Android Security Apps: Easy and Useful to Use

The Android operating system is newer than the iOS Apple operating system and therefore has fewer security apps. There are still a few good ones on the market for the Android, and this article covers some of the best ones. Android security involves protection against theft, against hackers and viruses.

This is a list of security apps that are easy to use, but still provide a lot of protection. They are easy to use because there is very little configuring which needs to be done. It is all about letting the app do its thing and protect your Android automatically.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

This app will check for viruses on demand and will remove viruses, spy ware, Trojans and malware. It will also tell you which of your downloaded apps are safe, and will tell you if you are logging onto an unsafe website. It also allows you to monitor things such as how much CPU is being used, how much memory is being used and how much power is being used. This will help you to figure out which apps are good and which take up too much power. It may also show you which apps are running when they should not be. This may indicate that it is malware.

Avast! Mobile Security

This is an app that has many functions for you to play with. It is primarily a virus scanner and will scan any of the apps you have installed if you ask it to. It will scan any apps that you try to install and has a privacy advisor too, which will advise you about any security risks. It also has an Internet protection function, which will tell you if there is malware on the site you are trying to access. It has a firewall but it is not the best on the market and can also filter calls and SMS messages for you. The app has a remote siren for if your mobile device is stolen and has a locking and wiping function too, which can be activated if the mobile device is stolen.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

This is an app that will block Trojans, malware and spy ware. It runs daily or weekly scans of your mobile device and will scan any applications that you download. The premium version is the one you have to pay for and it adds further protection from phishing and allows things such as remote locking. The app has many features on the free version, which are completed and added to, by purchasing the premium version.

AVG Antivirus Free

Scans all apps, files, real time media and settings for viruses. It will protect against malicious websites and phishing attacks. It will also stop any tasks that freeze the device or slow it down. A stolen phone may be located and locked at will. The phone can be made to ring, even if it is on silent, to help the user find it. There is a premium version, which will add a little more to the pool of functions for people who do things such as online banking.

NQ Mobile Security

This app stops spyware, viruses, malware and Trojans, and will block phishing sites. It has a privacy protection app and will monitor your private data for if it is accessed by an unknown party. You can look at your apps and see how much CPU power they take up. This will help you to remove the ones that slow your mobile device, and may also help you identify apps that may be doing something they should not be. It also has tools to help you find a lost phone. There is a premium version that allows you to lock a stolen phone and adds extra virus protection. The premium subscription will also keep you up to date with the most recent security updates (automatically).

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