New 2014 iMac Appears On Apple Website

Earlier today references to a new 2014 Mac Mini appeared on Apple’s website, they were quickly removed, and now references to a new 2014 Apple iMac has turned up on Apple’s support site.
The reference to this new iMac as ws listed as iMac (27-inch, Mid 2014) and iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2014), these have now been removed from apple’s support site.
One new Apple device appearing on Apple’s support site could have been an error, but two new devices is more than a coincidence, and we suspect that Apple has some new iMacs and a new Mac Mini on the way.
Yesterday Apple released its new 2014 Retina MacBook Pro, and as Apple normally releases new devices on a Tuesday, we wonder if the new 2014 Apple iMac and the new 2014 Apple Mac Mini will be launching next week.
As yet there are no specifications on these new iMacs, whether or not they will get any design changes remains to be seen, they could just come with some faster hardware and some other updates. 
Source Apple Insider
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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New Square Reader For Chip And Pin Cards Announced

The new Square Reader will be compatible with chip and pin cards, which are designed to be more secure, and the company will also be able to expand into more markets with this new card reader.
There are more and more ways to pay, and with options like bitcoin and contactless, customers expect to pay however they want; cashiers should never have to say ‘We don’t accept that’,” said Jack Dorsey of Square. “Square started by empowering anybody to accept credit cards and enabling customers to pay with their name. Our EMV readers are the next step towards ensuring sellers make every sale.”
Currently, most EMV solutions cost hundreds of dollars and require lengthy contracts. Square’s new chip reader, available later this year for pre-order, is built to give sellers an affordable and seamless transition to securely accepting chip card payments. Like Square’s current card reader, this reader is small enough to fit in a pocket and works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
You can find out more details about the new Square Reader over at the Square website.
Source The Verge

Video: Vocca Voice Activated Light Bulb Adapter

The voice activated light bulb adapter has been designed by Ori Indursky to provide a simple plug and play setup that requires no special installation and no wireless connectivity. To find out more about the new Vocca lightbulb adapter watch the video after the jump.

The Vocca system is based on voice recognition technology created by Sensory, and the adapter uses TobyRich Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) app design. Its creator explains a little more:
“SmartBulbs are a pretty smart gadget, but they lack one very important thing, a good user experience for everyday use. Who wants to pull out their smartphone to control lighting? VOCCA is focused on real life use rather than being “cool” for a week.
The regular light switch still works when VOCCA is connected so habits don’t need to change. It’s a product for life as you don’t need to buy a new one when your bulb dies. Vocca is on 24/7 in search of the trigger phrase.  Once found, it commands its relay to transfer the power from the mains to your light bulb and voila – there’s light (or darkness).”
The Vocca project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise enough pledges to make the jump from concept to production.
So if you think Vocca is something you could benefit from, visit the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help the voice activated light bulb adapter become a reality.
Source: Kickstarter

Facebook Removing Messaging From Its Mobile App

Facebook will be removing messaging from their Facebook mobile app, and instead the company are looking to get people to use the new Facebook Messenger app.
Facebook recently send out an email to uses of the Facebook app, to let them know about the changes, you can see an excerpt from the email below.
We wanted to let you know that messages are moving out of the Facebook app to our Messenger app, a free app that’s faster and more reliable for everyday messaging. Messenger also includes: new ways to send photos and videos, voice calls, stickers, group conversations and more.
Soon, we’ll start guiding you to get started with Messenger. After a few days, you’ll also see a reminder notice in the Facebook app, where you’d normally see your messages. At that point, we’ll ask you to install Messenger or go to the Facebook website to view and send messages. You’ll still see new message notifications in the Facebook app, and it’ll be easy to switch between Facebook and Messenger.
Source TUAW
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Retina MacBook Pro Range Launched

Yesterday we had rumors of a new Retina MacBook Pro line up, they are now official and Apple has updated its 13 inch and 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro range.
The new 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro’s come with a choice of a 2.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and either 128GB or 256GB of SSD storage, and a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB or RAM and 512GB of SSD storage.

