The Three Revolutionary Inventions From Google

The search engine Google has changed the way in which we shop, the way we look for services and even the way we ask for advice. It’s safe to say that Google has been revolutionary, making huge changes to our everyday life style. This wasn’t enough for Google though as they continue to invent unique and brand new pieces of technology that change the way in which we live our lives. Here are three inventions from Google that we will soon all come to know-

Google Glass

Google had recognised how much we rely on our smart phones and how helpful Siri is to many of us and have taken it one step further.  Google glass is a smart phone in the form of a pair of glasses. Go hands free and see everything in front of you with your world as a back drop. The ‘Google Glass’ is controlled by simple commandments. Use the Google glass to take photos, view maps, sent text messages, phone people, record videos, share live footage, translate phrases, Google search terms...virtually everything you can do with a smart phone, but better, hands free and always right in front of you as clear as day.
It’s certainly a unique and innovative idea, but will it take over the smart phone?

Google Shoes

Google have teamed up with Adidas to bring us stylish smart shoes. The new technology means our shoes will give us motivational pep talks and congratulate us when we are doing well. It has been suggested that Google have no intention of releasing the shoes, and that is was just an experiment to see how the technology would interact with the human body and movements. This could be a cover up by Google’s technology PR department as there is talk that Google may release the shoes in order to introduce people to interactive devices that you wear in preparation for Google glass.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO has been around for a while now, but without Google it wouldn’t even exist. Google is the creator and controller of search engine optimisation, determining how it works and the rules surrounding it. SEO is a technology that has created thousands of jobs, before Google and the internet the world of internet marketing didn’t even exist. Now anyone who wants to receive traffic from search engines need to practice SEO in order to rank well on Google. Other industries have had to change the way in which they work too due to Google and SEO such as 
Public relations and especially technology PR.

It’s safe to say Google has made some big changes in almost all our lives, but are they set to make even bigger changes with Google glass and Google shoes, watch this space!

Author Bio:
Eilidh MacRae works for Eclat who are a technology PR agency. 
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