iPhone 6 To Get New Mobile Payments With Visa And Mastercard

Apple is expected to introduce a new mobile payment system with the iPhone 6, over the weekend there were rumors that Apple had teamed up with American Express for mobile payments on their new iPhone.
And now according to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple has also teamed up with Visa and Mastercard for their iPhone 6 mobile payments.
Apple are said to introduce NFC with their new iPhone 6 later this month, this will be used for their new payment system which will also be used in conjunction with Apple’s TouchID fingerprint sensor.
Apple are expected to launch the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and also the new Apple iWatch at their press event on the 9th of September, the company is also rumored to launch a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 which will appear later in the year.
The new iPhone 6 is expected to come with a range of updates over the existing model, which will include a new faster, 64-bit Apple A8 processor, more RAM and we are also expecting to see a new model with 128GB of built in storage.
The handset is also said to include a new version of Apple’s TouchID fingerprint sensor, which is said to be more accurate and durable than the current version. The iPhone 6 is rumored to launch in stores on the 19th of September.
Source Bloomberg
Monday, September 1, 2014

Nike+ Running App Announced for Samsung Gear S

Samsung appears to be on the right path with its new Samsung Gear S smartwatch. Not too long ago, the Korean company signed a deal with Nokia to bring the HERE maps navigation service to the Galaxy handsets as well as the Samsung Gear S smartwatch.
It appears that it is not just Nokia, Samsung has also partnered with Nike to bring the Nike+ Running app to Samsung Gear S when it launches in October.
“Nike+ Running has changed the way people experience sports. It motivates runners to run further, faster and more often by tracking their activity, celebrating their progress, enlisting personalised coaching, challenging their friends and sharing runs with their entire social network. The integration with the Samsung Gear S allows more runners to join the Nike+ community and enjoy the benefits of this great service.” – Adam Roth, Vice President of Nike Global Running Brand Marketing.
The good thing about the Samsung Gear S is that it can work without pairing with a smartphone, and comes with 3G connectivity on board. It seems Nike is planning to make use of this functionality to offer Gear S users with the ability to measure different fitness related metrics using the Nike+ Running app.
The app will use 3G connectivity to track user’s progress, display real-time statistics, steps taken, and map the runs without the need of pairing it with a smartphone.
Source: SamMobile

MSN Messenger to end in october after 15 years

Microsoft launched MSN Messenger, now called Windows Live Messenger 15 years ago, and now the company has announced that the messaging service will shut down in October.
Microsoft purchased Skype a while back, which can also be used as a messenger as well as for video calls and voice calls, so the company has no real need for MSN Messenger any more.
Back in 2009 MSN Messenger has around 330 million users, this has declined over the last few years, with many people using Skype instead. Messenger has still be popular in China, the service launched there back in 2005, although Microsoft faced competition from Chinese rivals.
Last week, users of MSN Messenger in China, received emails from Microsoft, letting them know that the service would shut down on the 31st of October, and people who still use the service will be transferred to Skype.
Source BBC

How to Prevent Rust From Destroying Your Used Car or Truck

Rust is the silent killer that can send your truck to an early grave or destroy its resale potential; here are a few tips on how to identify, prevent, and treat rust.

Trucks endure more heavy-duty abuse than any other commercially available vehicle on the road, yet more often than not, it’s a mere chemical reaction that sends these lumbering mechanical beasts to an early grave.

But it isn’t just any chemical reaction that can take down the most durable of heavily, or lightly used trucks alike; it’s what we non scientific-types call rust.

A chemical reaction, you say?

Rust is a general term for the oxidation caused by the electrochemical breakdown of iron-based metals. Rusting occurs when molecules on the surface of an iron-based metal react with oxygen and produce a new molecule called iron oxide.

Iron and steel carry with them the potential to be completely reduced to iron oxide, given enough time or exposure to oxygen. So unless your car is in outer space, rust is something you need to be vigilant with if you intend to own that truck for more than a few years.

How fast does rust eat through these metals?

