Truth or Dare - some ideas for this classic party game

For those of us who have been through middle school and high-school, Truth or Dare was a right-of-passage: a coming of age game we all had to suffer the humiliation of. Many first kisses and crazy pranks came into being as a result of the legendary game of Truth or Dare. Looking for a fun alternative for the classic party game? Look no further:

Truth, Dare or Torture

If You thought the classic game couldn’t get worse you were so, so wrong. Truth, Dare, Torture preys upon all your weaknesses: forcing you into more embarrassing dares than usual – kind of like double dares. The Torture aspect will vary depending on how nice the people are that you’re playing with, but they might include a form of ‘physical torture’ (read: not painful!) like being tickled by the group, or ‘truth torture’, having to answer a truth from every single player. I’m not sure which one I would prefer!

I Have Never Variation

This version combines both Truth or Dare with the equally horribly embarrassing I Have Never game. Both crowd favourites, it’s impossible that this variation on the game won’t have your friends squirming and cringing. Everyone needs to be sitting on a chair in a circular formation. One person stands in the centre of the circle and asks questions. The premise is that the person in the middle will be asking the group ‘Truth’ questions along the lines of: “If you’ve ever…move one chair to the right”, so for example, “If you’ve ever used a fake ID, move one chair to the right and if you got caught move two chairs to the left!” As you can imagine, not everyone will move for every question – so the game ends up looking somewhat like Musical Chairs too! The object of the game is to be the first one to make it around the circle and end up back at your original chair, that’s if you don’t end up pinned underneath someone else!

Additional Extras

If you need some ideas for "Truth" questions to ask, check out this list of Best Truth or Dare Questions to Ask, or 50 Questions Guaranteed to Be Awkward & Embarrassing.

Another great excuse to be particularly silly or sadistic, these variations on the classic Truth or Dare will make for a very interesting game indeed!

  • Double Dare – Along the same lines as ‘torture’ mentioned above, the double-dare is a more complex, more embarrassing kind of dare. It could also be played where both the darer and the dare-receiver have to both partake.

  • Repeat – The person given the dare must then repeat that dare within an agreed upon length of time.

  • Promise – Similar to the repeat, but the dare doesn’t need to be done during the physical playing of the game: this one is good if the person doing the dare doesn’t have the means to right there and then.

  • Hot Chilli Peppers – You can only imagine how potentially gross this could get, but for those who choose it, the Hot Chilli option asks the person doing the dare to make out with someone/something in the vicinity.

  • Liquorice – Similarly gross, if someone picks liquorice they are to lick an object of the askers choice.

  • Electric Chair – If you’re a sucker for punishment then this one will suit you just fine – the electric chair option gives you three straight consecutive dares.

  • Now you may be wondering why anybody would pick any of the slightly weirder options – in some variations of the game, you don’t have a choice! Played with a die, the dares are number (in the given order) from one to six. As each player takes turns to roll the die their dare is chosen for them! The person seated to the left of the player then gets to decide, for example, whether they have to lick the chair leg or the windowsill.

    Truth or Dare is a great game for an (older) birthday party, and there are even Truth-or-Dare themed birthday gift ideas. Spencer’s 21 Dares t-shirt lets you both play the game and be the game, coming with its own pen to tick off each dare as you go. If you’re stuck for birthday gift ideas, or birthday party games, remember the ol’ classic that is Truth or Dare – you’ll never think of it the same after these variations!

    Thursday, August 21, 2014

    ZTE Nubia 5S Mini Smartphone Announced For The U.S.

    ZTE has added another Android smartphone to its range, the latest handset from the company is called the ZTE Nubia 5S Mini, and the device will retail for $279.99 unlocked when it launches in the U.S.
    The ZTE Nubia 5S Mini comes with 4G LTE and the handset features a 4.7 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, the device also comes with a quad core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.
    “Selling the nubia 5S mini LTE unlocked, direct to consumers shows ZTE has faith in its products and is capable of delivering LTE devices and consumer-focused innovation in the U.S.,” said Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA. “Offering an unlocked Android phone via Amazon addresses consumer demand for alternative devices that deliver more personal value than mainstream brands and don’t tie them to one mobile eco-system.”
    Other specifications on the ZTE Nubia 5S Mini include 2GB of RAM, 16GB of built in storage, this can be expanded to 32GB via the microSD card slot and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.
    The handset features a 5 megapixel front facing camera and a 13 megapixel rear camera, the device also comes with a 2000 mAh battery, and it will be sold through Amazon in the U.S., you can find out more information over at ZTE at the link below.
    Source ZTE

