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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Using your phone might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about saving energy. However, there are plenty of green apps on the market that will help you do just that. From helping you calculate how much money you're spending (or losing), to helping you shop for more energy efficient appliances, apps can be incredibly useful when you're trying to save energy. If you want to cut down on your bills, then check out some of these apps for your smart phone...

The iViro Home Energy Analysis Tool...
It definitely doesn't have an energy saving name, but despite its length, the iViro app is a great nifty saving device. It allows you to analyse the energy use in your home, with you inputting the data about which appliances you have in which rooms. It then gives you a breakdown of how your energy is being used, and also gives you recommendations about where you can make savings and how you can retrofit to save energy. Plus, it gives you an estimate of how much you will save with each retrofit that you do. Very handy.

The Light Bulb Finder...
It might seem strange, but changing light bulbs can cut down on your electricity bill. And this useful little app tells you which bulbs will fit your appliances and lamps, and what energy saving options you have. It will calculate how much you'll save by replacing a bulb, and it will even place an order for you if you want it to. Never buy light bulbs without it.

iGo Vampire Power Calculator...
Vampire energy is the electricity that appliances use when they're plugged in but not turned on, and it can make up to ten per cent of an average home's electricity bill. The Vampire Power Calculator helps you to work out how much power you're wasting in each room, and how much you can save by unplugging some devices. A useful thing to have on your phone.

Green Outlet...
This handy little app works out which of your household appliances is using the most electricity and costing you the most money, so you know which appliances you should use as little as possible. It also lets you know what your carbon footprint is, which is pretty interesting.

JouleBug is a cute little app that makes saving energy into a game. You're awarded points for doing good things, and can compete against friends and family members. Especially if you have kids, this app makes energy saving fun. You can also connect to your utility company (with some companies) and see how changes in your behaviour effect your electricity bill.

Meter Reading Apps...
Depending on your utility company, you may be allowed to submit your meter readings through an app, resulting in more accurate bills. Which app you need will depend on which company you use, but most big energy companies offer free apps. Unfortunately, these apps don't work if you have a smart meter, but for traditional meters you could end up saving money.

Author Bio:
Phil Turner has used various fuel comparison sites in his drive to save energy and cut his bills. Phone apps are another weapon he is glad to have.

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