5 Most Expensive Tuned Cars

Car tuning is incredibly popular. Even if you have a mediocre vehicle, you may invest $1-3k in it, and in the end you will have a cool ride. Your friends and neighbors will envy you, even if you do some basic and simple tuning, like sign writing (by the way, the best way to do it is to visit provinyl.com.au). Tuning may include just anything, from enforcing engines to purely design stuff. You may add some design elements to the body and interior, install the latest electronic gadgets etc. Of course, the more money you invest in tuning, the more beautiful your car will look like. Yet, there are cars that have become incredibly expensive because of the tuning. Let’s look at the most expensive tuned cars in the world.

FibraFoil Mercedes G Klasse Chrome

Mercedes cars have always been luxurious and expensive. However, there are no limits as to how to make a Mercedes car even more expensive. Folks have figured out they can use gold and silver to make cars shiny. The special G class Mercedes looks as if carved from gold. Well, gold is used everywhere in this car, as ‘enamel’. Besides, there are plates made of genuine gold. Driving such a car will make you and your passengers feel like kings. As known, G class is AWD, and these cars are powerful crossovers. This G class is something totally different. It is a powerful crossover but it looks like a king’s drive.

Gold plated Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

You may not believe it but some folks love decorating their cars with gold, pearls and gemstones. The gold plated Mercedes showed up ar On Wheel Show that took place in Dubai. This car is luxurious even without tuning. But with gold plates it becomes a royal vehicle. If you have $4.8 million you might attempt trying it.

Swarovski studded Cadillac CTS

Cars and Swarovski - what’s the connection? If you think that Swarovski crystals are only used in jewelry and designer clothes, you are mistaken. There’s a Swarovski studded Cadillac. As known, Cadillacs are fantastic cars that offer first class luxury. However, if you add some Swaroмski stones to it, the car become priceless. This Cadillac is not as expensive as the abovementioned Mercedeses, but it looks so gorgeous.

Swarovski Studded Mercedes SL600

Again Mercedes and again Swarovski. One million dollar for a car that looks like a vehicle from a fairy tale. The car made its debut in 2010 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. It has over 300k Swarovski crystals on it. I will repeat - its price is $1 million! But it is worth every penny. There is not a single person who won’t fall in love with this car. I did fall in love with it. Did you?

Mclaren SLR 999

What about having 500 rubies in the car? And some gold? This auto is called Red Gold Dream. It also has 999 hp. It is a rocket, to tell you the truth. Even the leather used for interior has some gold in it. If you like it, get ready to fork out $9 million.

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Aleksey is a professional designer and a passionate car enthusiast. Sign writing is one of his hobbies. He personally picks trusted services for car tuning like provinyl.com.au.
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