One Site To Rule Them All: All The Major TV & Cable Networks Rolled Into One

Hulu is often cited as one of the best, if not the best, Internet TV site. They have made watching TV programs and films online easy and offer a huge selection. Hulu's user interface is one of the simplest you will find in the industry, whereas many of their competitors clutter their home screens with so much information it's can often be impossible to know which way to turn. You will find modern shows as well as series which are no longer available to view by the general public.

How easy is Hulu to Use?

Hulu have ensured that their customers can easily find the TV show or movie of their choice. You are not greeted with a vast array of background images and bright colors that you may have come to expect from TV Internet sites. The shows will be listed as screenshots in different columns making it simple to find what you want. They also advertise new releases and their highest rated shows via a large banner on the home screen.
Hulu offer a library in alphabetical order, so you can simply search for the name of the specific program you want to watch. The video player is operated through flash player technology, which is very different from the vast majority of other Internet TV sites - many of these other sites will require you download and install a separate video player, which can prove to be annoying.


There are advertisements played on Hulu, but far less than you can expect from watching programs on television. With that being said, you do seem to get adverts during the most exciting parts of a show every time. However, the adverts are typically played when you would expect to see them on a normal TV show anyway. This may prove to be a little annoying, but most of us are used to seeing adverts during TV shows nowadays anyway.


One of the most used and perhaps effective features offered by Hulu is the fact that you can dim the screen. This may not seem like much, but it can actually help with eye strain if you happen to be watching a long film or numerous episodes of your favorite TV show, one after another. You also have the ability to watch a video in a completely separate pop-up window, which is not something that most other Internet TV sites have considered.
You have the facility to embed videos elsewhere, such as another site or even a blog; and you can even send emails to friends and family inviting them to watch a particular show. As you may expect, you can watch a great deal of shows in HD and there also happens to be a Hulu community with which you can share information, such as reviews of programs.
The simplistic design and ease of finding programs you want to watch makes Hulu one of the most popular Internet TV sites. They have a huge library of both films and TV shows, from just about every genre (and era) that you can think of, and this is typically why most people turn to watching TV online in the first place.

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