If untreated, raw sheet metal can rust right though within a handful of years. Pure iron doesn’t oxidise as quickly as modern manufactured metals, where rust makes lunch out of the chemical impurities within metal alloys at a molecular level.

But due to a number of factors, iron isn’t ideal for truck manufacturing and other engineered metal alloys are used in its place. These alloys while more susceptible to rust also provide a number of structural benefits such as their flexibility, tensile strength, and ability to be shaped during the manufacturing process.

How can I identify rust?

In order to identify rust, it’s important to understand the diverse variety of ways rust can manifest itself on a used truck.

Rust is typically broken down into three types; surface rust, scale rust, and penetrating rust.

  • Surface rust is an easier fix, as it can be treated topically, and with little effort. It tends to precipitate through surface damage, nicks, scratches and dents.
  • Scale rust goes a little deeper, as alloy thickness at varying points, surrounding environment, and temperature all play a role in uneven exposure to oxidising factors. This process inconsistently corrupts the metal surface, while reducing its strength and flexibility.
  • After prolonged exposure to oxidising elements, steel becomes brittle iron oxide and penetrating rust holes begin to form.

Rust can be identified quite easily, as a bright red coating to metal is pretty obvious, as are holes. However, often times rust grabs hold of a truck in ways unseen to the eye.

In these cases it is important to be aware of the symptoms of rust; driving over a puddle, when suddenly the carpet on the floor of the cab of your truck is wet –or rippling in truck paint, is often when rust is tucked away under cover.

These hidden forms of rust cause the most problems because they often go untreated until it’s too late, and you’re seeing holes.

How do I treat rust?

Just like a cancer, simply get rid of it. Cut it out, sand it off, sandblast it, or use chemicals.

Mechanical scraping, sanding, or rigorously applying steel wool to rust will shed it off the body of your truck, while chemical baths of phosphoric, sulphuric, hydrochloric, or oxalic acids can all work to remove rust from metal. You can also heat it up with a flame to make it gently powder off like dust.

What about rust prevention?

Rust can be costly to remove and repair, so an ounce of prevention could save your truck, and preserve its value for resale. Keep an eye for any abnormalities in paint, and be sure to get all areas not visible to the eye treated with rust-proofing chemicals, such as the under body and frame of your truck.

We suggest regular rust spot-checks, and annual “rust proofing” to ensure that your truck stays free and clear of rust damage.

The Idiot’s Guide to Kevlar

Kevlar is a trademarked name for an extremely tough material that acquires its strength from its spider web-like “aramid” weaving.

Kevlar was first created in 1965 for Dupont by Stephanie Kwolek and Herbert Blades, and it is a precarious material; the aramid weaving process will turn a liquid into a solid like magic, and creates fibres which are incredibly difficult to corrode.

These fibres are also resistant to heat and have no melting point. Yet, get a little chlorine on it, and it can degrade. Strange, hmm?

In addition to being extremely resilient for the most part, Kevlar is also quite light, and has rubber-like qualities. These factors lend Kevlar to being a powerful multipurpose product; the lightness and strength of the material makes it ideal for bulletproof vests.

Modifying Kevlar into something else

Modifying it with additional treatments and different weaves can allow it to be used in brake pads, replace Asbestos, and be implemented in other forms of body armour in addition to bulletproof vests. When modified ever so slightly, it becomes another proprietary product called “Nomex”, which is a flame retardant.

The different ‘flavours’ of Kevlar are mostly numbered; the flagship Kevlar mentioned above isn’t, and as mentioned, it’s rubber-like.

However, the other two popular types of Kevlar; Kevlar 29, and Kevlar 49, both subsequently have different properties.

Kevlar 29 emulates a fabric-like quality, whereas Kevlar 49 is extremely firm and strong and can be used to manufacture products which require great strength and tolerate high velocity and shock.

Not bad for being a distant relative of nylon.

Whether you’re being shot at with bullets, or a hurricane is throwing boards through your house like a hot knife through butter –you’ll benefit from using Kevlar fabric over just about any other material required for safety.

Near Indestructible

Kevlar isn’t completely indestructible, but it’s very near to being so.

