Digital Trends For 2013

Top Digital Trends For 2013

The New Year of 2013 is here, and there are some really exciting new digital trends to look out for this year.


In 2013, it will be even easier to share your photos. Sony have led the market by incorporating wifi technology with cameras so that photos can easily be uploaded to the internet and shared over wifi. This means no more worry about losing data cables and needing cables to connect to devices and upload photos. This is something that has been developed throughout 2012, but will be more mainstream in 2013 with more companies adding wifi to camera devices.

The other big development on cameras comes from Samsung who have developed the Samsung Galaxy Camera that combines a point and shoot camera with a real Android operating system. It has software automation enabling various modes to enable the user to produce professional quality photos more simply. It also features a massive 16MP sensor and 4.8 inch LCD viewing display. It’s expected that plenty more similar models from different manufacturers will be released later in 2013.

Smart Phone HD Displays

The next digital trend in 2013 will be full HD screens for mobile phones. Samsung and LG have both confirmed that in early to mid 2013, they will be releasing smart phone devices with 1080p full HD displays enabling users to watch movies and videos in HD on their handheld devices.


TVs just got bigger with the very first 84 inch 4k resolution TV being released in October 2012 by LG. The first release was in the US, costing a staggering $19,999, which of course is a little on the expensive side for the average Joe, but as we saw with 3D televisions, we are set to see these go a little more mainstream as 2013 goes on and thus they will eventually become far more affordable. The only problem at the moment is the lack of material available for 4k resolution but again we will see an increase the content available for 4k TVs in 2013.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is the next big release from Microsoft and the biggest change here is the compatibility with touch screen, meaning that Windows 8 will be bigger and better and more user-friendly with the ability to use the software easily on tablets and other touch screen devices. Windows 8 puts Microsoft back in the game of quality mobile phone operating systems and it’s a real contender for Android. Microsoft brag that Internet Explorer 10, is the quickest web browser available for mobile devices. In recent weeks, Samsung, HTC and Nokia have all confirmed that they will be releasing devices with the new Microsoft operating system.

Skinny Devices

One of the biggest trends for 2013 which we have already seen a little of in the latter part of 2012 is skinny devices. Mobile phones and tablets are getting slimmer by the day with tablets set to be less than 10mm thick. Light and small devices are certainly at the height of fashion and this trend will continue on throughout 2013, with one of the main reasons being the larger mobile devices to support bigger displays. Slimming them down aids in keeping them light and portable.

The Cloud

Cloud computing is a means to allow software and programs to be hosted virtually via a cloud hosting company, so very little onboard storage space is required on a computing device. Previously, one of the important specifications for computing devices has been the mount of onboard storage, but with cloud computing now becoming more and more popular, 2013 is likely to see an end to this.

Author Bio:
This was a guest article from Gareth. Gareth works for a computer repair company in Bath and has a strong interest in technology.
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