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Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition Announced

Audi has taken the wraps of a new special edition version of the Audi RS7, the Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition, it will go on sale this summer in the US and will retail for $146,045.
The Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition will come with a range of special features, which include performance DRC suspension, carbon fiber elements and more.
The Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition will come with a range of new features, which include performance DRC suspension, carbon fiber elements and more.“The Audi exclusive RS 7 dynamic edition exemplifies just some of the personalization options that are possible through our Audi exclusive program”, said Filip Brabec, Director of Product Planning, Audi of America. “The combination of our most powerful RS model ever and the added customized elements make this a truly special car to drive and to behold.”
The exterior is highlighted by Tornado Red brake calipers with RS 7 logo and 21-inch Gloss Black wheels. Carbon fiber splitter, diffuser and carbon fiber engine cover further underline the performance character of the exclusive RS 7. Four exterior colors are available to complement the exclusive design elements: Ibis White, Suzuka Gray metallic, Daytona Gray pearl, Phantom Black pearl.

You can find out more info about the new Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition at the link below.

Source Audi, Autoblog
Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yahoo to replace Google as Apple’s default search

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s has a few internal projects to bring the company forward and one of them is pretty ambitious: getting Apple to replace Google with Yahoo as its default search engine for iOS. That is a very ambitious goal. It seems very unlikely.

The information comes from inside sources that spoke to Re/code, who claim that Mayer is heading the project. Apparently to pitch the idea to Apple, Yahoo prepared “detailed decks” to help win over Apple executives.
A few executives are apparently already aware of the plan, but nothing official has been presented to Apple yet. The source says that Yahoo’s lack of applicable technology at this time is a hurdle toward meeting this very ambitious goal.
One source said, “This is the aim of the whole effort here, to grab the pole position in iOS search. It will take more than pretty pictures though to convince Apple to give up Google, given its focus on consumer experience being top-notch. But Marissa wants it very badly.”
Source Slashgear

Porsche 918 Spyder In Action

Porsche have released a new video of the Porsche 918 Spyder in action, in the video be get to see what Porsche Works Driver, Patrick Long, sees behind the wheel.
The video shows Patrick Long driving a hot lap of the Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, TX, and we get to see the Porsche 918 Spyder in both all electric modes and sport hybrid modes.
Multi-time Champion Patrick Long, Porsche Works Driver, utilizes all the systems of the new plug-in hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder for a hot lap of the new Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas. Watch as the Porsche 918 exits pit lane under all-electric mode, accelerates under sport hybrid mode, and uses the hot-lap button on the back straight at 170mph.
The Porsche 918 Spyder has a o to 60MPH time of just 2.5 seconds, and it can reach 124MPH in just 7.2 seconds, it has a massive 887 HP V8 engine which is combined with two electric engines.
Source Autocar

Sony 4k Bravia TVs Pricing Announced

Sony has announced the pricing for its latest 4K Bravia TVs, which the company first announced at CES 2014 back in January.
Prices for Sony’s 4K Bravia TVs will start at $2,099 for their 49 inch model, all the way up to $24,999 for their 85 inch model.
The new line-up of 4K Ultra HD TVs give consumers more 4K Ultra HD TV options than ever before.  Using a combination of unique Sony technologies, these models offer a superior picture quality than standard 4K resolution. Sony’s 4K X Reality™ PRO picture engine can upscale a variety of content regardless of source to beautiful 4K resolution; while TRILUMINOS™ Display’s wide color spectrum works in unison to reproduce lifelike color, a heightened 
sense of depth and accurate shading to ensure the highest quality picture.
Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology provides a screen with higher peak brightness and deeper blacks to deliver a truly brilliant picture quality.
There will be a total of nine different models in the Sony Bravia 4K TV range, they will be available to pre-order shortly and will hit the stores in June in the US.
Source Sony