The 15 inch versions of the Retina MacBook Pro’s have also been updated, there are now two models to choose from, and both come with 16GB of RAM as standard.

You can find out more information over at Apple at the link below.
Source Apple

Hilton Hotel Will Allow Users to Use iPhones As Door Keys

Standing in long lines in front of the hotel reception is the last thing any person would want, but it seems things are about to change in the near future, at least for Hilton Hotels Group.
Hilton has announced the company is going to invest $550 million to give customers the ability to use their smartphones as room keys. The company expects to complete the roll out of the new feature across its hotels across the globe by 2016.
Hilton already has a dedicated app for both iPhone and Android which give customers the ability to check-in online, make reservations etc. and it may allow users to use as an app. It could also launch for Android as well at the same time since both operating systems have a dedicated app.
“We are giving customers unprecedented choice and control at scale, and in the palm of their hands,”  says Christopher Nassetta, Hilton’s chief executive.
The company didn’t mention anything about this technology, but it would introduce a new type of locks in its hotels. It would be interesting to see how the company plans to pull it off.
Source: WSJ9to5Mac

BMW i DC Fast EV Chargers Launched In The U.S.

BMW has started rolling out its new fast i DC  Fast electric chargers in the U.S., the chargers have been developed in conjunction with Bosch, they will be available in the U.S. from next month, and they are capable or charging the BMW i3 to 90 percent in just 30 minutes.
Conventional DC fast chargers are about the size of a standard refrigerator, cost tens of thousands of dollars and require a significant amount of electricity. Half the size of a traditional electric vehicle DC charger – measuring 31”H x 19”W x 12”D and weighing approximately 100 pounds – BMW i DC Fast Chargers can be mounted on a wall, a first for electric vehicle DC fast chargers. In addition, BMW i DC Fast Chargers will be priced significantly less than other DC Combo chargers in the market at $6,548 for authorized BMW partners.
“This is a milestone in the development of the DC fast charging infrastructure. With more than five years of real world experience, we understand that a robust network of publicly available DC Combo Fast Chargers is a key part of the mobility of tomorrow,” said Robert Healey, EV Infrastructure Manager, at BMW of North America. “BMW is offering the BMW i DC Fast Charger at an appealing price point, and more manageable size, to make the convenience of DC fast charging more accessible for BMW i3 owners.”
You can find out more info about these new BMW fast chargers for the electric vehicles over at BMW at the link below.
Source BMW

Dangerous Weather: Everything Outdoor Workers Need to Know to Stay Safe

Working outdoors involves challenges in safety both under normal conditions and in situations where inclement weather leads to potential safety problems. In situations where dangerous weather limits the safety of outdoor workers, employees need to be aware of certain factors that can improve their overall safety and reduce the instances of potentially fatal accidents. This article will highlight some of the concerns that outdoors employees should consider when working in potentially dangerous weather.


Being Aware of the Elements

Knowledge of the elements and weather forecasts is an essential part of the preparation process of working in these conditions. An employer who communicates the weather to employees, particularly in dangerous situations regarding dangerous weather patterns such as hurricanes, can improve overall awareness and reduce the potential for an accident. While the onus is often placed on companies to make sure that outdoor workers are properly informed of weather conditions and how to react to them, educating employees on identifying potentially unsafe situations can help to avoid accidents that can be costly to both employers and employees.

Using Proper Equipment

Safety equipment is an essential part of staying safe in dangerous weather, particularly for construction workers who handle heavy equipment outdoors. It is crucial to wear proper safety equipment such as hard hats and vests that alert drivers of employee's presence outdoors. In addition, wearing uniforms including boots that properly ground electrical charges can reduce the instance of electrical accidents. Understanding the safety mechanisms in this equipment is the other part of the equation. While some machinery can be used in inclement and dangerous weather, some are off bounds during these situations. Understanding the equipment that you are using and when it is off limits is an essential part of being prepared and safe when working outdoors.

