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Samsung Galaxy S5 Launching in 150 Countries

Some carriers in the US already confirmed they’ll release the Samsung Galaxy S5 for their subscribers, but if you’re in other parts of the globe, you be glad to find out that Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch in over 150 countries on April 11th.
In the UK, several retailers and carriers have confirmed they’ll carry the flagship device from the Korean OEM, but failed to mention anything about the pricing of the handset. Carriers and retailers in the UK include EE, Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone and Phones 4U.
Both carriers have create pre-registration pages for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Users can just sign up on them to find out more about the pricing and availability of the handset in the UK.
Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a 5.1-inch display sporting a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 chipset with Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB o f RAM.
Other features include 16MP camera for photos and videos, 16GB internal storage with a microSD card slot, a 2,800 mAh battery, fingerprint scanner under the home button, heart rate sensor, WiFi, Bluetooth and runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat pre-installed out of the box.
Source: Engadget
Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Samsung Unveiled Galaxy Gear Fit With Health-related Sensors

Samsung unveiled the refreshed Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, but Samsung isn’t done with wearable yet.
As rumored before, Samsung released the Galaxy Gear Fit, a first wearable device from the Korean OEM with a 1.84-inch curved Super AMOLED display.
Samsung understands that the next generation of wearable mobile solutions must directly reflect of the diverse interests and needs of consumers. In response, our Gear product portfolio continues to expand with unique devices for a wide range of lifestyles, including the new Gear Fit designed to help those consumers striving to live more fit and active lives without sacrificing their own personal style or their ability to stay connected on the go,” said JK Shin, CEO and President of IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics.
The health-centric Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit comes with a bunch of sensors to helps users track the steps walked, heart rate monitor, track you sleeping hours, and more. The wearable also tells you the time, and comes with a stopwatch which may come in handy for fitness-oriented people. The heart rate monitor checks the heart beat after every ninety seconds and feeds it in the Samsung Health app on the phone, which can be connected using Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology.

The smartwatch can also connect to you phone and provide users with real-time notifications, including SMS, emails, calls and more. Galaxy Gear fit is also IP67 certified making it dust and water-resistant, a feature many people will appreciate. Samsung also uses the Smart Relay feature which is pretty interesting. The notification you are reading on the watch will open up on your phone when you will turn it on. There’s also a media controller app that lets you control the music on your phone from the band.
Developers can create apps that can run on the Galaxy gear Fit.
The smartwatch measures 23.4 x 57.4 x 11.95 mm and weighs just 27 grams, and comes with a 210mAh battery with a battery time of up to five days on low usage. Samsung Galaxy Gear fit comes with changeable straps and is available in Black, Orange and Mocha Grey colors.
There’s no word about the pricing of  the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit, but it’s expected to hit the retail shelves globally in April, along with the Samsung Galaxy S5.
Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled in Barcelona

Samsung has unveiled the highly rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 at the Unpacked event in Barcelona. Samsung Galaxy S5 measures 142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1mm and weighs only 145g.
By looks, the handset looks similar to the last year’s flagship, but with a few refinements in terms of design as well as improved hardware and software. The design is a little similar to Galaxy handsets, but it doesn’t feel too much plastic as with the previous iterations.
With the Galaxy S5, Samsung is going back to basics to focus on delivering the capabilities that matter most to our consumers,” said JK Shin, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung. “Consumers are looking for mobile tools that inspire and support them as they improve their everyday lives. The Galaxy S5 represents an iconic design with essential and useful features to focus on delivering the ultimate smartphone on the market today through people inspired innovation.
The handset comes with a little bit bigger display of 5.1-inch FHD Super AMOLED sporting a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, with a quad-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz and 2GB of RAM. I’m not at all surprised as we heard over the past few weeks that it will come with 3GB of RAM, and possibly with a 2K display. Although some rumors might turn out to be correct which suggested the high-end model, that is, Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime with 2K resolution will launch some time after the Galaxy S5 Standard edition.
Anyway, coming over to see what it brings at the table. On the storage side, the handset comes with 16/32GB storage options with the ability to expand it via microSD card of up to 64GB. On the rear, it features an improved 16MP camera with HDR, Selective Focus, Virtual Tour Shot and more, as well as a 2.1MP front-facing camera.

