France is Building World’s Largest Business Startup Incubator (video)

Plans have been unveiled by the Journal du Net this week, that France has started construction work to create a 323,000-square-foot business startup incubator space that will be capable of housing at two 1000 start-up companies.

The new start-up incubator space that will be located in a railway building which was first constructed way back in the 1920’s and is located within the country capital, Paris, bringing new life to the old building once again.

The French government will be underwriting 10% of the costs for the development and is hoping that the size of the project will help invest more interest into the country’s international digital reputation. Watch the video below to learn more about the interesting development which sounds perfect for start-ups to develop their new technology, concepts and ideas.

The cost of the project is thought to be in the region of $190-million and is being lead by French entrepreneur Xavier Niel. Previously Niel founded Iliad SA, a broadband and wireless company that offers low-cost and free services.

There project will be completed in 2017 and earlier this week French president François Hollande lay the first ceremonial stone brick to mark the commencing of the the incubator renovation project.

Source: Journal du Net
Thursday, October 23, 2014

Apple To Open 25 More Apple Stores In China

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has announced that the company will be building 25 more Apple Stores in China over the next two years, the company currently has 15 Apple Store in the country.

The news was announced on a recent visit to China by Tim Cook, where he met with China’s Vice Minister Ma Kai to discuss the ‘protection of users’ information.

At the moment around 15 percent of Apple’s overall revenue comes from China, the country has massive potential for Apple in terms of increasing their revenue, and the additional 25 Apple Stores should help Apple increase their revenue from China.

“We’re investing like crazy in the market,” Cook said on the call. “When I look at China, I see an enormous market where there are more people graduating into the middle class than any nation on Earth in history.”

Apple’s latest financial results were announced recently, the company reported record revenue for the last financial quarter, they also announced record iPhone sales.

Sales of Apple’s iPad were down slightly, although this is expected to change with the launch of the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 which launched yesterday, and expanding their retail stores in China could also help the company gain more iPad sales.

Source Reuters

Highway Glow In The Dark Markings Unveiled in Netherlands (Video)

The testing of the new highway glow in the dark markings for the Smart Highway by Daan Roosegaarde and construction company Heijmans, is now installed on part of the ‘N329- Road of the Future’ in Oss, in the Netherlands, making the project the very first light-emitting highway pilot in the world.

The new highway glow-in-the-dark lining absorbs energy during the day and then starts to glow as darkness falls for for up to periods of 10 hours, providing a safe and sustainable alternative to conventional highway lighting.

Daan Roosegaarde has won the INDEX Award 2013 thanks to his new Smart Highway. The INDEX: Award is an international, highly prestigious prize for ‘Design to Improve Life’ that is presented every two years.

For more information on the new very first glow in the dark highway markings jump over to the official Smart Highway website for further details and more images.

“Studio Roosegaarde of artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde creates interactive landscapes that intuitively respond to sound and motion. These innovative artworks are a dynamic fusion of architecture, people and technology.
Sculptures such as ‘Dune’, ‘Sustainable Dance Floor’ and ‘Intimacy’ form a ‘tactile high-tech’ environment in which the observer and the space become one. Roosegaarde calls this connection between design and content, between ideology and technology, ‘techno poetry’.
Roosegaarde’s work is internationally renowned and is exhibited in various places including in the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London, the National Museum in Tokyo, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and in various public places in Hong Kong and Rotterdam.”

Source: Gizmag

Google Launches Inbox, The Reinvented Gmail App (Video)

Google launched an email service called "Inbox" on Wednesday that will better organize emails and display information such as appointments, flight bookings and package deliveries in a more user-friendly way.

Google said it was sending out invitations to selected Gmail users to try out the new service. Users can also email the company at to get an invitation.

For now the new service is being provided alongside Gmail, which was launched in 2004. It will be available on the Web as well as on Android smartphones and iPhones.

"Inbox is by the same people who brought you Gmail, but it’s not Gmail: it's a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters," the company said in a blog post.

