Flow Smart Air Quality Tracker

FLOW is the first smart, connected mobile accessory to track, monitor and reduce your exposure to air pollution – indoors, outdoors and on the go.


- PM2.5: Particulate Matter and Dust
- NOx: Exhaust Fumes
- Ozone: Irritating Gas
- VOCs: Household Chemicals
- Temperature
- Humidity

IK Multimedia announces iRig Acoustic Stage

IK Multimedia announces iRig Acoustic Stage -the revolutionary digital microphone system for acoustic guitar

iRig Acoustic Stage gives the beautiful, rich sound of musicians' acoustic instruments as if they were using professional recording mics in the studio with the freedom to move around

IK Multimedia has announced iRig Acoustic Stage - the first advanced microphone, preamp and digital processor system that provides an exceptional true acoustic tone, anywhere. iRig Acoustic Stage combines an advanced MEMS microphone that clips on to the sound hole of an acoustic instrument with a preamp and DSP unit that captures all the tone, vibe and "air" of the instrument when playing live or recording in home and project studios.

The synergy between its components and the advanced signal processing makes iRig Acoustic Stage a revolutionary solution for accurately reproducing - and improving - the sound of all types of acoustic guitars and other instruments, in any situation, with studio-grade performance, advanced features, ease of installation and a convenience never seen before in any competing product.

On Stage or in the studio, iRig Acoustic Stage delivers

iRig Acoustic Stage's patented system makes any acoustic guitar or other acoustic instruments like ukulele, acoustic bass, bouzouki, mandolin, etc., sound exactly as if they were captured with a classic recording studio setup, providing a full rich studio-quality sound on stage and in the studio.

Players simply clip the iRig Acoustic Stage's microphone to the sound hole, attach it to the iRig Acoustic Stage pre-amplifier and digital processor, then connect its output to a mixer or acoustic guitar amplifier.

Users will immediately hear what they've been missing with their traditional live setup as their acoustic tone comes alive with a vibrant, warm, deep and earthy wood tone. For players who currently perform with an acoustic-electric, iRig Acoustic Stage can greatly enhance the guitar's live tone. iRig Acoustic Stage features an AUX input with a blend control that lets players blend their guitar's current pickup system with iRig Acoustic Stage providing even greater tonal flexibility and a fullness to the live sound like never before heard.

MEMS Microphone technology

iRig Acoustic Stage uses an ultra-compact MEMS microphone to capture the acoustic's sound from the guitar's sound hole. It can be quickly slid into place or removed from the sound hole of the instrument with zero modification to the instrument required. This lets players use iRig Acoustic Stage on all of their acoustics during performance.

Acoustic Preamp/32-bit Digital Processor

The magic of iRig Acoustic Stage comes from the combination of the microphone, the preamp and its digital signal processing unit. iRig Acoustic Stage analyses the incoming signal from the guitar - both the overall sound and nuance of the instrument AND the playing technique - and builds the optimum tone profile for the instrument that delivers a warm, round and balanced acoustic sound. The tone profile can then be enhanced through the use of 6 selectable tone presets, depending upon the playing situation. iRig Acoustic Stage provides 3 presets for steel string instruments - natural, warm, bright - and the same 3 optimised for nylon string instruments.

Cancel Feedback

Playing an acoustic on stage in a live setting will almost always generate some type of acoustic feedback or-hard-to-control resonances. iRig Acoustic Stage features a built-in digital feedback suppression algorithm - a handy easy-access feature on the preamp/DSP unit that quickly eliminates the offending frequencies from the live sound with the press of an oversize button.

AUX input

iRig Acoustic Stage also features an AUX input with a mix knob. This input is designed for use with an acoustic electric's onboard piezo or magnetic pickup. The AUX input allows players to utilise the piezo pickup system and blend in just the right amount of microphone signal. There's also a phase inversion switch that lets users swap the phase of the microphone or AUX signal to provide the best possible sound from all guitars.

USB Audio Out

iRig Acoustic Stage also features a class-compliant USB audio output making it perfect for direct connection to a computer or a mobile device for plug-and-play recording in any DAW or recording app.

Pricing and availability

iRig Acoustic Stage is available now from the IK Multimedia online store, and IK retailers worldwide for only $/€99.99 (excl. taxes).

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Creators Update test build with support for ebooks and more

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Creators Update test build with support for ebooks and more, delays “My People” quick-access links until later this year

Microsoft: Today we are excited to be releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014 for PC and Mobile to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. We have fixed a TON of issues that you all filed in the Feedback Hub from the past two flights, so thank you for helping make this product better for everyone. Please do read the notes below, there is a TON of information.

What is social gaming?

Nowadays online gaming is one of the most addictive activities around as you don’t have to go somewhere just sitting at home and enjoying your favorite game. Some believe that gambling online doesn't have the atmosphere of the land-based ones, but, surely, they are more convenient. What makes social gaming different from others, and why players find them so hard to resist? This kind of games is based on Social Platforms, which means that all users and players have their identities and can maintain communication with other players;

  • Social gaming is popular among those who like to play for free. This feature makes these games perfect for beginners, who don't want to risk and play for real money. Gamblers, who prefer real adrenaline rush will be more than happy to play poker, making real bets. Online poker software development has reached new heights as casino software developers make their bets to satisfy needs of millions players worldwide;
  • Numerous players are involved in gaming process. This multiplayer feature can engage few dozens players in one game. In general, this is a common feature for social games. It is possible to invite friends and share a game field;
  • Social gaming is famous for its casual character and creating great opportunity to play anywhere and anytime. People who choose these games, usually play at workplaces, cafes or homes. Games were designed for average players not for professionals, but the providers still have to work hard to deliver high-quality results for multi million audiences. Mobile versions of games are extremely popular among commuters – why waste time during your way to the office?
  • Every player is more protected against online fraud. Those who want to participate in social gaming must be registered users of social network, which means that they have to provide personal data:  email, phone number, name.
  • Social gaming can lessen your stress when you need a break from a daily routine.