    Sharp Aquos Crystal For Sprint Gets Official

    The Sharp Aquos Crystal will be available on Sprint’s Easy Pay plan for $10 a month over 24 months, it will also be availabel for $149.99 plus taxes on Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.
    “U.S. consumers have long trusted the Sharp AQUOS brand to deliver exceptional picture quality. We are thrilled to introduce the first smartphone from Sharp’s groundbreaking AQUOS line of devices to be available in the U.S., with the launch of the AQUOS Crystal Smartphone in the U.S. and Japan,” said Yoshisuke Hasegawa, Executive Managing Officer of Sharp Corporation. “The already successful AQUOS brand is taking another step forward among U.S. consumers by adding the Crystal smartphone, which marries innovative technology with a vibrant display, as customers have come to expect from Sharp AQUOS products. The AQUOS Crystal offers unique features and leading technologies, all incorporated in a beautiful edge-to-edge design.”
    You can find out more details about the new Sharp Aquos Crystal over at Sprint at the link below.
    Source Sprint
    Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    Eve Smart Home Irrigation Systems Save You Money And Time

    Plaid Systems has this week unveiled a new range of irrigation systems they have created called Eve, which have been designed to provide homes with an easy and affordable way of both saving money and time.
    The evening irrigation systems allow you to monitor some moisture throughout your garden then automatically take control of watering to optimise water usage. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Eve irrigation systems and see it in action.
    The Eve project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise $75,000 in pledges to make the jump from concept to production. Its creators Plaid Systems
    explain a little more.
    “Eve is an irrigation controller with intelligence – and is a drop-in replacement for your existing ‘dumb’ controller.  The Adam moisture sensors give current soil conditions for your yard so that Eve can make informed decision.  
    Put a few Adam wireless moisture sensors around the yard, boot up your smart phone, and forget about your sprinklers. Eve controls your entire irrigation system, deciding when to water, and for how long.  A healthy lawn and garden has never been so simple.
    No more guessing based off the Farmer’s Almanac – your soil tells the story. Adam constantly monitors your moisture levels so that Eve knows exactly how much to water. Set a time window and let Eve and Adam do the work.”
    If you think Eve is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge starting from $55 and help Eve become a reality and look after your garden with ease.
    Source: Kickstarter

    New Xbox 360 500GB Hard Drive Upgrade Option Unveiled

    The new Xbox 360 500 GB hard drive upgrade will be priced at $109.99 and enables you to easily increase the storage on your Xbox 360 console.
    The strange thing about the new 500 GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 is that it has been priced at $20 less than the existing 320 GB Xbox 360 hard drive, that is already currently available.
    Unfortunately at the current time an official release date has still not yet been announced by Microsoft that pre-ordering for the Xbox 360 500GB drive is expected to open very soon.
    Microsoft is also currently preparing to launch a new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare console bundle that will be equipped with a next-generation Xbox One games console and include a massive 1 TB hard drive together with a copy of the new Activision first person shooter. The Advanced Warfare Xbox One bundle is priced at $500 and will be released on November 3rd in conjunction with the new game.
    Source: Microsoft

    Pop-up ads inventor isapologizing and is very sorry

    Most annoying of first world problems are pop-up ads. Advertising, although necessary, can be very annoying in general. Pop up advertising is a form of advertising that irritates users like none other. Have you ever wondered who invented them? Maybe you wondered because you wanted to punch the guy.
    It looks like Ethan Zuckerman was the one behind this annoying form of advertising and he thought of it in the mid-1990s. Ethan claims that pop up ads were created with good intentions, but then again the road to hell is paved with good intentions and this is just one stone. Well Ethan has some things to say. For one, he strongly believes that as long as the internet relies on advertising, ordinary people’s privacy will continue to be invaded.

    He sees the existing model as being “bad, broken, and corrosive”, and hopes that a new model shows up. One where you pay for content apparently. Whatever Ethan. I just wish I could summon a thousand pop-ups to your screen right now for you to click endlessly all day long. And I am sure that I am not alone. I don’t really mind any ads, but pop-ups are sooooooooo annoying.
    Source Ubergizmo

    HTC One M8 For Windows Announced

    The HTC One M8 for Windows comes with similar hardware to the Android HTC One M8, the device will launch with Verizon Wireless in the U.S.
    “The HTC One (M8) for Windows is true to the flagship product’s award-winning design and unique experience while also taking the best of what Windows Phone has to offer,” said Darren Laybourn, corporate Vice President of Engineering for Microsoft. “We succeeded in offering customers the best of both our worlds with this phone.”
    The HTC One M8 for Windows features a 5 inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the device comes with a quad core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM.
    For storage you get 32GB of included storage, this can be expanded by a further 128GB via the microSD card slot, and the device comes with HTC BoomSound, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE.
    The HTC One M8 for Windows features a front facing 5 megapixel camera for video chat and selfies, the device also comes with a dual HTC Ultrapixel camera on the back of the device.
    The handset comes with the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS, Windows Phone 8.1, which includes Microsoft’s Cortana, you can find out more details over at HTC at the link below.
    Source HTC