Other features include a 2,800 mAh battery, WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac , Bluetooth 4.0, USB: USB 3.0, NFC, IR Remote and runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat pre-installed out of the box. The handset is also IP 67 certified making it dust and water-resistant.
The latest Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with several useful sensors including the Heart rate monitor, fingerprint sensor, and many more. It will hit retail in a variety of colors, including charcoal Black, shimmery White, electric Blue and copper Gold
There’s no word about the pricing of the handset, but it will hit the shelves across Samsung’s retail channels, e-commerce and carriers in April.
Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S4 Reviewed

Samsung has captured the majority of the Smartphone market since the launch of galaxy s3. Since then Samsung galaxy s4 has been the talk of the town. It has been the most widely anticipated flagship model from the Korean giant. Considering its cutting edge technology and premium features, it won’t be wrong to say that it is the most powerful and desirable Smartphone Samsung has manufactured till date.

Galaxy s3 faced a lot of criticism for its relevance and similarity with the apple’s iphone and it even landed the Korean brand in trouble when apple filed a law suit against them claiming that Samsung has copied their design. But none of this ever came in way of the huge success that Samsung has enjoyed with its galaxy line of smart phones. Samsung has tried its best to break away from the claim of copyright infringement and s4 is perhaps an honest effort in this direction.


One of the first things that you will notice on s4 is its impressive display. Samsung galaxy s4 has a larger screen than its predecessor, a full 5 inch super bright display. It is a super AMOLED display and has a pixel density of 441. What this means is the same pixel density that comes in high end televisions will now be available in a Smartphone that fits right in your pocket.

It comes with a quad core 1.6 GHz cortex processor, a dedicated graphics processing unit and a 2 GB DDR3 ram. It packs enough power to even run some of the desktop based applications.

The rear camera has impressive specifications. It ships in with a full 13 megapixel camera. Samsungs advertises galaxy s4 as the life companion and its camera justifies this slogan. It captures images in the most vivid details, both still photography and video recording will be a pleasant experience with this phone by your side.

Talking about the memory, it comes in three variants. You can either buy a 16 GB variant or any one of the 32 and 64 GB ones. What sets it apart from other high end phones is that with such a large inbuilt memory it still has the option of expandable storage. However we would advise against the 16 GB version since a large amount of it, approximately 8 GB is used by the phone’s operating system alone.

The camera in the front is a 2 megapixel camera and even it has the capability to record videos in full high definition at 30 frames per second.
One particular feature that we loved is the NFC. It is an acronym for near field communication and has been touted by many industry experts as the next gen communication technology.


- 4G, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, pretty much all of the connectivity features are on board.
- Excellent camera with a 13 megapixel sensor
- Super bright AMOLED full high definition screen
- Super fast quad core processor


- Poor quality material used for body frame, plastic just doesn’t feel the right material for a high end Smartphone.
- Some user interface issues but hopefully they will be fixed with a software update.
- As the 5th update of the galaxy phones we would have preferred an edge to edge display design.


There are tons of features and it’s the perfect Smartphone except for the fact that it doesn’t looks that good, it also feels a bit cheap because of the plastic back but otherwise this is what a smart phone should be.

Author Bio:
Kevin Shaw is the author of this review. He runs an independent blog reviewing latest smart phones in the market and his blog is certainly one of the most trusted blogs for product reviews and queries.
Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Ace - THE Review

If you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy Ace review, then in this article we are telling you absolutely everything you need to know about this awesome budget smartphone. From A to Z we have got all the details and specs on the Galaxy Ace, so before you think about buying, read on to find out if this is the phone you have been looking for.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Review - The Intro

There are many great mobiles on the market these days, but most of these new mobiles have jaw dropping prices. Who can afford to spend £500 or £600 on a new smartphone? Most of us are looking for something much more reasonable than that, and that is why we are giving you this review.
As far as features for money go, the Samsung Galaxy Ace has it all. After all, just because you do not want to spend a fortune, does not mean that you want to compromise on performance. No one wants to buy a dud phone which conks out on them at the first opportunity.
The Galaxy Ace is part of Samsung's bestselling Ace series of budget mobiles. Whilst the company might be better known for their high end Galaxy phones, Samsung make some pretty impressive budget phones too, and the Galaxy Ace is one of the original models, and one of the best too. You can read more about Samsung and their line up here.