Best developers to create outstanding gaming experience

Planning to start your own gaming business and interested in social gaming? Such social networks as Facebook, Vk etc. can become a source of your income. All you have to do is to contact specialists, professional software developers, and they will create a massive gaming platform to ensure success of your business and attract new players.


Today, among best known companies, involved in developing of new games and having great reputation on the market we can name the following:

  • EvenBet Gaming;
  • Playfish;
  • Social Gaming Network;
  • Thunderkick;
  • EGT;
  • Play’n Go, etc.
Addressing any of these companies will guarantee future success of your gaming product and flawless cooperation.

LinkedIn unveils new desktop site redesign

LinkedIn unveils new desktop site with simpler, app-like look, pop-up messaging window with chatbots, and updated universal search

LinkedIn: Today, we are excited to share our new look! This complete overhaul of our technology architecture is the largest desktop redesign since LinkedIn’s inception. Something we’ve taken the time and investment to build from the ground up and in concert with our new mobile app, to provide a LinkedIn experience that is more intuitive, faster and creates more value for you. Our goal is to ensure you can seamlessly access the most relevant professional conversations, content and opportunities whether you’re on our mobile app or on our desktop experience.

Most importantly, this desktop redesign brings conversations and content to the heart of the platform, so you can more easily share ideas, join a discussion, and discover news and topics you care about.

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Vaavud ultrasonic wind meter

The Vaavud Ultrasonic is the world’s first fully autonomous, smart-phone connected, ultrasonic anemometer – solar powered and Bluetooth connected.

It has no wires, is super compact, and weighs only 130 grams, so you can mount it practically anywhere!

Four ultrasonic transducers register wind flow with 0.1 m/s / 1 degree accuracy and sensibility, and since the device has no moving parts it is extremely durable.

A number of onboard sensors along with the GPS in your smartphone/tablet ensure accurate measurements of both apparent and true wind even if the device is moving.

The Vaavud Ultrasonic will start shipping by the end of March 2017.

Mozilla unveils new logo, font, and design

Mozilla today revamped its “brand identity”: a new logo, font, color palette, language architecture, and imagery. This is the first time the company, first founded in February 1998, has done such thorough brand refresh.

Our brand identity – our logo, our voice, our design – is an important signal of what we believe in and what we do. And because we are so committed to ensuring the Internet is a healthy global public resource, open and accessible to everyone, we’ve designed the language of the Internet into our brand identity.

Apple revamps Logic Pro X and GarageBand for iOS with redesigned interfaces and new features

Apple today announced major updates to its music creation apps with exciting new features for music makers of all levels on iPhone, iPad and Mac. 

GarageBand for iOS 2.2 now features the powerful creative synthesizer Alchemy and a new sound browser that makes searching through instruments and patches easier than ever. Logic Pro X 10.3 becomes an even more powerful tool for pros with a modern interface, new features for professional audio production as well as support for the revolutionary Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro, putting intuitive, context-sensitive controls right at users’ fingertips.
Logic Pro X users can also remotely add new tracks to their Logic sessions from their iPhone or iPad when they’re away from their Mac. With a new share option, users can upload a special GarageBand-compatible version of a Logic project to iCloud, which they can then open on their iOS devices and add new recordings whenever inspiration strikes. When the project is saved back to iCloud, any newly added tracks will automatically appear in the original Logic project the next time it’s opened on a Mac.

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Samsung starts rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices

Samsung began rolling out the official Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge on January 17.

With the release of the update, new and improved features promise to let Galaxy users get more out of their devices. The update also enables faster speeds for downloading apps and system software updates. Learn more about the major UX changes below.

Quick Panel and Notifications

The Quick Panel features a cleaner aesthetic, as titles have been removed from the icons in the panel’s first depth. Icons in the second depth are organized into groups of nine, making them easier to locate.

Users can also utilize the integrated S Finder to locate what they want on their smartphone or the web straight from the Quick Panel. Notifications are now grouped to display information more clearly and also support Direct Reply.

Multi Window

An improved controller allows the window size to be more easily adjusted in split screen view. Also, with a new pop-up window function that supports up to five separate windows in addition to the two in the split-screen view, users can access up to seven apps at the same time.

Performance Mode

The newly added Performance Mode lets users optimize their smartphones to better meet their specific needs by activating one of the four available modes. Optimized mode, for example, extends battery life and enhances speed, and is suitable for daily usage, while Game mode provides useful functions such as Game Launcher and Game Tools. Entertainment mode enhances sound and image quality and High Performance mode enables the highest quality display settings possible.

Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass, the feature that works as a master key for website login on Samsung Internet, is now supported on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Users can use their fingerprint to log into selected websites and apps with Samsung Pass. The feature will soon be expanded to support mobile banking app integration.

Google acquires Fabric

Google acquires Fabric, Twitter's mobile app development tool suite, and its team; Fabric will join Google's Developer Products Group

Developers are an important part of the Twitter ecosystem and have been since the earliest days. Over time, we expanded our developer platform from a set of APIs to include a suite of syndicated products, a data platform (via Gnip), a publisher monetization platform (through MoPub), and a suite of mobile developer offerings through Fabric.

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