10 Useful Marketing Tips Anybody Can Use

Marketing is a very broad term, but it’s quite simple to understand. Marketing is the act of promoting your business. Simple! When you delve into the deeper world of marketing, things can begin to get a little complicated. We’re not going to do that though! For now, let’s focus on the simple stuff with 10 marketing tips anybody can use. 


No matter who you are, what you do or what your goals are, networking can help you. There’s an old saying, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ - it’s so true! You never know who you might be introduced to, and what opportunities might be presented to you as a result. Make sure you attend conferences and other events that will allow you to network and make valuable connections.

Go Out of Your Way

Go out of your way to help clients and colleagues. Heck, even help other businesses. If you can’t take on a job, refer them to a company who will be able to. The other company will really appreciate this and may one day return the favour. Being nice and thoughtful gets you places!

Know Your Audience

You must know your audience. No marketing plan is right if you don’t know them inside out. You’ll need to do some market research to get to know them better. Find out their likes, dislikes, and how you can engage with them. It’ll get you far!

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a massive marketing tool these days, so make sure you utilize it and use it to your advantage. Connect with people who you can work with, engage them and share interesting things. A good digital agency will always tell you this!

Be Consistent
Whatever you do, make sure you’re consistent. Using a technique and failing to be consistent with it won’t get you brilliant results.

Come Up With a Brand Personality

A brand personality will help people to trust your brand, recognise it, and engage with it better. It can be serious, funny, flirty - you name it. Whatever you think suits your brand. Make sure you keep it the same and bear it in mind when engaging with your customers. This is a great tip for startups.

Get a Website

If you haven’t got a website, many of these tips will be pointless. A website can always help you to achieve your goals, even if you run an offline business. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s possible to put one together yourself.
Write a Blog

Blogging is a fantastic marketing technique, and will direct more traffic to your site. You could even develop a loyal following!

Try New Things

Not getting the results you want? Progress slowed down? Try new things! Marketing is always evolving.

Always Monitor Your Progress

Always monitor your progress. How else will you know if a technique is working or not? There are different ways you can keep an eye on it, depending on what you are doing.

Bear these marketing tips in mind, whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. They can help anybody. See you again soon!


Apple acquires German augmented reality company Metaio

According to a recent report from TechCrunch Apple has made another acquisition, this time it is Augmented Reality company Metaio.

Metaio launched back in 2003, the AR company was a project that was spun out of Volkswagen and now the company has announced that it has stopped taking on new customers.

TechCrunch have discovered that shares in the company were transferred to Apple on the 21st or 22nd of May, Apple has not confirmed or denied whether they have purchased Metaio, instead they gave their normal response.

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.

It is not clear as yet on exactly what Apple has planned for the technology they have acquired with the purchase of Metaio, the video below shows software the company produced for Ferrari.

Source TechCrunch

Google Cardboard VR Headset iOS App Now Available

Last year Google unveiled their new virtual reality headset and application that took the form of Google Cardboard, and more recently the application has been updated to accommodate larger screen sizes ranging up to 6 inches in size.

At the Google I/O developer conference this week Google has announced the launch of its Google Cardboard iOS application that allows those with Apple devices to now enjoy the virtual reality experience on offer from Google.

The Cardboard iOS application is now available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store in the US and includes all the same applications, as well as the QR pairing technology. Making sure that the virtual reality software is optimised specifically for the mobile hardware that you own.

Darrell Etherington from the Tech Crunch website has already tested out the Google Cardboard iOS app and reports:

“Using the app with the iPhone 6 Plus reveals a very smooth experience; in fact, it’s the best experience I’ve had yet with Cardboard’s VR visuals on any device, including the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6. Whether it’s the screen resolution, device capabilities or fit with the new headset, something is making for a finely tuned relationship between the iPhone and the Cardboard kit.”

Source: Tech Crunch : Google

Google Maps To Get New Offline Features

Google has announced that it is releasing new features for the offline mode in Google Maps, the news was announced at the company’s IO Developer Conference.

The new Offline Maps version of Google Maps will now come with the search function and also turn by turn navigation, which was previously only available when you had a data connection.