Samsung's Galaxy Ace Out of the Box

Enough generalities though, let us take a look at just what exactly makes the Samsung Galaxy Ace such an awesome budget phone. We are going to lead you through the specs so you can see just what you are getting for your cash.

We need to start with what is under the hood, since a mobile's processor is what is going to really give you good performance. The Galaxy Ace has 278 MB of RAM and an 800 MHz single core processor. Those numbers might not mean much to you, but rest assured that the kind of power and speed you are going to get are going to be more than enough to perform every day smartphone tasks.

On top of this processing power the Galaxy Ace is running an Android operating system, specifically the 2.3 Gingerbread version. This means that you are going to get great customisation options, as well as a solid and dependable operating system which is easy to use and does not steal a lot of RAM to use.

What about the screen though? Screen specs on a touch screen phone are obviously going to be important to you. The Galaxy has a three and a half inch display made of tough Gorilla Glass. This gives you a nice amount of space for reading and typing, whilst still keeping the Galaxy small enough to keep in your top shirt pocket, which makes a nice change when you think about carrying one of those big, modern phablet phones around with you.

A camera? Of course! What modern smartphone would be complete without a great camera to take your pictures with. The Galaxy Ace has not only a solid 5 MP camera, but you are also going to be getting an LED flash as well as autofocus, so you will get the perfect picture every time, whether you want to preserve a memory or just post to Facebook.

If you are taking pictures then you are going to want to have some space to store them on, of course. You will get only 158 MB of internal storage on the Ace, which is not much. You do get up to 32 GB of storage on a Micro SD card though, which you can buy pretty cheaply, and the Ace will come with 2 GB of external storage included.

Money - The Important Factor

We are not done with the Samsung Galaxy Ace yet, but let us interrupt ourselves just for a moment to talk about the best feature of the phone- its price tag. If you want to pick up the Ace SIM free you will pay only £120. Can you believe that? It is one of the cheapest smartphones around.

Even better, if you are thinking about getting your phone on an incentive contract, then you can get the Ace for a mere £7.50 per month. That is a contract with Talk Mobile and it also includes one hundred calling minutes, a whopping three thousand text messages and a 250 MB data limit.

If you pay just £1 more you can get an even bigger calling plan with your Galaxy Ace from Talk Mobile, this time £8.50 per month will get you one hundred calling minutes, five thousand texts and a 500 MB data limit.

Appearance Counts for Something

You cannot judge a book by its cover, but appearance has to count for something when you are choosing a new mobile phone, and the Samsung Galaxy Ace is not a bad looker at all. Smooth lines and rounded corners make the Ace fit snugly and comfortably in your hands. The casing might be plastic, but its etched diamond pattern combined with a metal rim make the Ace look much more expensive than it actually is.

It is pretty portable too. At only eleven centimetres by six, a bit over a centimetre in width and weighing just 113 grams, you will barely notice the Samsung Galaxy Ace in your pocket if you are carrying it around with you all day.

This truly is one of the best smartphones on the market in this budget range. Perhaps you are looking for a kid's first phone, or maybe you want a cheap hand set to run a second SIM card, or maybe you are on a tight budget. There are plenty of people who can benefit from buying such a great phone for such a low price.

Our verdict on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. We love it. It is going to be tough to find a phone which can match this kind of performance for this kind of price!

Author Bio:
Before purchasing, Phil Turner wanted to find and read a Samsung Galaxy Ace review, so he went online and found plenty of great reviews.
Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Great Debate: Samsung Vs. Apple, Which Tablet Is For You?

Apple really made a leap of faith with the release of the iPad as investors really did not envisage an oversized iPod touch to be the success it is today – but amazingly enough, the iPad broke records by selling 10 million units in its third quarter. Ever since its success Apple competitors have been fast on their heels, with Samsung managing to put up a fight with its recent releases. But is it enough to topple the tablet heavy weight?

We take a look at the two competitors to find out who ultimately comes out on top.


