10 Apps Every Small Business Needs

The world is going mobile. There are hundreds of productivity, finance, and business oriented apps out there, but which ones will waste more time than save and which ones are really worth the effort to incorporate into the way you do business? Well it differs for every business and every businessperson, but here are ten apps with the most potential to boost your business’ performance and experience overall:

1. Google Drive

Access your files on the go. What’s wonderful about the Google Drive app is that it’s fast to load and makes it easy to edit any and all of your files. On the desktop, you can sync your files to google drive, and on your phone they will be automatically accessible. This app makes it easy to keep up with your files, especially ones that are shared between users, and allows for you to have all of your data with you just a few clicks away.

2. Square

Turn your phone into a cash register with Square. This app allows you to accept credit card payments wherever you are. Square doesn’t charge a transaction fee, only takes 2.75% of each transaction. Increasing the ease of billing and accepting payment has the potential to do wonders for many small businesses.

3. Evernote

Unfortunately, our memories aren’t perfect. Your life is probably quite multifaceted and there’s always a lot on your mind. So when you have an idea or need to remember something for later, Evernote is the perfect place to jot it down. Not only is it very flexible with how you want to put your idea down (video, audio, text, sketch), it also conveniently syncs with online and desktop versions of Evernote.

4. TripIt

If the nature of your business and your life as a businessperson involves travelling, TripIt is a must for you. It is the ultimate itinerary tool. It keeps all of your arrangements in one place so that you don’t have to keep checking this and that and those and these. Organization is a blessing when travelling. Best of all, it’s easy. You forward your trip information such as flight times and rental car details, and it picks out the most important info and just lists it out to you in a clean, easy to understand manner. Additionally, it displays weather updates, maps, and gps directions to further ease the stress of travelling.

5. Bump

Bump is one of the best networking apps out there. Its concept is that users can trade information that is traditionally on a business card just by “bumping” their smart phones together. There is an increasingly wide pool of bump users and provides a simple and easy place to keep all of your business contacts. No more lost or forgotten business cards!

6. Expensify

Keeping track of your business’ finances has never been easier. This app allows you to simply scan and upload your receipts into one efficient place. If your employees participate, the app allows them to file receipts and expenses by trip and then submit expense reports to employers.

7. Mailbox

This app does what it says. It’s a mailbox for all of your email accounts. It is very simplistic in design yet has a variety of features. With intuitive gestures and visually appealing color blocks, Mailbox encourages a clutter free inbox and gives you a place to view and manage all of your emails.

8. Wunderlist

If you’re a list type of person, this is by far the best to do list app out there. It is simple and highly functional. You can bookmark important tasks to pin them to the top and it is easy to add and check off tasks.

9. Facebook Pages

If you have a strong social media presence, the Facebook Pages app is perfect for managing your page and analyzing its statistics. It allows you to control your page from anywhere and gives you insightful information that can help you see what works and what to improve on your page.

10. Hootsuite

Another beautiful social media management app, Hootsuite puts all of your social media profiles into one place. You can send messages through all of your profiles at once and schedule posts for a later time or date.

Some people stay away from apps to prevent them from being a timesuck, and others simply like to keep things traditional. Both of these perspectives are valid, but always be open minded and consider the positive potential of change. Give these apps a try and you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Good luck!

Author Bio:
Zane Schwarzlose is the SEO Manager at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin Web design company. Zane enjoys his Pandora app the most.

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