It can be pierced, and it can buckle, but only under very specific circumstances. But what super hero doesn’t have their Kryptonite? The reason for this, and the reason it doesn’t replace metal is because it doesn’t compress very well. It breaks under extreme crushing pressure.

But where it lacks in pressure handling, it makes up for by being tensile; almost 8 times as tensile as metal!

Kevlar is different than anything that exists in the natural world, and it, along with that second-cousin Nomex, are poster children for the family of chemicals called aramids, which is short for synthetic aromatic polyamides.

But what the heck is that? Synthetic who in the what now?

Synthetic simply means it was made out of chemicals in a lab, very much unlike say, cotton. Aromatic means Kevlar’s molecules are similar to benzene: they have a ring like structure.

Polyamide means those molecules band together and form long chains. They run inside, around, and parallel to the Kevlar molecules and hold it all together. Sort of like we use steel rods inside cement pillars of a building, or your bones integrate with your body and its muscles and organs.

Lastly, a polymer is made of a whole bunch of monomers; molecules that are all identical, and bond together. Poly. Mono. Get it? No? Think plastic. It’s one of the most common polymers out there, and it’s all around you. It’s probably one of the greatest inventions in the modern era.pet air?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Press Render Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most eagerly awaited device of the year. Samsung has teased the device on a number of occasions in the past.
Rumors suggest the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will take some design cues from the recently announced Galaxy Alpha, and we’ve seen that in a few leaked images as well. Recently, a press render of the alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has surfaced, which shows an almost similar device as we’ve seen in leaked images before.
The press render carries the same wallpaper which was leaked before. The render popped up on Android Authority’s inbox from an anonymous source. It could be fake, but it looks quite similar to the images we’ve seen in the past. Even if it’s fake, it do give us a good picture of how the upcoming device may look like.
The alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is said to come with a 5.7-inch display sporting a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. As always, the handset is expected to come in two versions: one powered by a Snapdragon 805, while the second one will feature Samsung’s Exynos 5 process (Exynos 5433).
Other rumored features include 3GB of RAM, 32GB storage with a microSD card slot, fingerprint sensor, 16MP camera for photos and videos, and should run Android 4.4 KitKat as its operating system.
Samsung has scheduled an event on September 3rd where the company is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 4. 
Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nvidia Shield Tablet Gets A Big Update

Nvidia’s Shield tablet may be one of the best tablets available in the market, especially for gamers who want a high-end tablet running Google’s operating system.
Recently, Nvidia pushed an update for the Nvidia shield tablet, which should reach you as we speak. The update doesn’t bring any exciting new feature, but focuses on a handful of bug fixes and enhancements.
The update improves the performance of the camera, as well as WiFi stability in certain scenarios. Additionally, the Shield Hub and Gamestream are improved as well. For those of you who don’t know, Shield HUB give Nvidia Shield users the ability to discover Shield-optimized games from the Google Play Store. It’s not just the discovery, users can also use it to stream PC games over the internet to their Shield tablet.
Here’s a complete list of features and enhancements introduced in the latest update for Nvidia Sheild:
  • Improved WiFi stability in certain scenarios
  • Improved camera performance
  • NVIDIA PRISM feature toggle
  • Stability improvements to SHIELD Hub and Gamestream
  • ShadowPlay performance optimizations
  • Localization improvements
  • Audio optimizations
  • Misc. stability improvements
Keep an eye on the notifications area of your tablet, or update it manually from Settings. 
Source: Nvidia
Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nokia HERE Maps For Android Launches On Samsung Galaxy Range

Nokia has announced the launch of HERE maps for Google’s Android platform, the app will be available as a free download, but it will only be available for Samsung’s Galaxy range of handsets at launch.
Nokia HERE maps will also be available for the new Samsung Gear S Smartwatch that was announced yesterday, which runs Tizen, when the device launches later in the year.
HERE for Android is a free app with fresh maps that truly keeps working even without an Internet connection: your location will be still found via GPS, and browsing the map, searching for places and offline navigation will also keep working, even if you’re not connected.
Forget cumbersome caching of small areas and enjoy the possibility of downloading entire countries or regions.
Can’t search for places or plan routes with your other map when Internet coverage is spotty or unavailable? No worries, HERE has you covered with full map functionality available offline, like when you’re underground or in rural areas.
You can find out more information about Nokia HERE maps at the link below, there are no details on whether it will be available for other Android devices in the future.
Source Nokia