The iPad was the first tablet and for a very long time remained unchallenged in sales, consumer satisfaction, performance and design. Currently running iOS 7, it’s fast and easy to use. Apple has always been innovative and user-focused, so it’s no surprise that the iPad’s biggest strength is how user-friendly it is.

The iPad is remarkably simple in design and relatively free of lag. Its retina display is also top-notch and its portability has just been increased with the release of the iPad Air, measuring less than 7.5 millimetres thin and 500g in weight. The specs aren’t likely to surprise anyone as they are as good as one would hope to expect: sporting Apple’s new A7 chip and the M7 motion coprocessor, it gains ground in energy consumption and speed, which, according to Apple, has been doubled.

The iPad’s design hasn’t changed much in its four generations. While some might criticise the lack of diversity and variety, these criticisms often fall on deaf ears. There is a reason for keeping this design: it works. People love it; it’s sleek, modern, simple and elegant. Yes, you might only have a choice between two colours and it won’t convey your own individuality, but an Apple product does attract a sense of community. Apple is considered pretty high end, modern and trendy. An iPad might not showcase your individuality, but it’ll still make a statement.
If it has a flaw though, it’s definitely in the price. It is one of, if not the most expensive tablet on the market right now. But even so, people still flock to buy it, favouring its simplicity, reliability and efficiency.


Samsung has emerged as a pretty potent contender in the tablet market. Samsung has a lot more to offer in terms of variety, but its most recent masterpiece is the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. This tablet runs Android OS and has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels (299 PPI), placing it at the top of the market. Its 8MP camera will make capturing high quality photos and video easy, to be enjoyed on a 16:9 display that’s perfect for watching HD videos.
Android tablets like Samsung’s tend to be more developer friendly than user-friendly. This has obvious pros and cons. On the bright side, developers have a lot more freedom to program interesting and innovative apps that are one of the main reasons for the need of a tablet. On the other hand, technical issues inhibit Samsung tablets from running as smoothly as its Apple counterpart, and it is more prone to lag.

If you’re wondering why this has become such a contender, it’s because of its most unique feature: the S Pen stylus. Running on Wacom technology it allows for easy writing or drawing and amazing sensitivity. The other benefit is its price, which is a lot lower than the iPad without sacrificing too much in terms of specs, design and performance.

The verdict?

Ultimately, it’s up to the consumer to decide which would most benefit them. The iPad is reliable and trendy, fast, simple and beautifully designed. If you’re willing to spend some extra money for it, then it is money well spent as it’ll make for a great tablet. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that’s almost or just as good as the iPad but aren’t willing to spend too much money, than a Samsung tablet won’t disappoint. Whichever one you decide on buying, both of these brands are top of the market and their tablets will help keep you organised and entertained.

Author Bio:
Adrian Rodriguez is a freelance writer and technology enthusiast who is tossing up with the latest of the two models right now. Adrian uses Flexirent for tablet and computer rentals, so he can try before he buys.
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Apple Vs. Samsung

Apple and Samsung are back in court (again), this time to settle the damages Apple are owned from the 2012 ruling that Samsung should pay Apple for its copyright infringement of their products. Samsung has vowed to fight last August’s ruling in which the company was found to have wilfully violated seven of Apple’s design and utility patents, including those for the iPad and iPhone, particularly the latter which Apple claims has unique features that Samsung's Android smartphone wilfully steals from.

However, in March 2013 the case was resurrected when a US judge determined that jurors had miscalculated the $1.05 billion dollar figure they determined should be paid to Apple, and that another trial is necessary to settle the amount to be paid. This has been refuted by US district Lucy Koh, who presided over the 2012 case.  She claims that in order for Apple to again be successful in their claims against Samsung, the company “must prove by clear and convincing evidence that there was an "objectively high likelihood that its actions constituted infringement of a valid patent."

But now the plot thickens as Samsung is responding with its own accusations that several Apple products infringe on Samsung’s technology. The case is expected to be the most brutal yet in an on-going saga that finds damage estimates being estimated at amounts from zero to $400 million, far above the amount Samsung were ordered to pay following the original ruling.

