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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

V-Moda has this week unveiled its new VAMP analog converter and headphone amp design specifically designed for Apple’s iPhone. The VAMP is designed as a case which combines both a dedicated 150mW x 2 Hi-FI amplifier, and Digital-to-Analog convertor (DAC).
Together with optical audio output and 2200mAh battery, within a solid metal casing for Apple’s latest iPhone 4 and 4S smartphones. Providing five times more powerful than the iPhone’s amplifier and up to 8 hours of playback with the extra juice.

Val Kolton, Chief Visionary Officer and Founder of V-Moda explains:
“I have dubbed the last decade of sacrificing pure high-fidelity sound for the sake of mobile digital convenience as ‘The Great Compression’. V-MODA’s VAMP is a flashback to our passion and roots in the analog and solid equipment days of hi-fi.”-”VAMP is a statement that you march to your own drum and appreciate sophisticated sound and style.People always criticize the quality loss in the analog-to-digital conversion but few consider the advantages of reversing the process. VAMP unleashes the full potential of your music with vibrant, pure, powerful sound for both power-hungry and small headphones.”
The V-Moda VAMP is now available to purchase for $650.

Source: Gizmag : V-MODA

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