Google said Inbox displays real-time updates to emails - for example, showing the delivery status of items bought online.

It also shows reminders in a more accessible way that allows users to more easily keep track of chores and appointments.

The company said the new application also enhances features that are already available in Gmail that allow users to view purchases and bank account statements grouped together.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Evolution of Virtual Offices

The Information Age and innovative technologies that seem to come out every other day, have changed the office landscape. Escaping your desk like Houdini at 5 p.m. and hoping for the large corner office one day is now a thing of the past. Employees don’t want the corner office. They want a virtual office that affords them flexibility and freedom.
Instead of looking at the evolution from a chronological standpoint, let’s look at it from the everyday tasks that are performed. It might just give a sense of how far we’ve actually come.

Office Memos to Reply All Snafus

There was a time when communication was sent through snail mail. If you ask the youth of the world, email is actually too slow for them at times. But that is a story for another article.

Believe it or not, sending message by post did not end too long ago. The first email systems were created in the 1970’s but these were not immediately used commercially. Businesses did not adopt email systems until the 1980’s and 1990’s. There are some of you reading this article who were the first in your company to use email. You’re not old; you’re experienced.

The “office memorandum” on your desk started to disappear in exchange for company-wide emails. This also led to a sharp increase in panic attacks due to accidental “reply-alls” to emails. It is worth noting that the previous statement, while potentially true, may not be factually correct.


The smiling receptionists asking you if someone has a case of the Monday’s has slowly started to disappear along with the memorandums on your desk. Instead of keeping in-office receptionists, it has become increasingly common to outsource the work.

These friendly, virtual receptionists handle all of your companies calls. There is a good chance that your incoming callers don’t even realize the receptionist is not an employee of yours.

Call Centers/Customer Support

Love them or hate them, outsourced and virtual call centers are here to stay. Corporations love to outsource their customer support to businesses that provide that type of support at a fraction of the cost of in-office employees.

While customers may not always appreciate it, this transition to virtual substitutes for customer service reps saves the business a lot of money.

Conference Rooms to Conference Displays

Another major area where the office has evolved virtually is with conference rooms. Virtual conferencing, or videoconferencing, is another area that evolved not too long ago. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that videoconferencing became commercially available. Even then the quality was poor, the connection was weak, and the costs were high.

In the 1990’s, internet-protocol-based videoconferencing became available. This much improved version of videoconferencing permitted personal computers to connect to one another.

A decade later, in the 2000’s, videotelephony services such as Skype and iChat were introduced. These quickly become ways for smaller businesses, individual employees, and contract workers to connect using video displays.

Other services such as GoToMeeting, introduced in 2004, have also become widely popular amongst businesses. This type of virtual meeting allows users to share screens, change presenters, and much more.

While in-person conferences are not obsolete, they have certainly become less common especially when traveling can be avoided.

Office Space to Shared and Remote Office Space

Due to so many innovations with productivity tools and office necessities, office space itself has evolved. Many companies are ditching the high overhead costs of owning their own building or renting out office space.

It has become common for many companies to rent conference spaces or shared offices spaces. These shared spaces allow a smaller company to reap the benefits of an office without paying for a ridiculous lease on an actual building. They can downsize or expand in the shared space as needed without needing to search for a new location. This is the perfect setup for today’s startups and tech companies.

Gantt Charts to Team Project Management Tools

So Gantt charts are a very particular type of project management. Regardless, project managers and teams no longer have to rely on hand-written boards or papers to track project progress.

Virtual tools have made project management and team workflow ridiculously easy and intuitive. Certain types of companies can benefit from different types of management tools. For example, software development companies often prefer Trello for their dev projects. Basecamp and Asana both offer teams a collaborative environment to keep up to date with projects and deadlines without actually needing to meet face to face. These productivity tools are the solution for teams working remotely.

File Cabinets to the Cloud

You are just about as likely to find a filing cabinet in a retro store as you are in an office. The old school way of filing documents just isn’t conducive to offices anymore. First, all of the paper is waste and environmentally unfriendly.