    Lytro Camera iOS App Updated

    The update has been rolled out to help showcase the images shot with its brand new Lytro Illum light field camera and now offers the ability to share your living pictures via Messages, Email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
    Also if you own a Lytro First Generation or Lytro Illum camera, the new iOS app use the camera’s Wi-Fi connection to instantly post your living pictures through Lytro Mobile App’s camera connection function. Lytro explains :
    “Explore the world of living pictures with the Lytro Mobile App. View living pictures and interact with them directly from your iPhone or iPad. You can interact with living pictures through gestures such as tap to focus, as well as tilt and rotate to shift perspective (64-bit devices only). You can even change the aperture of living pictures through a two-finger twist gesture.”
    Download the latest version of the Lytro Mobile App for iOS devices directly from the Apple App Store for free.

    “In 2012, Lytro released the world’s first consumer Light Field Camera which offers photographic capabilities never before possible, such as focusing a picture after it’s taken, changing the perspective in the picture and creating interactive living pictures that can be endlessly refocused and enjoyed by friends and family online.”
    Source: Lytro

    Video: ViVo Aluminium Tablet Wireless Charging Dock

    Tablet and smartphone owners looking for a new wireless charging dock, might find the ViVo worth more investigation, that has been designed by Joe Lara based in Los Angeles California.
    The aluminium wireless charging dock has this week been launched over on the Kickstarter crowd fundingwebsite and is now available to pledge for with prices starting from just $35. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the ViVo dock and see it in action.

    Lara explains a little more behind the inspiration for his ViVo wireless tablet docking station and explains how he came up with the design which uses a iPhone Qi approved receiver Coil.
    “Sitting at home one day working on my computer, I over heard my wife and son arguing about who’s charging their phone first.  My charger was available but I have an android phone which uses a different cable all together.
    I thought to myself, why doesn’t someone invent a way to charge every iphone, ipad, android, windows, and smart watch device. At that moment I realized something “wireless charging is the answer”. I set out to design a sleek and minimalistic wireless dock. After several iterations and countless hours of research- ViVo was born!
    Vivo starts out life as a raw piece of aerospace grade aluminum. We then transport our raw materials to our ISO9000 approved milling house where ViVo begins to take shape. ViVo aluminum is inspected for quality,cut to size, and prepped for CNC machining. Once started, ViVo takes up to 4 hrs of machining to reach perfection.”
    The ViVo project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise $40,000 in pledges to make the jump from concept to production. So if you think ViVo is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help ViVo become a reality.
    Source: Kickstarter

    Video: OVAL Smart Sensor Protects Your Belongings, Pets And People In Your Life

    A new smart sensor called Oval has been created and launched over on the Indiegogo website this month and has already raised $23,000 or its $40,000 goal with still 25 days left remaining of their campaign.
    The Oval has been designed to provide users with a versatile sensor that can help protect the people and things you care about most. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Oval smart sensor project and see it in action.
    The Oval smart sensor includes sensors to detect changes in motion, acceleration, light, moisture, temperature and proximity.
    “OVAL was created by a parent as a way to help prevent prescription drug and alcohol abuse. A few years ago, Rich Cosgrove’s teenage son expressed concern over the rampant use of these substances among his peers.
    Given the growing epidemic of the abuse of these substances and how they can potentially lead to other drug use and addiction, Rich began to think of an unobtrusive way for parents to monitor their medicine and liquor cabinets. And the idea for OVAL was born.
    Stick it, string it, or drop it in or on any object to detect any changes in motion, acceleration, light, moisture, temperature or proximity. If the sensor is disturbed, you’ll receive an alert on your phone or email. Anywhere in the world. Instantly.”
    So if you think the Oval smart sensor is something you could benefit from, visit the Indiegogo website now to make a pledge from $59 and help Oval become a reality.

    Source: Indiegogo

    Video: CasePlug iPhone USB Case Makes Charging And Connecting Accessories Easy

    iPhone owners that would prefer not to carry a charging and sync cable with them at all times might be interested in a new iPhone USB case which has been designed by Itav Yosef.
    The iPhone USB case allows you to plug your smart phone into any available USB port and even comes with an extra adapter to help connect it to those more awkwardly placed USB ports. Learn more about this innovative iPhone case from its creator in the video after the jump.
    The CasePlug project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise $19,000 in pledges to make the jump from concept to production, with a $50,000 stretch goal which will allow its creator to build a CasePlug for the new as yet unannounced iPhone 6 smartphone. Yosef explains a little more.
    “CasePlug extends the functionality of the regular USB plug, offering a single plug n’ play alternative to multiple iPhone accessories. CasePlug is a minimalistic iPhone case which lets you protect, mount, charge, sync and prop your phone wirelessly using a simple plug n’ play method. It connects your phone to a variety of host devices like an electronic Lego piece and contains everything you need and nothing you don’t.
    CasePlug uses the USB plug as a mounting mechanism which can reliably support the weight of mobile phones and other electronic devices. This is not a new case design, but the creation of a new case category.”
    So if you think the CasePlug iPhone USB case is something you and your iPhone could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge starting at $25 and help CasePlug become a reality.
    Source: Kickstarter