Whilst you wont need a data connection to use these features in Offline Mode in Google Maps, you will still need to have GPS switched on in order for the features to work.

As well as turn by turn navigation the new Offline Mode will also come with data for places near you, which will include restaurants and places of interest.

Source Android Police

NVIDIA Shield Console Android TV Launched

Gamers that has been patiently waiting for the launch of the new NVIDIA Shield console, will be pleased to know that it is now available to purchase with prices starting from just $200.

For $200 you get the 16GB NVIDIA Shield together with a $30 Google Play Credit and 3 months of unlimited Google Play Music worth $29.97.

If you have a bigger budget you can upgrade to 500 GB of internal storage, and also receive the Google Played Credit, three months unlimited Google Play and also enjoy playing a free game in the form of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! that has a list value of $29.99.

“NVIDIA Shield transforms your experience from just watching TV to playing TV. It’s about amazing, interactive experiences, powered by the latest technologies and apps—as well as those yet to come. The hottest TV shows and movies in brilliant 4K. Your favorite songs at the touch of a button. And a new generation of great games.
Explore a world of entertainment, powered by Android TV™. Tap into Google Play™ for a huge, dynamic selection of movies, TV shows, and apps. Say “Oscar-winning movies” or “launch Netflix” and let Google’s advanced voice commands do the work for you. Get personalized recommendations on your home screen. Even cast a show or pictures to your TV from your PC, Android, or iOS device with built-in Google Cast™. SHIELD makes it fast and easy.”

Source: NV

Apple Offers Temporary Fix For iPhone Crashing Text Bug

Earlier in the week we heard about a new iPhone crashing bug that was caused when someone sent you a specific text message.

When you received a text message with a specific set of characters, your iPhone crash and would restart, Apple has not offered a temporary work around, which you can see below, for the iPhone crashing bug.

Apple is aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update. Until the update is available, you can use these steps to re-open the Messages app.
Ask Siri to “read unread messages.”
Use Siri to reply to the malicious message. After you reply, you’ll be able to open Messages again.
In Messages, swipe left to delete the entire thread. Or tap and hold the malicious message, tap More, and delete the message from the thread.

Source Apple, MacRumors

Twitch Bans AO Rated Game Streaming

Today Twitch has rolled out a new update to its streaming terms and conditions that has banned the streaming of Adult Oriented (AO) rated games via the service.

The change to the Twitch rules of conduct will now stop member streaming such games as Hatred and similar that carry a AO ESRB rating.

The Twitch rules of conduct update for ‘Adult Oriented Games’ reads:

“ Today, we’re updating the RoC with regard to Adult Only (AO) games. Simply put, AO games are not welcome on Twitch. Please refer to the ESRB’s Ratings Guide and list of Adults Only games for more information.
If a game’s US version is rated Adults Only by the ESRB, you should not broadcast that game on Twitch. However, ESRB rated Mature versions of Adults Only titles are permitted for streaming, such as Mature versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.
Games rated 18+ by other rating systems are fine to stream, so long as they are not rated AO by the ESRB, and they don’t violate the standard language of our RoC and ToS.“

Source: Twitch

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pebble Time Smartwatch Teardown By iFixit

iFixit has been busy once again with their toolkit wasting no time taking part in the new Pebble Time smartwatch, which has today been announced will be pre-order for consumers on June 22nd 2015.

The Pebble Time smartwatch was made possible thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that raised the company over $20 million thanks to 78,471 backers.

iFixit has awarded the Pebble Time smartwatch with a Repairability Score of 9 out of 10 saying it fairly easy to repair if something should go wrong with the device. Components in the Pebble Watch include :

• ST Micro STM32F439 180 MHz ARM Cortex-M4-based MCU
• Spansion S29VS128R 16 MB, 65 nm Flash
• Texas Instruments CC2564B Bluetooth and Dual-Mode Controller
• Lattice iCE40 LP FPGA
• Linear Tech LT3009 Linear Regulator
• Bosch Sensortec 083 TS Accelerometer
• Freescale Xtrinsic MAG3110 3D Digital Magnetometer
• Texas Instruments DRV2603 Motor Driver

iFixit explains more about the teardown process :

“The Pebble Time uses standard Phillips #00 screws inside, and once you’re inside, components are fairly modular and very easy to remove. The front glass and e-paper display are not fused together—the two components can be replaced independently, lowering repair cost. Although the battery is tucked away under the motherboard, it is modular and removable.”