On 13th November 2013, a jury was picked to begin assessing the total value that Samsung owes to Apple. However, this will be a minor proceeding when compared to the much larger case due to take place in March. That trial will examine newer products which have been only recently released onto the global market, while the November case dates back several years to products that have since been discontinued in parts of the world. Although the case is one of copyright infringement, it’s clear that money lies at the heart of it. In both cases the jury will ultimately have to decide whether Apple actually lost any financial revenue due to Samsung products. Apple became the most popular mobile phone manufacturer when it established the IPhone in 2007, but completion has been fierce ever since, and Samsung’s smartphones sales eclipsed that of Apple in 2011.

This feud has been described by some observers as pointless and petty. After all, who is really going to win in this case? Both sides are spending their time battling in court over past products when they should be focusing on their next technological developments to advance their empires further. A number of internet memes have appeared mocking the feud, including one that supports an absurd rumour that Samsung paid their $1bn debt to Apple by sending dozens of trucks to deliver the whole amount in Nickels (5 cent pieces). It seems that Apple and Samsung’s lawyers will be true winners in this case.

Who do you think will win the case this time? Which company’s products do you prefer?

    Author Bio:
    Liam Brennan frequently blogs about the latest mobile phone industry developments. He uses Roaming Expert to find the best roaming deals for travelling abroad.   
    Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    Choosing Between the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

    At the End of Indecision, Your Next Tablet or Smartphone Sidekick Awaits

    With all the smartphones and tablets available today, it’s difficult to choose which one is best for you. You look at one and it seems great. Then you look at another one and it seems better. After letting the different specifications stew in your head, you finally decide the first one you looked at is the best, even though you thought differently hours ago under the store’s buzzing fluorescent lights.

    And then you wonder … Why am I leaving out that third device I looked at? Actually, now that I think of it, I liked that one too!

    It’s a neverending cycle that goes on and on. To make a solid choice, you need counsel. When deciding between the hottest devices on the smartphone-table market – the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini – there’s a definite choice that’s right for you. We’re going to help you find out which one it is, starting with the two hottest smartphones available.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone: Advanced Functionality and BIG Screen

    Main Features:
    - 13 Mega pixel cameraWith panoramic picture-taking abilities, quick auto-focus, Dual Shot, and a host of other options that ensure you always get the best picture, this smartphone camera is simply amazing. There’s also a convenient “face-time” camera on the front of the phone for self-portraits and applications like Skype.
    - Jelly Bean Operating System: This operating system has many more capabilities than the iPhone 5. The Jelly Bean OS makes it easy for you to customize and personalize your phone to your specifications. Compared to the iPhone, you have complete control over which widgets and icons appear on the different screens of your phone. With this OS, you can have weather, sports updates and important news available to you without opening any apps at all. You can place what you want where you want, anywhere on the home and secondary screens.
    Display: 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display
    Reparability: Compared to the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 has a stronger shell and source of protection against accidental drops and misplacements. Through drop tests, it’s been shown that the iPhone is stronger, but this causes no need for worry. There are affordable and reliable places for 
    Samsung Galaxy S4 repair like XpressFix.
    Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a smartphone with a larger screen that encourages customization, the Galaxy S4 is for you.

    Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone: Easy to Use, Ultraportable and Attractive

    Main Features:
    - Slim Design: Compared to the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 is 18% thinner, 20% lighter and has 12% less volume. Basically, it’s more compact, but has new and improved features that outweigh those of the iPhone 4s. Holding true to Job’s minimalistic philosophy, you get more with less.
    - iSight Camera: Like the Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5 has panoramic capabilities and a range of options for optimal picture and video capturing. However, what it has that the S4 doesn’t is a supreme “face-time” camera. It allows for crystal clear video chat sessions with friends and family and has the ability to capture 720p HD video.
    Display: 4-inch Retina display
    Reparability: Since the durability of the iPhone 5 is proven, the need for repair is lessened. But when it hits the ground hard, don’t worry. Quick, foolproof 
    iPhone 5 repair is available through XpressFix.
    Bottom Line: If you’re looking for your first smartphone or like the iPhone 4s and want a small upgrade, go with the iPhone 5.