Apple is Rumored To Launch 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 8GB iPhone 5S on September 9th

Apple iPhone 6 has been making rounds of appearances in the rumor mill from the past few weeks. The device is expected to see the light of the day on September 9th.
According to a new report, Apple will only launch the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 at the media event on September 9th. It’s not just the iPhone 6, rumors from Chinese shores suggests that we may get to see the 8GB version of the iPhone 5S at the event.
This should come as a surprising news, since Apple is rumored to be working on two new models with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch respectively. But don’t worry, Apple is expected to launch the phablet sized iPhone 6, but it may not happen on September 9th. The report continues to mention that 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will see the light of the day later this year.
Recent rumors further suggest that Apple will unveil its highly anticipated wearable device, the iWatch, at the same event on September 9th. This goes against all the previous rumors we’ve been hearing from the past few weeks that iWatch has been delayed due to production issues.
As for the iPhone 6, it’s expected to come with an A8 processor, an improved camera and Touch ID sensor, NFC, a bigger battery and will come with iOS 8 as its operating system out of the box.
Source: GforGames
Friday, August 29, 2014

iPhone 6 Event Confirmed For September 9th

We have been hearing rumors for some time that Apple’s iPhone 6 event would take place on the 9th of September, Apple has now sent out invites for their iPhone 6 event.
The invite shows the date of the 9th of September, and comes with the tag line ‘Wish we could day more.’, Apple are expected to announce their 4.7 inch iPhone 6 at the event.
There have also been rumors over the last few days that Apple will unveil their new Apple iWatch at the event, it is not clear as yet on whether we will see the new 5.5 inch iPhone at the event, as this is rumored to launch later in the year.
The iPhone 6 is rumored to come with a number of updates over the current iPhone 5S, there will be two models, one with a 4.7 inch display, the other with a 5.5 inch display.
Both versions of the new iPhone are rumored to come with Apple’s second generation 64-bit mobile processor, the Apple A8, and both devices will also come with updated cameras, and a new fingerprint sensor.
Source Gizmodo

Bicycle Accident Claims

There are many people in and around the United Kingdom who simply love the outdoors and cycling. Unfortunately, there is the risk of being involved in an accident. Very often, the cyclist is blamed for the accident. Even though there was no fault of the cyclist. Very often they still get blamed. Don’t fall victim to this and be held responsible for something, which was not your fault.

A bicycle solicitor offers assistance to all who would like to lodge bicycle accident claims. Individuals who have been involved in accidents and have suffered injury and loss due to such an accident do qualify. The solicitor makes it their business to take care of you, your bicycle, and all your equipment that was lost or damaged in an accident.

The solicitor understands that you have certain providers who take care of all your bicycle needs. In the even that your bicycle needs repairs, the solicitor will make every attempt to ensure that a provider of your choice takes care of all repairs. It will be fixed back to its original state to the best of their ability. They understand how important cycling and your equipment is to you. They will have your best interests at heart.

Motorists usually have insurance companies to fight battles for them in the event of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, cyclists who usually suffer the most injuries, are left unrepresented and on their own to fight these battles. Often these individuals are intimidated by these big insurance companies.

The individual gives into unreasonable demands out of fear of a lengthy legal battle. Let a bicycle accident claim specialist represent you. Let them take on your bicycle accidents claim and fight for what you duly deserve.

In many years of experience and with a team of legal eagles who are all qualified and professionally trained, Carry On Cycling has won and settled numerous claims over the years. They know the law and they know how to get you the best possible settlement when it comes to bicycle accidents.