    Google PhotoSphere Camera App For iPhone Launched

    Google has launched a new camera app for the iPhone and Apple’s iOS platform, Google PhotoSphere Camera app, the app comes with the same features that were available on Google’s Nexus smartphones.
    The PhotoSphere Camera app lets you take 360 degree photos on your iPhone, it is compatible with iOS 7.0 devices from the iPhone 4S upwards.

    Create beautiful 360º images, and publish them to Google Maps. Photo spheres empower you to look up, down, and all around to revisit the amazing places you’ve encountered — and share them with anyone. Note: the iPhone 4 cannot create photo spheres.
    •     Outdoor enthusiasts: from mountain top vistas to towering forests, Photo Sphere Camera helps you easily share 360º views of the great outdoors.
    •     City lovers: the energy of the streets, the soaring skyscrapers, the historic landmarks: you can capture it all with a photo sphere.
    •     Add your photo spheres to Google Maps to help others explore the world and make more informed travel decisions.
    The Google Photo Sphere Camera applications is available as a free download from iTunes, you can find out more details at the link below.
    Source iTunes

    Apple iOS 8 Beta 6 Released

    According to the BGR, Apple iOS 8 Beta 6 has been released to Apple’s testing partners, and the company’s testing partners have to accept the release by the 5th of September.
    Apple has apparently not released iOS 8 Beta 6 to developers, because Apple is getting closed to releasing iOS 8 GM or Gold Master to developers. This is normally the final version that is released to developers and testing partners before the final release of the software to everyone.
    Apple iOS 8 is expected to launch with the iPhone 6, the handset is rumored to be made official on the 9th of September, and expected to go on sale on the 19th of September.
    If these dates are correct, then we can expect Apple to release iOS 8 to their existing devices before the iPhone 6 goes on sales, the company usually releases their software a few days before the launch of their latest iPhone. 
    Source BGR
    Tuesday, August 19, 2014
    Tag :

    Video: Flappy Bird Creator Launching New Swing Copters Game This Week

    Those of you that enjoyed the popular Flappy Bird game which was such a success on mobile devices for its developer last year. Might be interested to know that the game’s creator Dong Nguyen has now built a second game which will be launching later this week called Swing Copters.
    Swing Copters looks just as tricky and frustrating as the first Flappy Bird game and can be seen in action in the video after the jump thanks to a video created by the Touch Arcade website.

    As you can see from the video below, gameplay within Swing Copters consists of players tapping their screen to make the tiny green helicopter climb through the different levels without being hit by swinging objects.
    Swing Copters will be launching later this week on Thursday 21st August 2014 and will be available to download for free with a purchase price of $0.99 to remove the adverts if you wish. The Touch Arcade website has already been able to have an exclusive trial of the game and reports:
    “Swing Copters is hard. Just getting through the gates themselves would be tricky enough, but adding in the swinging hammer things below them is just ridiculous, particularly as you’re desperately trying to control your guy as he wildly swings from one direction to the other.”
    Source: Touch Arcade

    Video: Tickle Makes Learning iOS App Programming Fun

    A new Kickstarter project has been launched this week called Tickle that has been created by the MIT Media Lab to introduce children into app programming on iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone.
    Tickle allows users to create applications and games by simply dragging and dropping actions and commands into the work area, to create interactive iOS applications and games. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Tickle app and programming project and see it in action.
    The Tickle project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise $30,000 pledges to make the application free for everyone to start creating apps. Its creators explain a little more:
    “A new way to learn to code from scratch.  Tickle brings the world’s most popular visual programming language, Scratch, to the iPad, and adds powerful capabilities. 
    With Tickle, anyone can learn to create amazing games and interactive stories on iPad, and program real-world objects. Your support will help make Tickle freely accessible to everyone, and broaden programming education. 
    Learning has never been this much fun. Develop logical thinking, problem solving skills, and creativity while learning to create games like Angry Birds and Flappy Bird.  WARNING: learning programming may be addictive!”
    So if you think Tickle is something you would like to become involved with, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help Tickle become a reality and bring easier fun style programming to the masses.
    Source: Kickstarter


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