Source: iFixit

Jawbone Sues Fitbit

It has been revealed today that fitness tracker manufacture Jawbone is suing one of its rivals Fitbit for stealing information and tempting employees to jump ship to work for Fitbit.

Fitbit and Jawbone has long been competitors in the fitness tracking market and sell similar wrist worn trackers for consumer to purchase and use to keep tabs on their health and activity during the day.

It has been rumoured that Fitbit contacted nearly one-third of Jawbone’s employees early this year with some moving to the competitor after being enticed. Lawyers for Jawbone wrote in the complaint :

“This case arises out of the clandestine efforts of Fitbit to steal talent, trade secrets and intellectual property from its chief competitor,”

Fitbit this month filed for IPO eight years after the company was created and explained in a statement this week regards the allegations:

“As the pioneer and leader in the connected health and fitness market, Fitbit has no need to take information from Jawbone or any other company,”-“Since Fitbit’s start in 2007, our employees have developed and delivered innovative product offerings to empower our customers to lead healthier, more active lives. We are unaware of any confidential or proprietary information of Jawbone in our possession and we intend to vigorously defend against these allegations.

Source: NYT

Pixelmator For iPhone Launched

Pixelmator is one of the most popular photo editing apps on the Mac and iPad and the company behind the app have now launched Pixelmator for iPhone.

The new Pixelmator for iPhone app comes with a wide range of photo edition features, have a look at the video below.

Pixelmator is a universal app that is every bit as powerful as Pixelmator for iPad. It even comes with exactly the same magical Repair tool that we demonstrated at the Apple Special Event last October — and it works just as amazingly on the iPhone.
Pixelmator for iPhone brings not only all the powerful Pixelmator for iPad features to your iPhone, but also some cool new stuff such as Metal-powered Distort Tools and a new Clone tool (long anticipated by our iPad users).

Source Pixelmator

Tableau The Automatic Watering Solution For House Plants

A new automatic watering solution called Tableau has been specifically designed to water and are for your houseplants helping them stay alive and healthy.

Tableau offers an easy way to care for your plants even if you are not around or sometimes forget to water them adequately. Tableau is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to raise €80,000 to help take their finished concept into production, and with three days remaining of the campaign is very close to raising required funds. Its designers explain a little more :

“Tableau is a work of art. It waters herbs and house plants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended. Three ceramic pots, a glass reservoir, and a steel base make Tableau, the latest piece by the award winning Dutch designers at Pikaplant.
We want to make plantkeeping so easy that anyone can do it. We believe greener living is better living, and we think everyone should be growing herbs, crops, and beautiful plants everywhere. That’s why we started Pikaplant, and that’s why we created Tableau.
Are you away from home a lot for work and travels? Are you forgetful when it comes to watering your plants? Do you know anyone who is? Tableau is an automatic house plant watering tray. It waters your plants so you don’t have to.”

Source: Kickstarter

GoPro Spherical Camera Frame Unveiled

GoPro has today announced they are in the process of developing a drone and unveiled a unique new GoPro Spherical Camera frame that holds six GoPro cameras and offers the ability to record 360 degree footage.

The new recording system was introduced by GoPro founder Nick Woodman who unveiled GoPro’s first Six-Camera Spherical Array, that is attached to a ball-shaped mount that holds six HERO4 cameras to capture images and video for virtual reality.

Woodman explains : “It’s incredible to see our world from new perspectives. It’s a real ‘Oh my God’ moment,”-“We did that with our GoPro cameras, and we see a similar opportunity in the quadcopter market. It’s something that’s in our DNA, and we are excited about it across the company.”
GoPro is expected to make the new GoPro Spherical Camera frame available to purchase before the end of the year, although no pricing has been announced as yet. The new frame will also use the newly acquired video and photo stitching technology from Kolor. As more details are released in the coming months we will keep you updated.