Google Glass Public Units Sold Out

Google made Google Glass available to the public for the first time yesterday, the device was available to buy for $1,500 yesterday only.
Now Google has revealed that they managed to sell all of the Google Glass devices that were allocated for the public, although they did not reveal home many Google Glass Units were sold.
Welcome to our new Explorers! All spots in the Explorer Program have been claimed for now, but if you missed it this time, don’t worry. We’ll be trying new ways to expand the Explorer program in the future. You can sign up below to stay updated. That’s all for now, folks.
It looks like Google has plans to offer Google Glass to everyone again in the future, although the company has yet to reveal any details on this.
Source GoogleThe Next Web
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Google Glass Kit Kat Update is Released

Google Glass will go on sale today to the general public, it will be available for one day only, and anyone will be able to purchase the device in the next twenty four hours.
Ahead of the general sale of Glass, Google has released the Android Kit Kat update for Google Glass, and this brings a range of new features to Google’s wearable device.
You’ve been asking us when the next round of updates were coming. Well, they’re coming later this week! We know it’s been a little while, but this is a big one and we think it’s well worth the wait. Here’s what you’ll find in the new release:
KitKat for Glass – Our most exciting update is subtle, but big. We’ve been working on a significant upgrade to a new version of the Glass software. It’s not a change you can see, but it brings improved battery life and makes Glass more reliable and easier to update in the future. And now that Glass runs Android KitKat, developers can write Glassware using the latest Android SDK goodness, along with new features from our GDK.
The update brings a range of new features to Google Glass, which include updates to photos, although Google has decided to remove video calls from Glass for now.
Source Google
Tuesday, April 15, 2014

iPhone 6 Front Panel Leaked

The photo shows an iPhone 5S next to what is reported to be the iPhone 6 front panel, and as you can see from the photo, it is considerably larger than the iPhone 5S.

The photo of the alleged iPhone 6 front panel was posted on Weibo, and this is said to be the front panel for the 4.7 inch version of Apple’s iPhone 6.
The iPhone 6 is said to come in two different sizes, one with a 4.7 inch display which will apparently launch in September, the other with a 5.5 inch or 5.7 inch display that will launch later in the year.
The iPhone 6 will come with Apple’s second generation 64-bit mobile processor, the Apple A8, it will also come with a new version of Apple’s mobile OS, Apple iOS 8, this is expected to launch in September along with the iPhone 6 and the Apple iWatch.
We are expecting the display of the iPhone 6 to come with sapphire glass, this is something that Apple is also apparently using for the Apple iWatch display.
Source Gforgames

Android Icons To Get A Makeover

Google redesigned some elements of the Android operating system in the latest KitKat update, but it seems more changes are on the way.
According to a new report, Google is working on redesigned icons for the Android operating system, which looks much more elegant compared to the current icons.
The news comes from Android Police, but before we get any further, do keep this thing in mind that there’s always a chance for rumors to be incorrect, no matter how authentic the source is — Android Police has a decent track record when it comes to Android-related information.
The new styles are known as “Moonshine” internally, and the icons looks a little flatter compared to the current ones. The icons look quite similar to the web icons for Google services, and an image has been released that compares the current icons with the proposed ones.
Source: Android Police
Monday, April 14, 2014

44 Percent of all Twitter accounts have never tweeted

Twitter is one of the largest social networks, it doesn’t have a problem getting people to sign up. It ranks just behind Facebook. It is great for real-time information. However you might be surprised by how many Twitter accounts never actually tweet.

A report from Twopcharts suggests that nearly 44 percent of the 974 million accounts have never sent a single tweet. No one has heard a tweet out of them. Twopcharts monitors activity on Twitter accounts. We don’t know if those users even log into their accounts. Some of them may just be using Twitter to follow their favorite celebrities, news, or personalities and don’t have anything to say.
Twopcharts can only tell when an account retweets or sends out its own tweet, it can’t account for users who log in and read tweets all day long, but keep silent. So that 44 percent of Twitter’s population may not be just a void. In the last three months of last year Twitter had 241 million monthly active users. Twitter’s defines an active user as one who logs into the service at least once a month. They don’t have to tweet to be active. Twopcharts also says that only 30 percent of existing accounts have sent 1-10 tweets and only 13 percent have posted at least 100 tweets.
Twitter would do well to come up with ways to get that 44 percent tweeting.
Source Ubergizmo

