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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live coverage of Apple’s 2012 World Wide Developers Conference wrapped up just few days  ago as CEO Tim Cook walked off stage after announcing some of the most exciting new hardware in the company’s history – a new Macbook Air, a refreshed Macbook Pro line featuring a new high end model which has been described as “the most beautiful computer we have ever made,” and an introduction to iOS 6 with a smarter, more integrated Siri.  This is all good stuff, but let’s admit it, we were really waiting on the iPhone 5, and that was a disappointing no-show.

While Cook was on stage showing off a few of the new features in iOS 6, the sound of a collective sigh of sadness filled the earth when it was immediately noticeable he was making the demonstrations on an iPhone 4S.  Also missing was a sort-of expected mention of the long rumored smaller iPad, possibly to sport a 7” display and cost less than the current tablets in Apple’s lineup.  This would have meant a real competitor for the less expensive and smaller tablets already on the market but powered by Android.  It was reported this morning that 900,000 new Android devices are activated daily – which means a lot of them probably aren’t phones.

Did Apple drop the ball by not making this more of a mobile computing event?  It depends on who you ask.  Many analysts agree that today’s conference probably should have stuck to software, and that Apple would have done better to put off hardware announcements until later.  

That’s because WWDC is at its heart a conference for developers – software developers, the kinds of people who will need to know what changes are being made to the operating systems so that they can scale existing apps and write new ones to take advantage of the improvements.  

By not sticking to software, Apple could be sending the message that Mac OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 aren’t impressive enough to warrant more than a few moments of mention.  That’s exactly what happened today.  The bulk of the show was devoted to talking about exciting changes to the Macbook Pro and new Macbook Air lines.  The software wasn’t discussed at any length until closer to the end of the two hour conference, with promises that beta versions would be made available for developers today.

What do you think?  Did Apple drop the ball today?  Let us hear from you.

About the Author:
Melonie McLaurin is a technology writer who currently works with apps for satellite television for http://direct4tv.net/.  Feel free to visit her tech blog anytime.

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