Speed Up Your Laptop By Keeping it Clean

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your laptop is running slowly. Especially nowadays when staying one step ahead of the game is key to success; it is rare we can afford to spare the extra time, money, and energy that often accompany speeding up a sluggish machine. Even though many of us safeguard our laptop with a warranty program that can offer repair for slow computers, many times the problem can be fixed on our own.
Before running off to the laptop hospital, try the simple method of cleaning up your laptop– you may be surprised to find that by following a few quick, easy steps, your computer should be rejuvenated in no time.

Clean up Your Cookies

More often than not, a computer that is internet enabled can get very glitch when it comes to cookies. This is because, every time you visit a web site, each page you land on stores cookies in your machine as a way to remember that page so that you don’t have t retype the whole URL into your browser every time you want to revisit that page. While this sounds like the key to an efficient computer, in the long run, cookie build-up can really weight down your machine – so make sure to de-clutter your cookies now and then. The steps for clearing your cookies can vary from machine to machine, depending on the browser you use – 
check here for how to take the necessary steps for your machine.                                                                                                       


It can be easy to forget that there even is such a thing a recycle bin on your laptop , yet keeping it empty is pertinent to keeping your laptop running at full capacity. Every single file that is deleted from your hard drive gets dumped into the recycle bin as a temporary storage space until you decide what to do with them. So, sift through your recycle bin on a regular basis and keep it empty – as simple as this may seem, it could actually speed up your laptop quite a bit.

Tidy Up Your Desktop

It’s a common mistake to think that throwing a file here and icon there on your desktop is harmless. While placing the occasional file on your desktop is certainly okay, bogging down this empty space can really wear out your laptop. So reserve this space for necessary icons and files you need quick access to – and take a few minutes to organize less-accessed files into other storage spots like your C: and D: drive.

Take Advantage of Your Extended Warranty

As I mentioned previously, warranties are a great back-up solution for fixing lethargic laptops. So, if you’ve tried all you can to revive your laptop on your own, don’t hesitate to take advantage of your service plan – after all, the problem could have to do with an internal failure that requires replacement or repair that only a skilled technician can tackle . Many warranty companies even offer excellent tech support for walking you through steps to fix your machine over the phone, so don’t delay in reaching out for the support you need.

Author  Bio:
This article was written by Janice Bevilacqua. Janice is writer who specializes in cutting-edge technology topics. She primarily writes for Consumer Priority Service, a company that provides extended warranty solutions to retailers.
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