Secondly, cloud storage has allowed companies to transfer all paper documents to safe, secure, and space-efficient cloud servers.

Floppy Disks and CD’s to Shared Drives

While we are on the subject of storage, we might as well mention floppy disks and CD’s. Both floppy disks and CD’s have gone about the wayside in terms of storing and transferring data. You might still be able to make a case for flash drives but overall, services like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive are by far better tools for an evolved office.

All three services take advantage of cloud storage but with the added functionality of sharing. Large files that can’t be sent through email can be delivered through a URL to a shared folder. This evolved way of transferring information complements an evolved office where each employee might be working from a different location.

About the Author.
Andrew Fujii is a marketing professional with expertise in digital/web and content marketing. He is also a copywriter for multiple agencies producing copy for blogs, articles, websites, product packaging, mobile apps, and more.

Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens For iPhone 6 Launched

Olloclip have launched a new version of their Olloclip 4 in 1 lens, the latest version of this add on camera gadget is compatible with Apple’s latest smartphones.

The Olloclip 4 in 1 lens has had a redesign specifically for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and the device is now compatible with the front facing camera on the new iPhones as well as the back facing camera.

The new lens comes with four different lenses for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which include a wide angle lens, a fish eye lens, a 10x macro lens and a 15x macro lens.

If you want to get you hands on the new Olloclip for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the device is available to pre-order for $79, you can find out more details at the link below.

Source Olloclip, Mashable

How Automatic Speech Recognition Works (Infographic)

Back in 2012, Apple ran a series of ads for the iPhone 4S featuring celebrities including director Martin Scorsese and actress Zooey Deschanel carrying on conversations with their mobile devices. Although critics were quick to point out that the iPhone’s Siri interface does not work as seamlessly in real life, the commercials did illustrate what the ideal automatic speech recognition program looks like.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is any program that translates spoken language into readable text in order to allow a user to give voice commands. This technology has been around much longer than most people think; it has been researched by the government and military since the 1950s, and it actually became available as a tool to assist individuals with musculoskeletal disabilities back in the 1980s. However, it is only in more recent years that it has become incredibly pervasive in our culture, thanks in large part to the implementation of ASR programs on smartphones.

ASR devices work by translating a user’s words (spoken into the device’s microphone) into a wave form. The wave form is then broken down into phonemes, which are the individual sounds that make up all the words in the language the device is programmed to recognize (English has 44 phonemes, for example, while French has 33 and Italian has 49). Each phoneme functions like a link in a chain. The device will identify the first phoneme and then use statistical analysis to determine what phonemes (and on a larger scale, words) are most likely to follow. This is what allows these devices to respond to queries and commands in real time.

There are two primary types of ASR: direct dialog and natural language programming (NLP). Direct dialog is the type of interaction you have when you call a business or customer service number and are asked to speak a command or menu option in order to access a certain recording. For example, you might be able to call your bank, speak or manually enter your account information, and then speak the command “Check my balance” in order to access a recording that will tell you how much money you currently have in your bank account. Direct dialog conversations are close-ended, meaning there are only a certain number of voice commands that the program will recognize and respond to.

Natural language programming, on the other hand, is more open-ended. A program may come with a set number of vocabulary words, some of which are “tagged” based on the likelihood that they will be used (for example, “weather forecast” might be tagged because many people ask their phones to look up the local weather). The program will also store data from past interactions, which will help it determine what words and phrases are statistically likely to be used together. This process is referred to as “active learning.”

Of course, ASR technology is far from perfect. The average accuracy of these programs is 96%, but that’s only under “ideal conditions.” Factors such as loud background noises, speech characteristics that do not match the training data (such as accents), and multiple people talking at the same time can all muddle a program’s wave forms and cause the accuracy level to drop. However, ASR is steadily continuing to improve, and we’ll likely see devices that are much better at accurately responding in real time—even when conditions aren’t ideal—in the coming years.To learn more about ASR, check out this informative infographic from West Interactive.

iOS 8.1 Jailbreak To Be Released Soon

Apple released iOS 8.1 on Monday, and now it looks like a working iOS 8.1 Jailbreak has been created, although it has not as yet been released.