iPhone 6: Leaked Screenshots Shows iOS 8 On A Large Screen iPhone

iPhone 6 rumors we came across hinted at the launch of the device with a larger display, possibly two versions: one with 4.7-inch and other with a 5.7-inch.
The device is rumored to ship with iOS 8 as its operating system, which we’ve seen on some occasions in the past. Recently, an alleged screenshot was posted on Weibo, expected to be iOS 8 running on a large screen device.
The screenshot shows a different arrangement of icons — follows a five rows and seven columns layout, compared to 4 by 6 row layout on the 4-inch iPhone 5S and 5C. Additionally, the image posted on Weibo had a rather strange resolution 1,600 x 966 which doesn’t represent any current Apple device, iPhones or iPads.
It could be the latest iOS 8 running on the alleged iPhone 6 with a larger display, but there’s no way to confirm if the screenshot is legit or not, or if its running on the 4.7-inch device or 5.7-inch one.
Apple is rumored to launch the new iPhone in September later this year, but there’s no official word from Apple so a grain of salt is required to digest this.
Source: BGR

Samsung Gear Now And Gear Solo Trademarks

We heard before that Samsung is working on a new smart watch, the Samsung Gear Solo, and now two new trademark filing have been discovered for Samsung Gear devices.
The new trademarks that Samsung has filed with the USPTO are for the Samsung Gear Now and the Samsung Gear Solo, both devices are expected to be smart watches
We also heard that the Samsung Gear Solo, will be a stand alone device that will come with cellular built in, this would allow this new smartwatch to function without the need for a smartphone or tablet.
The Samsung Gear Solo will apparently let you make phone calls, send and receive texts, read emails, and more without needing to connect the device to a compatible smartphone.
As yet there are no details on when Samsung will launch the new Gear Solo and Gear Now, we do not have any information on the specifications on the Gear Now.
Source kopengalaxys5.
Friday, April 11, 2014

The 5 Best Website Monitoring Tools Of 2014

In this digital age, it seems that almost every business imaginable now operates with at least some component of their company online. Couple that with the reality that there is no shortage of possible issues that may arise and impact the end customers experience and it quickly becomes apparent that businesses of all sizes should care about ‘up time’.

A recentinfographic highlighted research showing that a single minute of downtime costs businesses $5,600 on average. To the average business owner, $5k is a lot of capital to lose in a single minute.

After years of using many uptime and performance analysis tools, we’ve compiled this list of the 5 best website monitoring tools available in 2014:

1. New Relic 
Easily one of the most impressive uptime and performance monitoring suites on the internet today, New Relic has placed themselves on the market corner of data analytics for IT infrastructure. With clients ranging from to NBC and Sony, New Relic has one of the most impressive offerings of it’s kind. The tool set allows you to view code level performance metric trends, exact SQL statements causing issues, set alert policies based on thresholds you set and so much more - all in near real time in one of the sexiest user interfaces available in this space.

2. Pingdom
A strong runner up to New Relic, Pingdom is a definite favorite amongst uptime and performance monitoring tool suites. Having arguably the fastest response rate witnessed amongst compared toolsets and the ability to notify on-call personnel via SMS, Twitter, Email and even In-App notifications, Pingdom’s suite of tools is robust enough for almost any setup, at prices that even small businesses can afford. Their (free online tools){} come in handy almost daily in my line of work, generating waterfall reports for your websites page load speed to checking DNS health. Priced right with a great UI, Pingdom is a great choice for any business desiring up to the second uptime/downtime monitoring.

3. PagerDuty
Taking a unique approach to uptime alerts and performance management, PagerDuty is seeking to solve the schizophrenic nature of managing various tool sets that do different things by allowing you to connect all these tools into one, seamless reporting and alert management tool. PagerDuty also allows you to create on-call schedules, manage them visually, and direct alerts from various tools/systems to the right people. This includes the ability to set up backups and call rings so major alerts never get missed.