Undergoing Proper Training

Training is a necessary part of working outdoors in potentially unsafe weather, particularly when using heavy equipment or machinery. When offering training programs to employees employers should be aware that outdoors workers need to be aware of the different protection mechanisms that are available on the device and what can and cannot be done when operating equipment in dangerous weather. There are two parts to these training programs; compliance with the underlying safety procedures that are required by employees and additional training programs that can increase the awareness to employees of these safety programs. Offering training programs that provide knowledge to employees of the importance of adhering to safety protocols can help to improve safety and is part of providing everything needed to employees to stay safe.

Documenting Safety

While training programs and other safety steps are helpful, organizations are only protected when the existence of these programs are documented. Having a program that tracks the training employees receive in regards to safety while working outdoors can reduce the risk of a lawsuit if an accident were to happen. Third-party consultants like eCompliance can not only provide training but also offer software tracking programs that monitor compliance with these programs which provide further protection to employers from lawsuit. Using a fully accredited third-party consultant can also reduce the risk of litigation from employees who are injured outdoors and can provide more advanced and sophisticated training that management of a company may not be aware of.


Despite steps taken by employers and employees, accidents can happen at any time. The rate of incidence can be sharply reduced, however, by adhering to the aforementioned recommendations. Obviously, safety in dangerous weather is a primary concern for both employees and employers and should be addressed formally by employees with appropriate policies and procedures that address these safety concerns. Even though many of these training programs and compliance with safety programs have initial costs associated with them, they often provide benefits over the long term with cost savings by lower workers' compensation premiums and lower litigation cost. For employees, adhering to safety protocols reduces the chance of an accident from hazardous weather and helps to ensure an overall healthier lifestyle.

Author Bio:
Oscar King is a health and safety coordinator living in Florida. When not on the job, he spends some of his free time writing about common health and safety factors that are overlooked on the job. You can find more examples of his work by visiting Google+.

Rumors: 2014 MacBook Pro Launching Tomorrow

We heard about the new 2014 MacBook Pro, this new MacBook is said to come with a number of updates over the existing model.
Now it looks like me may have a possible release date for the new 2014 MacBook Pro, according to the guys over at MacRumors, Apple will launch their new Retina MacBook Pro tomorrow, the 29th of July.
In the previous report we heard some details and specifications on the new 15 inch version of the 2014 MacBook Pro, and it looks like Apple will also be releasing a 13 inch model tomorrow, although as yet we do not have any specifications on this version.
There will be three processor versions on the 15 inch 2014 MacBook Pro, which will include an Intel Core i7 2.2GHz processor, a 2.5GHz processor and a 2.8GHz processor.
The current MacBook pro comes with 8GB of RAM out of the box with a maximum of 16GB,the new model will come with 16GB as standard, this suggests that it will be available with a maximum of 32GB or RAM.
We should have more details on Apple’s new range of MacBook Pro’s when they are made official tomorrow.
Source MacRumors

Video: Microsoft Cortana Takes On Siri In New Windows Phone Ad

Samsung is well known for mocking Apple in its smartphone adverts, and now Microsoft is at it with its latest Windows Phone advert.
The video below shows Microsoft Cortana up against Apple’s Siri, although it looks like Microsoft may not have done an exact test of the two voice activated assistants, and instead used some artistic license.
Microsoft’s Cortana is currently only available in the U.S. at the moment, where as Apple’s Siri is available in a wide range of countries.
Microsoft recently announced that they would be streamlining Windows for all of their platforms, and Cortana is also rumored to be headed to more than just smartphones, which will include the Xbox, desktop and laptops, and also tablets.
Source The Verge

