What We Can Expect From the Next iPhone & iOS 7

Come September 10th 2013 and Apple’s long-awaited announcement of the iOS 7, its next-generation mobile OS will resonate across the tech world. The gala iPhone media event that has been planned will be the platform for the launch of the new iPhone 5S/6 (the name still isn’t confirmed) & 5C (the budget model Apple are set to introduce) along with the iOS 7. Going by its unveiling and launch history, iOS 7 might just start getting rolled out as early as 18th September 2013. 

Interestingly code named Innsbruck, this latest iOS was introduced by the company way back in June at the WWDC 2013 keynote and involves a complete redesign for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Radically Different

This new Apple offering is a radical departure from all the earlier generations, starting with its appearance. It does away with all but the most essential elements of the interface, which adds tremendously to the clarity quotient. It is also said to be transitioning from buttons onto tinted text. It has added depth with the entire experience being built around physics. The particle engine moves, parallaxes, layers and blurs in virtual 3D. It skims every pixel, every app and probably almost every section of the system. iOS 7’s brand new flat design features the novel air-drop. The 1st beta version has been released in June and 6 beta versions followed in its wake, with the latest one being released in August.

The entire new iOS 7 experience revolves around game-style physics. And so with the iOS7 support, the iPhone 5 and 5C will have interesting new features such as Notification and Control Center, Camera, Multitasking, iTunes Radio, Safari, Siri, Photos, AirDrop and iOS in the car. Whenever there is a new product launch, a large part of the discussion revolves around hardware design.

But in the case of the iOS 7, the hardware discussion has been moved a little into the shadows by software- glyph weighting, home screen icons and typeface choices.

Impressive Below Surface Ripples

What’s most impressive is the changes that are under the iOS7 surface. The particle engine that powers the iOS 7 has turned the interface elements into actual objects, increasing their already-impressive support for all direct manipulation. Massive swathes of experience have been gamified. This makes it easier for the interactions to be discovered by play and the entire experience is enhanced.

What’s changed drastically is that it is now more dynamic and not just dead pixels that are chocking under glass.

The Technology Supremo

There isn’t a thing that this innovative technology giant doesn’t do with panache. It will feel the market vibe, delve into its think-tank, research and develop like there is no tomorrow and fascinate the world with offerings that pamper and impress even the most hardcore techies. This autumn, there’s no doubt that the new iPhone & iOS 7 will reign supreme.

Author Bio:
Ben Trafford is a technology blogger from London that writes regularly on the latest developments in the world of technology, especially smartphones. This article was written on behalf of www.devicehospital.co.uk

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