    Apple iPad Mini Tablet: The Perfect Complement to Your Smartphone and Computer

    Main Features:
    - New Design: Compared to the standard iPad, the Mini is 23% thinner and 53% lighter. It has the same great features as the standard iPad, but sports a slimmer, sleeker package. This is one of the only tablets that can claim it’s literally pencil thin. Put a pencil next to it and test it for yourself!
    - 300,000 Apps: There’s no denying that Apple is king of apps. Whenever a company comes out with a new smartphone or tablet application, Apple is first on the list. Since apps are the building blocks of modern devices, it’s important to have a wide variety at your fingertips. With the iPad Mini, you have access to the newest apps and conveniences they offer.

    Display: 7.9-inch LED-backlit display
    Reparability: Given its size, the iPad is a little more susceptible to harm than smartphones. To prevent screen cracks and other damage, invest in a strong case. And when your case isn’t enough, don’t worry – you won’t have to buy a new iPad. XpressFix offers affordable 
    iPad Mini repair and quick turnaround times.
    Bottom Line: If you already have a smartphone you love, get the iPad Mini. If you don’t, go with one of the smartphones mentioned above.
    XpressFix specializes in cell phone repair Orlando services, tablet, and computer repair.

    Sunday, June 9, 2013

    What features does the new Samsung have?

    Samsung is one of the most respected innovators of consumer technology in the world today exhibited by their success in the mobile phone market.  Names like the Galaxy S3, the Note, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy Tab will feature highly on this festive season’s wish lists along with the latest addition to the Samsung mobile family: The Galaxy S3 Mini.

    Most Android phones now seem to edge towards having bigger screens and the latest Galaxy S3 is the epitome of a modern handset with features like a 4.8 inch screen, effective voice control, smart alerts and huge processing power.  A big screen means you can fully utilise your phone’s multimedia capabilities; web browsing, gaming and apps can all be enjoyed more fully on a bigger device.  The argument between big and small screen isn’t as simple though as which derives the most viewing pleasure. 

    A smaller screen of the 4 inch variety can be a whole lot more navigable than a big screen due to the ability to use the phone in one hand.  The smaller screen also reduces the size of the chassis on the whole making it a lot more portable.

    This is why Samsung have recently released the new Galaxy SIII Mini which sports a 4 inch screen, giving Samsung a foothold in the smaller yet high quality mobile phone market.  The Galaxy S3 Mini title may suggest that the phone is a shrunken version of the S3 itself but this isn’t necessarily true.  The Mini sits in the quality midrange market with a slightly lower spec than the S3 – most obviously a 1 GHz dual core processor and 1GB RAM.  Good credentials in themselves, but not quite S3 standard.

    The Mini should be judged on its own credentials and as we are beginning to understand, performance isn’t always about spec lists.  The use of Jelly Bean Android 4.1 and a sharp camera mean that this mobile phone will perform favourably against any in its class. 
    Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    Samsung vs. Apple - The Basics

    Samsung and Apple currently dominate the smart phone market currently accounting for half of all smart phones being sold worldwide. Unfortunately, despite it being a very big world, these two have decided the tech world ain’t big enough for the two of them.
    Whether you’re an Apple fan boy or you stand firmly behind your Galaxy – the American legal system is about to decide who will reign supreme with Apple initiating a lawsuit stating they’ve lost valuable revenue because people are buying Galaxy’s instead of their iPhones.

    Apple is suing Samsung for $2.5 billion in damages but if the court rules in their favour these costs could quite easily double if they are found to be in violations of trademark agreements. For the past year these two global giants have been throwing lawsuits and countersuits at one another like a couple of school children and this is when it’s all theoretically going to be finally put to bed. Over the next four weeks, ten Silicon Valley based jurors will have to unanimously decide who’s been copying whose homework. Apple claim Samsung are using both their designs, technology and user interface whereas Samsung will claim Apple in fact copied their designs for the hand set from Sony, Apple are using Samsung patented technology without paying for it oh and Apple are being big meanies and basically not letting anyone else play in the smart phone industry.

