Apple iOS7 Releasing on 18 September – It’s on the Way

The Apple just released 2 latest iPhones models today, to kill the sales of other brands.
Officially, Apple announced the long-term-gossiped iPhone 5C; this is a cheap product that joins the Apple family. Apple iPhone 5C has 4 inches display screen, with a quick A6 processor, along with eight mega-pixel camera as well as an enhanced front-face camera for video conversations.

The iPhone 5C's cover casing is constructed with plastic but is available in a number of colors (sky blue, white, mild red, green and yellow). The Apple has produced covers to focus on the shades of iPhone 5C too.

A large number of people pondered what will become from the Apple iPhone 5 at the time Apple declared the anticipated their next phone. Would that phone become the core-level Smartphone in Apple's list? No! The answer is simple. The Apple is hurting the sales of other Smartphone brands with iPhone 5 to give benefit the iPhone 5C. The latest iPhone 5C will undoubtedly be offered on the cheap price. This is a reasonably necessary transfer for Apple Company to wipe out what is the most famous touch screen phone; it had created after one year when it declared.

Apple iOS7 is on its way

The owner of Apple Company Tim Cook verifies that the latest version of iOS7 has finalized. He confirms that ‘in next month’; they will ship the seven hundred million iOS products. One more time, a large quantity for Apple Company. Craig Federighi, from Apple Company, has given a summary overview of iOS7 features and functions. With Siri, it will remain almost similar as what had been shown in the WWDC within current years' June. Latest Camera application in iOS7 features photo-editing filters. A large amount of Android smartphones already are providing this feature; therefore, it is impressive that iPhone has now included this feature too. At the same time stock of Apple has risen because the releasing news is now open.

Apple iOS7 is Going to Release on in 18 September

This is a longer wait. The owner Tim Cook said in an occasion that when iOS will be launch, people can find darkness where just about all Apple customers are downloading or installing the latest operating system. The iOS7 will at least support Apple iPhone 4 and afterwards, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad Mini, iPad 2 and higher. The Apple owner Tim Cook is currently dealing with iPhoto, iMovie and iWork, which might be free with new iOS products.

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