The iOS 8.1 jailbreak was apparently created by the Pangu team, who originally released the iOS 7.1 jailbreak tool, and the team initially announced that they would be releasing a developer version of the tool.

The developer version of the iOS 8.1 jailbreak tool was apparently released and then pulled, the developer version does not install Cydia on your device, instead it is just a pure jailbreak.

It looks like the Pangu iOS 8.1 jailbreak will be released some time in the future, when Cydia and other services are ready for the tool.

The jailbreak is said to work with all iOS 8.1 compatible devices, which would include the iPhone 5S, new iPhone 6 models, and a range of iPad models including the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

Source Reddit, 9 to 5 Mac

Apple To Sell Its Billionth iOS Device This Quarter

Apple launched their first iOS device back in 2007, the iPhone, since then we have had a number of new iPhones, plus various versions of Apple’s iPad and also the iPod Touch.

The company launched their first iPad back in 2010, and since then Apple has managed to sell over 225 million iPads, with their latest models, the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 launching today.

According to Ryan Jones from Seeking Alpha, Apple are about to sell their one billionth iOS device, which certainly would be impressive and it should happen in Apple current financial quarter.

''Tim Cook was pleased to announce that in FY2014, Apple sold 250 million iOS devices. That means that since 2007, Apple has sold over 950 million iOS devices in total and is on track to sell it’s billionth iOS device sometime in Q12015. The only other platforms to ever reach the billion milestone are Windows, Facebook, and Android.''

Apple just released its latest financial results this week for their fourth fiscal quarter of 2014, the company announced record iPhone sales of 39,272 million, the company also sold 12,316 million iPads in the same quarter.

To date, Apple has sold a total of 950 million iOS devices since they launched their first iPhone, and they should hit their one billionth iOS devices sales by the end of their current financial quarter. These are some impressive figures considering that the first iOS device was launched just seven years ago.

Source Seeking Alpha, The Loop

Image credit: Minimally Minimal

Apple Maps Gets New Tool For Local Business

Apple has launched a new tool for Apple Maps, which is designed to help local business get listed on their map software, the new tool is called Apple Maps connect.

Maps Connect will let business owners add content directly into Apple Maps, and the service is free, and allows business owners to list their business on Apple’s mapping software.

Once the business owner has added the details about their company, it will be shown in Apple Maps on the web and on mobile devices within a week.

Business owners can also edit their Maps listing for no charge, and changes which are made will appear in Apple Maps in around a week.

The new Maps Connect feature is only available in the US at the moment, although Apple plans to expand the service to other countries at a later date.

Source Search Engine Land, Techmeme

Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview Update Released

Microsoft has today released the new 9860 build of its Windows 10 Technical Preview operating system allowing developers and those interested who have already downloaded the new Windows 10 software to enjoy a few new features, tweaks and enhancements.

Microsoft is aiming to launch their new Windows 10 operating system in 2015 and features within the latest build include Action Center for viewing actionable notifications from apps and from the operating system.

Together with a new animation for switching between virtual desktops, support for moving apps from one monitor to another and options to select “fast” or “slow” updates in the Update and Recovery settings.

Although it seems that the latest update may bring with it more problems than it’s solved. As Brad Linder from the Liliputing website has already installed the update but experienced a wealth of problems. Brad explains more about the problems he has encounter wit the latest Windows 10 9860 Build :

“I’ve just installed the update on my aging Asus UL20A notebook, and while the previous build ran smoothly, the new build seems pretty iffy. When I type in the search box I can’t see any letters, and when the results slowly start to show up, there are all sorts of letters missing.
The N in Notifications is also missing in my Action Center, and many Windows apps and settings seem to have trouble displaying text in general. Proceed with caution.”

