Medical Devices For The 21st Century

Due to technological inventions in the world, there are new and sophisticated latest medical devices being realsed on an almost daily basis.
Medical devices are an evseential part to everyday life, treating and diagnosing some of the most complicated diseases in the world and is something we have all come to reply on. FOr that reason I would like to pay homage to the top three developments in fascinating world of medical devices.

Ultra sensitive colour testing spot for HIV and cancer

Researchers in the United Kingdom have succeeded in developing 
a machine that can test for HIV and cancerjust by looking at your eyes. As well as testing for cancer this breakthrough device can also test for the presence of viruses and other pathogens and diseases. The naked eye tester is more than ten times faster as compared to the currently used standardized methods. The naked eye tester was tested using prostate cancer and HIV viruses. With this new device, it is now cheaper and simpler to spot the early developments of the above diseases. The device will be of greater help especially in poorer developing countries. In their presentation, lead researcher Stevens Molly from the London Imperial College says their prototype was used to detect the p24 biomarker that causes HIV in a high success rate. This is a cheap technology that improves sensitivity in detecting the early development with less sophisticated instruments.


The TCT 2012 Master is a medical deviice which can greatly improve the flow of blood in the veins. The researchers published their findings through which there was an improved blood flow restoration in the heart tissues for patient with heart conditions. The trials were presented at the cardiovascular Transcatheter Therapeutics meetings.
Heart patients with angioplasty problem use the stent micronet that will prevent and reduce embolisation by holding thrombus in a good place against the arteries that are blocked. For patients undergoing coronary treatment, they have to use micromenet stents compared to the bare metal and eluting stent resulting in higher rates of coronary blood flow in the arteries.

Angioplasty catheters

Angioplasty catheters is a new development used for treating arteries found below the knees. The use of two catheters will only target interventional treating of the narrowed atherosclerotically arteries. This PTA device come with an over the wire diameter measuring 0.35mm. It also comes with a high pressure range. It offers a wider working range and additional size. These technological devices offers' faster deflation-inflation solutions to angioplasty below the patients' knee. The other deeper PTA catheter inform of a balloon will target the lesions found in various arteries below the knee. The two catheters are designed well and will reflect the unique characteristic in the vessels that will be targeted in the body. The two will give solutions for the arteries found below the knees while targeting the lesions below or above the knee areas. The new development on the Amphirion balloons allows good 'pushability' and 'crossability' that makes it the ideal tool in the market to help in managing the critical limb problems.

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