    In the past Apple have been accused of filing deliberately vague copy right and patent protections so they can challenge anyone who comes out with a product vaguely similar to theirs. So far Apple have stormed courts all over the world and got products banned. Although when they got to the UK, their case was thrown out by a judge who claimed there was no way the Galaxy Tab was a copy of the iPad as it wasn’t cool enough and ordered the tech giant to run advertorials in British press reassuring everyone no intellectual property had been infringed. In typical Apple fashion, they threw another hissy fit, refused and now this will have to wait until October as it goes through the appeals process.

    This time Apple are claiming Samsung have stolen features like tap to zoom as well as the overall look of the handset. This at least Samsung can’t deny, both handsets are large rectangular screens completely touch screen except one central ‘back’ button. Samsung’s argument to this is that they were working on designs for their original Galaxy S before Apple launched their iPhone.

    The reality is Apple cannot feasibly continue to dominate the market through bully boy tactics. If they truly have the best product would it not make more sense to spend their time and money developing even better products and beating their competitors in reviews and sales rather than law suits and court rooms? Nine times out of ten, when the average consumer is torn between two products offering similar features and specs and with similar reviews, the deciding factor is going to be price – how can Apple honestly expect to stay market leader when their nearest competitors are so much cheaper than they are?

    Author Bio:
    Jessica is a uses a Galaxy SII (so maybe slightly biased) and writes for 
    mobiles for business supplier 
    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    Samsung Music Hub Launched In Europe

    Along with the launch of the new Galaxy S III smartphone Samsung has also announced its new music service for the UK, Germany and France, the Samsung Music Hub.
    The Samsung Music Hub offers song streaming from a catalog of 19million songs, plus a cloud based service similar to Apple’s iTunes Match that comes with 100GB of storage.

    There are both free and paid versions, the free version will let you listen to music you have matched or purchased, the premium version which costs £9.99 will give you access to the music streaming.
    Samsung has also said that their new Music Hub will be available on all of their new Galaxy Smartphones and tablets going forward, there are no details on whether it will be available on existing devices.

    Source Engadget

    Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Reviewed

    The Samsung Galaxy S III will go on sale in the UK tomorrow, and in the US next month, with a rumored launch date of the 20th of June, the handset comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and has a number of impressive specifications.

    The Samsung Galaxy S III features a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, it is powered by Samsung’s new 1.4GHz quad core Exynos processor, and it also features a new GPU, two cameras with a 1.9 megapixel camera up front for video chat and a rear facing 8 megapixel camera for videos and photos that is capable of full HD video in 1080p.

    Other specifications on the new Samsung Galaxy S III include NFC, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and it will be available in a 16GB and 32GB version initially with a 64GB version to be released at a later date, there is also a microSD card slot which can take up to 32GB cards.

    Some of our fellow technology sites have already got their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S III, have a look at the reviews below to see what they thought.

    Image Credit: Engadget

    Samsung is Working On Their Own Cloud Service

    There have been rumors for a while that Samsung is working on their own cloud based service for their smartphones and tablets, and now according to a recent report the service will be called S-Cloud.
    According to the report Samsung’s S-Cloud will look to take on Apple’s iCloud offering and the service is expected to be officially announced on May the 3rd, maybe we will hear more about the new Samsung Galaxy S III at the same time.

    The Samsung S-Cloud service is reported to be similar to Apple’s iCloud, although it is reported to come without limitations and will apparently give you access to TV shows, movies and music, with both free and paid content.

    Source MKThe Verge

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Samsung Unveils New WiFi Equipped Mirrorless Camera Range NX20, NX210 and NX1000

    Samsung has revealed it new line mirror less cameras which are equipped with WiFi, in the form of the new Samsung NX20, NX210 and NX1000. The new range of 2012 cameras replace the existing NX11, NX100, and NX200, and are now equipped with WiFi technology to take advantage of Samsung’s “Smart” features. Which allow you to connect to social networks such as Facebook directly from the camera via a WiFi network to publish photographs.