For more information on the latest Windows 10 update jump over to the Microsoft website for details. Microsoft explains :

“As a matter of fact, we’re rolling out a new build today – Build 9860! This is the first update build to Windows 10 Technical Preview, and we’ll continue to deliver more as part of the Windows Insider Program.
Sometimes they’ll be more frequent and sometimes there will be longer gaps, but they will always be chock full of changes and improvements, as well as some bugs and things that are not quite done.
As we’ve said, we’re sharing stuff early and moving quickly to do so. In fact, the build that we’re rolling out today is something that we ourselves only got a little over a week ago! I hope that you’re as excited about seeing these early builds as we are to share them with you and hear your feedback.”

Source: : Liliputing

Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Unveiled (Video)

During this weeks TechCrunch Disrupt in London Raspberry Pi founder and creator Eben Upton has been onstage unveiling a new Raspberry Pi touch screen which has been created to help makers, developers and hobbyists create “Pi Pads”.

During an interview with TechCrunch’s John Biggs, Upton unveiled the 7 inch VGA capacitive Raspberry Pi touchscreen panel that has been specifically designed to be combined with a Raspberry Pi mini PC to create a fully functional tablet.

“This is our first display panel that we’re going to be hopefully getting out of the door before the end of the year or early next,” “It’s kind of like a tablet, if you’re prepared to put up with a very thick tablet,”-“What you end up with is a stack with a Raspberry Pi on it. The idea is this gives you something you can embed.”

Upton also announced that the Raspberry Pi Foundation will soon be unveiling a new Raspberry Pi Model A+ single board computer which he described as an “exciting product”. But did not unveiled any of the development boards specifications.

Source: Tech Crunch

Apple Releases Security Warning For Apple iCloud

Apple has issued a security warning telling people what to watch out for, and confirming that none of their iCloud servers have been compromised during the attacks.

''Apple is deeply committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and security. We’re aware of intermittent organized network attacks using insecure certificates to obtain user information, and we take this very seriously. These attacks don’t compromise iCloud servers, and they don’t impact iCloud sign in on iOS devices or Macs running OS X Yosemite using the Safari browser.
The iCloud website is protected with a digital certificate. If users get an invalid certificate warning in their browser while visiting, they should pay attention to the warning and not proceed. Users should never enter their Apple ID or password into a website that presents a certificate warning. To verify that they are connected to the authentic iCloud website, users can check the contents of the digital certificate as shown below for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox—each of which provides both certificate information and warnings.''

Source Apple, Ubergizmo

Apple Announces Q4 Results

Apple has announced its financial results for its fiscal quarter four of 2014, and the company has announced a record breaking quarter.

The company had total revenue of $42.1 billion for the quarter, with a new profit of $8.5 billion, which is $1.42 per diluted share, this is up from $37.5 billion from the same quarter in the previous year.

Our fiscal 2014 was one for the record books, including the biggest iPhone launch ever with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “With amazing innovations in our new iPhones, iPads and Macs, as well as iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, we are heading into the holidays with Apple’s strongest product lineup ever. We are also incredibly excited about Apple Watch and other great products and services in the pipeline for 2015.”

Sales of Apple’s most popular selling device, the iPhone were up to 39,272 million, this is up from 33 million from the same quarter last year.

They also announced an increase in Mac sales with a total of 5,520 million Macs sold, this is up from 4,574 Macs for the same quarter last year.

As expected sales of Apple’s iPads were down to 12.316 million for the quarter, in the same quarter of 2013 Apple managed to sell a total of 14,079 million macs.

Also expected was lower iPod sales, these were down to 2,926 million compared to 3,498 million for the same quarter last year, you can find out full details on Apple’s latest financial results at the link below.

Source Apple

How Apple Pay Works (Video)

Yesterday Apple launched their new Apple Pay mobile payment system in the U.S., the new feature will let you use your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to make payments at a range of retailer in the U.S.

Dom Esposito from 9 to 5 Mac has put together a handy video on how you can setup Apple pay on your iPhone, have a look at the video below.

Apple Pay will also be supported on the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 when they are launched later this week, and Apple recently announced that they have signed up more than 500 banks to the service.

Source 9 To 5 Mac


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