Source: GoPro

SEO Tactics For The New Generation

With all the talk about Google updates recently - that will no doubt continue until Lord knows when - we thought we would take things back to basics. SEO is a constantly evolving beast, and very hard to nail down. But, we've pulled everything we have heard from various experts on the scene to give you what is - probably - the right way to go about things. And if you're a Google search engineer, please feel free to let us know where we are going wrong.

Click through rates matter

Google are going to take click through rates with more seriousness in the not-too-distant future. It makes sense - it’s the ultimate sign of social proof. And, it’s evidence that Google are doing their job by providing a product people use. However, there will be other metrics that they will look at. If people click and leave, you will end up with a high bounce rate. And that’s not a good look. Find a good search engine optimization company who have proven results in converting customers, and you can halt the damage. For now, however, it’s important to make your site as sticky as possible, so you get a few page views each visit at the bare minimum.

Just because Google doesn't like it...

Not so long ago Google's Matt Cutts appeared to proclaim the Gospel about meta descriptions and keywords. To put it simply, he said they have no effect on the search engine rankings whatsoever. However, it can have a big effect on your click through rate. A better description of your site means people that have an interest in what you do will look further, no matter what page you are on. And, if click-through rates are going to be used to judge the quality of your site in the future, then we would hedge our bets against not tending to your meta descriptions.

Keyword rich is keyword poor

No more keyword stuffing - you should know about that one by now. In fact, if you are still keyword stuffing and haven’t noticed you are dropping down the rankings like a stone in water, then you’re probably in the wrong business. But you don’t need exact matches anymore, either. If you are writing about 'corporate accommodation', for example, you will also rank for 'business accommodation'. It's all down to Google's latent semantic indexing. Which is something you should be listening out for in the future

You have to go mobile

If you aren't designing your site so it is mobile-friendly, then Google's going to punish you. It's as simple as that. So make sure you are optimizing your site for mobile, even if it only gets seen by people on desktops. If you don't, you will soon find your rankings tail off. That said, it's an easy enough fix - but the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to pull back.

Care to share any SEO tips or news with us? We’re always on the hunt, so let us know in the comments section.

Mont Blanc 365 Gigapixel Picture

A team of photographers led by Filippo Blengini have created a panorama of the Mont Blanc the tallest mountain in the European Union which consists of 70,000 images or 46 terabytes of pictures stitched together into one massive 365 gigapixels picture.

The photography team spent 35 hours over two weeks at 3500 meters, recording the image using a Canon 70D DSLR with a Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 II IS lens and an extender that was attached to a robotic mount.

“The astonishing majesty of this impressive white giant is too wide to be represented either in words or images. You have to be there to feel it. But now, you can grab that rarefied atmosphere through the highest resolution panorama ever made: a way to know, explore and feel the Mont Blanc. No matter if you’re not an alpinist or a photographer: from now onwards the highest mountain in Europe will be part of your life like never before.”

To check out the finished photograph jump over to the In2White website below to be able to zoom in to any point with awesome detailing. As well as see how the image was created by the team at 3500 meters.

Source: Gizmodo / Telegraph / In2White

iOS Bug Crashes iPhone With A Text Message

A new iOS bug has been discovered in Apple’s iOS software that will crash your iPhone when you receive a text message with specific characters.

The text message is a specific string of symbols and Arabic characters, which can be seen in the picture below.

Users who receive this message will see their iPhone crash and reboot, if you then open the messages app this will also crash.

The guys from MacRumors have come up with a fix for the bug if you receive the message, which you can see below.

If you receive one of these messages, there are a few possible fixes that have worked for us and for other people who have encountered the bug. If the Messages app was opened to the conversation with the person who sent the offending message, the Messages app can be reopened to this conversation. Sending a reply message fixes the problem.
If Messages was opened to the conversation list view, the app will crash when you attempt to open it. You can fix this by having someone send you a message or by sending a message to yourself. There are several options for sending a message to yourself, including sending yourself a message via Siri or through the Share sheet in any app.
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