Top 5 Multiplayer Games for iOS

There are hundreds of thousands of applications available for the iOS. While some of these help boost your productivity, most of these are made to entertain users. The following is a list of iOS multiplayer games that you can download.

The iPhone, the foremost mobile entertainment gadget today, can hold tens, even hundreds of applications that will keep you preoccupied on your free time. Apple’s iOS devices, like the iPhone 5 and the new iPad, are made to run different apps for different purposes.

For people who use their iPhones or iPads at work, most of the apps they download are for productivity like apps for document viewing, processing and presentation, or apps that let you do video and RingCentral businessVoIP calls. But these productivity apps comprise just a small portion of one’s cache. The biggest portion of their smartphone’s storage and memory is usually filled with games that will keep them entertained during any part of the day. Most of these games are multiplayer games, so even when they’re at the mercy of their phone’s 4-inch screen, they can still share the fun with their friends or even with random strangers.

Without further ado, here are five of the best multiplayer games for iOS devices.

Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment Group LLC

Out since 2011, this iOS game is a one-on-one sword fighting masterpiece, adored not just for its gameplay but for its stunning graphics. It stretches the boundaries of mobile gaming with life-like rendering of armor-clad heroes and humongous titans, not to mention the stunning landscape and well-rendered backdrops. The multiplayer mode is a new feature added to the game, and with that, you and a friend can choose between using the main protagonist or of the Titans. You can still play the good guy, only this time, another person will be controlling the bad guys.

Worms 2: Armageddon by Team17 Software Ltd

This game first appeared more than a decade ago as a beloved PC classic. The Worms franchise has a literal turn-based gameplay, wherein multiple players take turns controlling a ballistic group of worms to eliminate the enemy group. This team game could easily turn into mayhem, especially when you’ve ran out of space to move on. Passing the iPad around has never been more fun and exciting!

Monopoly HD by Electronic Arts

As it turns out, one of the world’s favourite pastimes (pre-mobile gaming) is also a big hit for the iOS. This is a multiplayer game that every member of the family would love, a perfect companion on boring days with your friends. On TableTop mode, you can even see tablet-sized version of the game that you’ve grown to love. You don’t even have to fumble with money management; all of it is handled by the game!

Krazy Kart Racing by Konami Digital Entertainment

If you loved Nintendo’s Mario Kart, you’ll surely love its iOS clone, the Krazy Kart! It’s as close as you could get to Mario and his racing buddies, but remains to be a totally different game altogether. With the cartoony character and environment design, road rage has never been more fun! If you are big on adrenaline rush but not too big on all-too-real mobile racing games, the Krazy Kart is the perfect app for you.

Archetype by Elephant Mouse LLC

Now, if you are more into first person shooting games, then Archetype is for you. Yep, it’s an iOS game, so you don’t need a console or a PC to shoot your stress away. If you’re feeling pressured at work, just whip out your iPhone or iPad and join online battles that will pit you against other users on game modes like capture the flag, or the plain old deathmatch. First person shooting games really need no explanation; just join a game, get a gun, and start shooting.

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