The Three Most Common iPhone Repairs

You just made a sizable investment in one of the coolest, popular and ever handy, all-purpose Smartphone, the iPhone. You are so stoked. Information at your fingertips! Keeping up with your Facebook friends regardless your location and being able to send pictures, showing just how cool your life is! A GPS feature to keep you from getting lost to all those awesome places you are going, such as visiting your Facebook friends in person! Oh, and it makes and receives phone calls, too!

To protect your investment, you even bought one of those durable protectors. However, even with such a precaution as that, damage can still occur to your phone. What are the things that "could" happen to your phone? Most importantly, is your phone doomed to the recycle heap should misfortune occur? Don't fret, as there are repairs that can happen for most any problem, if at all possible. 

Here are three of the most common:

Water Damage

Your toddler ran off with your iPhone and tossed it in the toilet? Don't despair, and please, don't harm your child. With appropriate discipline, your child will learn self-control and respect for other's property, and your phone, with some quick action, can also make a comeback. With two simple steps, your phone could be easily repaired.

- First, dry off the phone completely with a towel.
- Secondly, burry your phone in a bowl of dry white rice for 24 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture and your phone should be working again. I'd pass on cooking the rice, though. It just doesn't sound right to cook with it after employing this technique...


Cracked Screen or Backplate

Your child has run into the street and you throw down your iPhone to run out and retrieve him/her. The child is, thankfully safe and unharmed, but your phone has suffered through this necessary sacrifice. It has a cracked LCD screen, and possibly, a cracked backplate. Do not despair as both of these pieces can be replaced. You could download instructions off the Internet, or take them to a repair shop. It really depends upon how skilled you are with technical repairs. Sometimes, despite following the directions to a "T", something is causing it not to work properly once these pieces are replaced. In that case, go ahead and make that trip to the repair store and don't forget to hug your child.

Dock Connector broken and phone not charging

This problem may have NOTHING to do with a child, (but you never know): Your phone won't charge and there seems to be something wrong. There could be dirt or dust in the charger, perhaps picked up in your bag. (Oh, wait, that was the bag that had the crushed Cherrio's in it..."Blessed child...") Try using Dust Off to blow out any debris, which may do the trick. If not, check to see if it's a problem with the charger. After trying these remedies, you may discover it's a problem with the dock connector. Again, there are instructions online as to how a charger can be replaced, but a repair shop will certainly do the trick and have you back, re-charging your batteries in no time.

Now, you may not even have kids to blame the damage to your iPhone on, it may be a cat or dog, or even, YOU! Of course there's a plausible explanation, even if you can't disclose you clandestine work as a secret agent. There is really no reason to fear as outside getting run over by a car, dropped out of an airplane or stepped on by an elephant, more often than not, there are easy repairs that can be made to your phone, should it become damaged. And oh the stories you can tell and put up on Facebook with a picture, documenting the whole thing!

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