McLaren P1 GTR Concept Teaser Released Ahead Of Pebble Beach Launch

McLaren has released a teaser image of their new McLaren P1 GTR Concept, this new McLaren concept will debut at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.
The McLaren P1 GTR Concept is a track focused supercar, and it will go into production next year when the 375th and final version of the road car has been built.
The McLaren P1™GTR is being designed and developed using five decades of race-winning knowledge from the pinnacle of motorsport.  Participants in the programme will have unprecedented access to the technologies, resources and expertise which have helped develop and train Formula 1™ champions.
The McLaren P1™ GTR design concept will be unveiled during an exclusive preview at the McLaren Brand Centre on the 18th Fairway at the Pebble Beach Lodge at 18.00 EST on Friday 15 August (02.00 BST Saturday 16 August), and will make its public debut on the Pebble Beach Concept Lawn over the course of the weekend.
As yet there are no details on this new McLaren P1 GTR Concept, we are looking forward to finding out some more details, specifications and also seeing some actual photos of this new supercar.
Find out more information over at McLaren at the link below.
Source McLaren

Amazon To Take On Square With New Amazon Credit Card Reader

It looks like Amazon has some more new hardware on the way, the company recently launched the Amazon Fire Phone, and now they will apparently be taking on Square with their own credit card reader.
The news comes from 9 to 5 Mac, who have obtained some internal documents from Staples, who will be stocking a new product from Amazon next month called the ‘Amazon Card Reader’.
The Amazon Card Reader is listed alongside existing card readers from Square, Paypal and Staples’ own in house device, the device will apparently retail for $9.99.
Last week Amazon launched their new Amazon Wallet App, so we can expect this new Amazon Card Reader to work with Amazon’s new payment application for smartphones.
There are no details as yet on the exact launch date of this new payment reader from Amazon, although the Staples documents hint at a possible launch date of the 12th of August.
When we get some more information on exactly what the company has planned for their new Amazon credit card reader we will keep you updated.

Apple to Buy Radio App Swell for $30 Million

Apple recently announced its latest financial results, the company also announced that they had made 29 acquisitions in their current financial year, this included Beats Audio for $3 billion.
Now it would appear that Apple is about to make another acquisition, this time it is Radio app Swell, and the deal is reported to be worth around $30 million to Swell.
Swell has raised a total of $7.2 million in funding from a range of companies, which include Google Ventures, DFJ, and InterWest Partners. Apple has been acquiring a range of companies related to their music business recently, as they look to boost iTunes revenue.
Swell is an app for Apple’s iOS platform that complies a range of shows and podcasts and then stitches them together into personalized playlists.
It looks like Apple are interested in the technology that powers Swell, as the app will apparently be closed down when the acquisition is completed.
The team at Swell are said to be joining Apple, the company had been working on an Android version of their application, although this is not expected to be released when Apple takes over the company. 
Source re/code

iPhone 6 Logic Board Images Leaked

Guys at NoWhereElse, managed to grab some images of the alleged logic board of the upcoming iPhone 6, which is compared with the same component from the current iPhone 5S.
The images are said to come from a “particularly reliable” source from China. While most of the aspects look exactly the same as the board found inside the iPhone 5S, there are some minor changes between the two. The alleged component features a NFC chip, as well as a wireless 802.11ac Wi-Fi module, which are the first ones to make an appearance on Apple device.
Apple is rumored to be working on a new iPhone 6 with a larger display — 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. The device is expected to come with a 64-bit A8 processor, an improved camera, Touch ID sensor, sapphire glass display and iOS 8 as its operating system out of the box.
There’s no official word from Apple, and there won’t be before the official event.
Source: NWEAppleInsider

Comic-Con bans Google Glass

Comic-Con kicked off yesterday, and the organizers announced that people could not use Google Glass during any screenings, you can see the official statement below.
“You cannot wear Google Glasses during footage viewing in any program room,” the handbooks reads. “If your Google Glasses are prescription, please bring a different pair of glasses to use during these times.”
This should hardly come as a surprise, as video and audio recording equipment have not been allow at Comic-Con screenings in the past.
Source Mashable


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