4. Copperegg
You probably haven’t heard of this company yet, but copperegg is one of the fastest growing uptime and performance monitoring tool suites in the market. Used by the likes of Goodwill and Minecraft, copperegg makes data visualizations fun, and offers a few features not found in the majority of monitoring software solutions. One of it’s coolest features is the integrated Amazon EC2 Monitoring, giving it’s users the ability to monitor, alert, and report on all of your EC2 instances from one, clean, cohesive central dashboard. For Amazon users this is critical to running cost effectively - sizing up and down at the right times to avoid unncessary overhead, and reducing product outages or slowdowns for customers.

With an offering closest to New Relic, without all the ‘pazazz’, AppDynamics brings up the rear as a strong contender, with integrations ranging from iOS apps, mongoDB, PHP, MySQL, Java and more. Much like New Relic, AppDynamics shows code level detail, visual stack traces, and more to help you identify down to the function or class method called that is causing the issue, and provides real time visibility to the issues at hand. The biggest drawback for this platform isn’t it’s plethora of features and offerings, but is primarily it’s huge price tag, which is why for this list, it’s bringing up the rear.

Author Bio:
William Scott, who resides in Charleston, West Virginia, with his family is an accomplished technology author. He has written extensively on topics ranging from technology applications for small business to travel applications. When he is not writing or running his small business, he enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors. 

Warning! Sony Vaio Fit 11A Could Catch Fire Warns Sony, Stop Using Immediately!

Sony has this week warned that its Sony Vaio Fit 11A hybrid laptop and tablet might overheat and catch fire. Sony is now asking owners to stop using the hybrid device immediately.
Sony has sold around 25,905 Sony Vaio Fit 11A units worldwide with a majority shipping to Europe, however even with the issues, Sony has not yet issued a recall for the Sony Vaio Fit 11A device.
Sony explains that it has received three reports of Sony Vaio Fit 11A batteries overheating causing partial burns to Vaio computers. The WSJ reports that the incidents were in Japan on March 19th, followed by similar incidents on March 30th in Hong Kong and April 8th in China.
The Sony Vaio Fit 11A hybrid laptop is the final Vaio system that will be released by Sony as it prepares to sell its personal computer business and Vaio arm to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP).
Sony is planning to sell off the two most troubled electronics units within its company which are the televisions and personal computers divisions.

Samsung Gear Fit Teardown By iFixit

The Samsung Gear fit is part of Samsung’s latest smart watch range, the device is designed with fitness in mind, and it features a curved AMOLED display.

Rounding out the Samsung-o-Rama, today we focus on taking apart the Gear Fit. This little gus has quite the unique construction, given its general shape. But our wrists are round and it’s supposed to look like a band—so that’s to be expected.

According to iFixit, the Samsung Gear Fit score 6 out of 10 on their repair index, with 10 being the easiest to repair, the Galaxy S5 scored 5 out of 10 and the Samsung Gear 2 scored 8 out of 10.

Source iFixit

iLanyard: Keeping earbuds under control

Who first thought of putting a bit of cord onto the earpiece of sunglasses so you could hang them around your neck? As strange as that idea once might have been, it became a staple item in the eyewear business spawning several very successful brands, like Croakies, Chums, Cablz and a long list of others.

The same problem that made sunglasses lanyards useful – the simple question, “What do I do with my sunglasses if I need to remove them for a few minutes?” – is now being applied to the ubiquitous earbud with a new product called iLanyard™.

If you’re at the coffee shop ready to order while listing to your music, with iLanyard you merely pop your earbuds out and let them drop. Now you can get into your bag to grab your Starbucks card and your Kleen Canteen insulated mug without getting entangled with your earbud cord.

iLanyard™ is launching as a Kickstarter project by Berkeley CA based Mikki Zhang, who previously helped develop similarly manufactured products for a decade when she lived in China. iLanyard is made with a colorful nylon parachute cord that goes around the back of your neck. Terminating each end of the cord is a stylish anodized aluminum and thermoplastic rubber earbud cord grip. The earbud cord pops easily onto each grip and away you go.

To double your pleasure, iLanyard™ also functions as a simple cord wrap. Wind the earbud cord around your fingers, then tie the iLanyard™ around the cord to keep it in a nice, neat package.

Early bird Kickstarter backers are picking these up on Kickstarter for only $8 for the first 1000 backers. After that you can still get a deal at $10, which is almost $3 off the expected retail price of $12.95.


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