Jobs with Flexible Working Hours

Jobs with flexible working hours are in high demand amongst those with family commitments and those who wish to find a better work/life balance. Flexible jobs are ones that either allow part-time options, varying shift patterns, or the opportunity to fit the hours of work into times that are more convenient for the employee. Some job options that may offer more flexible hours are:

Work from Home and Self Employment

Working from home is an option that usually allows for greater flexibility. Some people choose self employment, setting up their own company or business. Others choose to work in direct sales, or to join a multilevel marketing company. These options are often the most flexible as they allow the employee to choose the hours that best suit them and work around their lifestyle.

Private Practice

Many therapists and life coaches set up private practices, either from home or from an office. As long as they are able to find clients to fit in with whatever work timetable they have committed to, this can be a good option for more flexible employment.

Writers and Journalists

Those that choose to work freelance are able to work the hours that best suit them, fitting around their temperament as morning or evening people and working around other commitments.

Call Centres

Call Centres often have more flexible work shifts, with varying start and end times. This works both to the advantage of the company and of the employees. By offering employees different shift patterns, the company can extend its service, with longer working hours also offering an extended customer service.


Since security personnel are often needed 24 hours a day, this means that workers may have the option of working morning, afternoon or night shifts. Such jobs are usually available in places such as hospitals, shopping centres and university campuses.

Office jobs

An increasing number of office jobs now offer their workers flexitime, with employees having a designated number of hours to fulfil, rather than merely 9-5 office hours. Although there may still be a core period in which all workers are expected to be in the office, start and end times are usually flexible. There is often the opportunity to build up over-time and then to reclaim those hours back.

Shopping Centres and Supermarkets

Shopping centres often have longer working hours, increasing the need for personnel throughout the day and evening. Some supermarkets are now open 24/7 and so are also more likely to offer their employees flexible working hours.
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