Review: Dockem Universal Smartphone and Tablet Wall Mount

The Dockem is a universal phone and tablet wall mount that uses adhesives to hold to the wall. It was specifically designed to work with Command brand adhesives, which provide a super strong hold but can also be removed without damaging your wall in any way.


 What is the Dockem and how does it work?

The Dockem utilizes 2 brackets that are attached to the wall separately, allowing them to be placed at whatever distance apart that is necessary for your device. Devices are not actually “gripped” by the Dockem, but instead simply rest in the carefully designed brackets. The brackets are built with “walls” in all the right places in order to keep the bottom of your device from moving side to side as well as front to back. The “shelves” were not only designed for optimal strength but are also specifically designed to integrate a cord holder, which is essentially a slot that will lightly pinches any cord, keeping it from falling to the ground. Furthermore, the inside of the cord holder doubles as a place to hide the Command strip tab, which is used during removal of the Dockem (see our Command Strip page for more details). All in all, the minimalist design of the Dockem proves to be incredibly functional.

 How does the Dockem adhere to the wall? 

 The Dockem was specifically designed to mount cleanly and effectively with 3M Command strips. We recommend 2 types; water/heat resistant, which are super strong (rated to hold 5lbs each) and great for virtually any location and any climate, or Picture Hanging strips, which are essentially Command strips in a heavy duty Velcro form, rated to hold 4lbs each. Taking into consideration that an iPad weighs about 1.5lbs, these adhesives hold considerably more than is necessary.
3M Command strips are the perfect adhesive because they hold very strongly, they come off cleanly, work on many surfaces, and they won’t damage your wall. For more information and tutorial videos visit our Adhesives page.

How strong is the Dockem?

The Dockem is as strong as the adhesives you use with it. This is why we recommend the 3M Command strips as not only are they clean to use, but they have shown serious strength (large strips holding 4-5lbs each). If you want to see how strong they really are, watch our strength test video.


Almost everything...

  • iPhone 4, 3G, 3Gs
  • iPad, iPad 2
  • Motorola Xoom
  • Droid, Droid 2
  • Droid X
  • Droid Incredible
  • Blackberry
  • Kindle
  • Nook
  • And many other devices!
Simple yet functional design, inexpensive enough to put units all over the house, cord holder built in, reusable, plethora of purchasing options, fits a ton of devices.
Would like to see a variety of colors, I feel I need to be careful when using the unit with larger tablets as I am afraid I would knock it off.
The Dockem is a truly entrepreneurial undertaking by team of brothers and it is refreshing to see a functional accessory at an affordable price in today’s market of customer gouging, especially in the Apple accessory arena. The Dockem fits numerous devices so your not pigeonholed into sticking with one device because of your accessory investment. If Dockem could offer a few more colors I think consumers would go gaga over the Dockem.

9 out of 10

Click here to be directed to the Dockem site to check it out.

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