    All three cameras are equipped with a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, 8fps continuous shooting at full resolution and full-HD video recording. There are a few other new features and cosmetic changes but the rangefinder-style NX210 and DSLR-shaped NX20 are remarkably different from their predecessors in design.
    “The NX20 is built for the enthusiastic amateur or for the professional photographer looking for a camera that offers them the quality and control of their DSLR, but in a lightweight and easily portable body. It has been designed with the serious photographer in mind, incorporating an ergonomic hand grip and DSLR-style aesthetic to convey a professional look and feel.
    The NX210 builds on the NX’s design heritage, with a premium metallic finish. Like its predecessor the NX200, the NX210 also offers a 3.0” VGA AMOLED display for viewing images and Full HD movies in brilliant resolution. With easy access to Wi-Fi functions, the NX210 allows quick sharing with friends and family, whilst with Samsung Mobile Link users can show off their best images on phones and tablets.
    Rounding off the range, the NX1000 is highly portable and its eye-catching compact design makes it as useable as it is attractive. Available in stunning White, classic Black and eye-catching Pink the NX1000 houses a feature-rich range of specs, with technology such as Smart Auto 2.0 and the Smart Link Hot Key, making it simpler than ever to shoot and share great images instantly. “
    The Samsung NX20 will be available in the beginning of May for $1,099.99, whilst the Samsung NX210 for $899.99 will arrive mid-May, and the Samsung NX1000 has yet to receive a price or arrival date as yet.
    More details on exact specifications can be found over on the Samsung website.

    Source: Verge
    Friday, April 20, 2012

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. The iPad 2

    As any tablet fan will know, all the attention has been on the new iPad over the last month. So much so, in fact, that some people seem to have forgotten that there are other great tablets available as well. Two of the best are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the iPad 2. 

    Here we'll review some of their qualities and (to some extent) compare them. In the world of smartphones, Apple have been engaged in a well-known battle with the Blackberry. When it comes to tablets, though, Apple's major competitor is arguably Samsung. Hopefully this article will also shed some light on why this is the case.

    The first thing to point out is that these tablets have quite a lot in common.
    The iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 both have extremely good web browsers and email. In addition, there are many excellent apps for both of them, making it possible for the user to get the most out of the internet. 

    Finally, they cost the same amount as well. The Samsung galaxy tab can be purchased
    for $400 and, with the launch of the new iPad, users can find a cheap ipad 2 for sale at that price as well. In many respects, therefore, there's not much too choose between the Samsung and Apple tablet. This makes it especially interesting to consider the differences between them.

    First, let's consider the screens. The Galaxy tab 10.1 comes (as you might expect) with a 10.1 inch display, which is slightly bigger than that of the iPad 2, which comes in at around 9.7 inches. Whether this makes one tablet better than the other is a matter for dispute. Some people prefer a slightly larger screen, especially when playing games or watching videos. However, others like their tablet to be compact, in which case a smaller screen can be an advantage.

    In terms of resolution, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes out on top, boasting 1280 x 800 specs, as compared with the iPad 2's 1024 x 768. Does this mean that images and colors look better on the Galaxy Tab? Again, not necessarily. Many users fail to notice much of a difference, reporting fine detail and excellent color production on both tablets.

    When it comes to the camera, though, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is definitely superior. Its 3.2 megapixels trump the iPad 2's offering and allow users to take sharper, more lifelike photos of anything around them. Amateur photographers will therefore perhaps favor the Samsung tablet. On the other hand, those who rarely (if ever) take photos with their tablet won't mind the fact that iPad 2 falls a little short.

    And then there's the battery life. The good news is that users report excellent battery life on both tablets. This is convenient since it means that you can make full use of your tablet throughout the day without worrying about the power running out. That said, the iPad 2 is said to offer a slightly longer battery life (9 to 10 hours as opposed to 7 or 8, according to several reviewers). It's worth noting that figures will vary depending on how you use your tablet. Almost everyone agrees, however, that in terms of battery life, the iPad 2 does shade it.

    Finally, let's consider design and comfort. We've already mentioned the fact that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a larger screen. It's therefore important to point out that it actually weighs 12% less than the iPad 2. Some people have said that they do feel the difference. So if you're looking for an ultra light tablet, the Samsung Galaxy might be a good choice.

    In conclusion, then, the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 are both excellent tablets. They give users a fast, enjoyable web surfing experience; they provide long-lasting usage; they boast impressive screens; and they come at more or less the same price. Hopefully the additional points above will allow you to choose between them if you're determined to buy one.


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