They also deal with other cases like hit and run,  regardless of fault, and just general advice before you act on anything and end up being harassed by huge insurance organisation that want you to be held accountable for something that was not your fault.

They work on the basis of “no win, no fee”. There is no upfront cash that you need to outlay. The bicycle accident claims specialist does this because they understand your situation and the trauma that you have been through with such an accident. They will advise you on how best to deal with such a claim.

Don’t be caught having to pay for injuries and damages that you were not responsible for. Instead, let Carry On Cycling bring the responsible people to justice by means of a bicycle accident claim.

Call them today for a free, no obligation consultation on whether you are eligible for a bicycle accident claim.

Tesla To Build 400 Charging Points In China

We previously heard that Tesla planned to build a network of charging stations in China, and now Tesla has announced a deal with China Unicom to built a total of 400 charging points in China.
The 400 charging points will be located in 120 cities in China, on top of this Tesla will also build 20 superchargers in a total of 20 Chinese cities.
The company plans to roll out these 420 new charging stations in China before the end of the year, the company currently sells the Tesla Model S in China for CNY734,000 which is around $121,000.
Tesla has some new models on the way, the company recently announced the new Model III which is aimed at the BMW 3 series and the Mercedes C class sector.
The company is also getting ready to launch its new Tesla Model X, the vehicle will go onto production soon and it is expected to launch before the end of the year.
Source The Next Web

Apple Building Structure At Flint Center For iPhone 6 Event

Earlier we heard that Apple has sent out invites for their iPhone 6 event, the press event will take place at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupertino.
The location for the event is significant, because this is where the late Steve Jobs unveiled the first Apple Mac 30 years ago, and Apple is building some sort of structure for the event, which can be seen in the photo above.
Apple are expected to unveil a number of new products this year, we know that we will see the iPhone 6 at the September the 9th event, and there have also been rumors that we will see the new Apple iWatch at the event.
Apple are also rumored to be launching a new Apple TV, new iPads and more before the end of the year, although we may see these devices later in the year, possibly at an event in October.
Source MacRumors

Project Wing Is Google’s Drone Delivery Service

Google X has been working on a secret project for the last two year, the company has been working on their own drone delivery service called Project Wing.
Google revealed Project Wing to The Atlantic, who have a video showing a drone delivery taking place, Google has tested a number of these drones over the last two years.
The drone that Google has been testing works in a different way to the Amazon Drones that we have see, instead of landing, the drone drops the parcel from the air, the parcel is connected to a thin wire or line, and it is then released when it hits the ground.

The Australian test flight and 30 others like it conducted in mid-August are the culmination of the first phase of Project Wing, a secret drone program that’s been running for two years at Google X, the company’s whoa-inducing, long-range research lab.
Google’s drone delivery is just one of many projects that Google X are working on, the company has already released Google Glass, and recently showed us their self driving cars which were also part of project X.
As yet there are no details on when Google may launch a drone delivery service, head on over to The Atlantic at the link below and see the Google Drone in action.

Olympus PEN E-PL7 Camera Announced

Olympus has added a new micro four thirds camera to their range with the launch of the new Olympus PEN E-PL7. The Olympus PEN E-PL7 comes with a 3 inch display that can be flipped 180 degrees, which is ideal for taking Selfies.
The Olympus PEN E-PL7 comes with a 6 megapixel sensor, and features in body 3-axis image stabilization, it also comes with WiFi and the device can be paired with your smartphone.
The OLYMPUS PEN series combines high-quality designs, portable, compact and lightweight bodies, and varied functions for expanding the powers of photographic expression to produce a “camera for expressing yourself.” Since the series was launched, in a camera marketplace where needs and uses are diversifying it has consistently provided the new leading styles of photography and the ways of enjoying the photographic expressions.
By enhancing the smartphone linkage function and the specialized functions for selfie that only comes from PEN Lite series, the OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7 offers the market a new “use with smartphone” style.
The Olympus PEN E-PL7 will go on sale in September, and prices will start at $599.99 for the body only, you can find out more details over at Olympus.
Source The Verge
Thursday, August 28, 2014


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