How to Design Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover

Designing your own Facebook cover used to be task that was fraught with complexity, you needed to be an expert, or at least understand, how to properly use graphic design packages thanks to a new Facebook cover designer software application this is no longer true.

Modify a Facebook Cover Design Template

The software application Make a Cover for Facebook created by developers ‘Athena IT Limited’, have designed an application that enables you to design your own Facebook cover by modifying a predefined template.

This cover designer application for Facebook works by allowing you to choose from a selection of characters, characters which you then use as a template to design your own cover.  Once you’ve selected a character as which to use as a template, you are provided with  template Facebook cover for that selected character which you are then able to modify by choosing from a vast selection of attire . The modifications that you have available to you are listed on the left hand side of the Facebook cover designer tool, once you have selected the changes that you wish to make to the template byway of clicking on your preferences the Facebook cover template automatically updates.

Once you are in a position with the Facebook cover designer such that your cover looks exactly as you want it, you are able to click the download button at the bottom which makes it possible for you to have your cover design as your Facebook timeline cover.

Is This Facebook Cover Designer Better Than The Alternatives?

Prior to this cover designer utility your choices where fairly limited when you wanted to make up your own Facebook cover. With that said, this cover designer isn’t perfect.

The basic difference between this Facebook cover designer and the alternatives is that this application gets you to modify a ready-made template. The assortment of online alternatives available require you to painstakingly draw using a Microsoft Paint styled toolbox, this isn’t ideal for most people. Desktop graphic package utilities that were available also required you to look up the Facebook cover size prior to designing your Facebook cover, which whilst possible adds to the overall difficulty.

The Facebook cover designer by Athena IT Limited does simplify the process of making a Facebook cover due to its clever use of an initial template design. However, whilst there are hundreds of combinations of covers available it is somewhat restrictive in functionality.

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