Using Apps To Help Schools

Schools are constantly finding ways to use technology in the classroom, as well as outside of it. Grants are sought after for high-end tablets, computers and other expensive devices. However, when students and parents already have access to smartphones, do schools really need to invest in iPads? 
While a simple app won’t be able to supplement a new computer lab, hiring a company to help with mobile app services could help a school tremendously while being budget conscious. Here are several ways an app for smartphones could help parents and students communicate with each other and the school.

Parents have easy access to information.

Snow days and other cancellations can be easily shared with everyone affected through an app. While texting is a popular method among schools now, an app can give more information than a text message. Parents would love the open line of communication available with an app. Report cards and grades could all be easily accessed through the school app, as well as contact information for teachers.

Current communication can be clunky.

Right now, schools and districts tend to use emails and non-mobile-friendly websites as their main vehicles for updates and important information. But parents aren’t glued to their computers quite like their kids are, and emails sent by the school are often ignored. A quick fix could be to have an app deliver a newsletter containing important information. Parents almost always have their smartphones on them, and a quick click of the app to get information is easier than bringing up an email account or a web browser. When you make communication and access to information simple, more people are bound to use it and get more out of it.

Students can use it, as well.

The first day of school is nearly always intimidating for new students. Not only are they worried about getting lost, but keeping track of all their classes can make life harder than it needs to be for younger and newer students. A map feature could easily be implemented on the school app, as well as class lists, rosters, lunch times and more. All this information could be used to help students stress less about the ins and outs of school and focus on their work.

While most app creators focus on mobile marketing service, checking out a few sites – such as – could point you in the right direction for creating an effective and helpful app for your school.

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