GPS to track your exercise. It also has a pedometer that tracks your steps all throughout the day, without using extra battery. In addition to this, you can track your calories and weight loss so you stay motivated and accountable. It's free to download and can even integrate in with your Facebook so you keep in touch with other friends who are also dieting.

5. Gym Pact

This free app is great for anyone who needs to lose fat through exercise. It has a GPS tracker that follows you as you exercise so it keeps you accountable. It's unique because it allows you to connect with other people who also use the app. With these members you can make pacts that give you consequences for not going to the gym. For example, some pacts say that if you don't go to the gym (which is tracked by GPS), then you have to pay $5!
If you are serious about weight loss, you can use these apps to improve your results! Good luck!

Author Bio:
Maria is an experienced health and fitness trainer that now writes for 2Yum.Me. She loves to share her advice about getting healthy and cooking so other people can see results and gain their health back.
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